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Subject: Re: [Qualls-Quarles] Hubbard Qualls/Quarles
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 22:51:14 EDT

Ken in answer to your question on Moses I think you are probably right. I am
going to give you my notes on him...see what you think. Trish Hyatt Henson

Before the Revolution, Moses moved to the West side of the Broad River near
the present Lockhart, SC in Union County. He was a Loyalist during the
Revolution, convicted of sedition by the American authorities and exiled to the
British base at Orangeburg, SC.

Moses bought land in Union County, SC, 17 December 1785. Union County RMC A,
Pages 80-82.

Moses was living in Union County at the time of the 1790 Census. His
household was listed with two while males 16 and upward, one white male under 16, and
4 white females. SC 1790 Census page94. Thomas Quarles is next door and
Elizabeth Quarles is nearby.

After the Revolution, Moses returned to Union County where he lived until the
late 1790's when he moved north into Spartanburg County on land he had bought
adjacent to his son David.

He bought 100 acres in Spartanburg Co, SC, along the Pacolet River in 1799.
Spartanburg Deed, Book F, Page 299. The circumstances of this land purchase
and return to its originals owners after Moses died suggested he lease the land
for his declining years. The land was almost surrounded by the land of his
son David.

Moses' son John and daughter-in-law Elizabeth also owned land within several
hundred yards.

In the 1790 Census 96th District p 94 there is a Moses Quails with 2 Free
white males over 18, 1 male under 18, and four females listed. living next door
to Thomas Quails with 1 free white male over 16(cannot read remainder)

Moses was living in Spartanburg at the time of the 1800 census. His
household is listed with one male less than 10, one male 26-45, one male 45 or older,
one female 26-45, and one female 45 or older. Spartanburg County 1800 Census,
page 173.

Moses died between August 1, 1800 (the date of the 1800 Census) and October
1, 1801 (the date on which the court appointed David Administrator of Moses'

Moses had died before 29 October 1801. Minutes of Spartanburg County Court
of the Ordinary, Page 8, contains a citation against the assets of Moses
Quarles, deceased. David Quarles, was name Administrator, a chore usually assigned
to the oldest son of the decedent. The citation was dropped by the court 9
November 1801."

In the Court of Ordinary 6th Nov 1801 issued a citation on the goods or
Chattles of Moses Quarles late of this District decd. Returnabel 6th Nove issuing.
In the Court of Ordinary 6th November 1801 the above citation and no
opposition made to the admin of David Quarles on said estate David Quarles refused
to qualify or take the oath of an admr so the whole business was dropped.

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