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Subject: Re: [RABB-L] James K (Kinkade sp?) Rabb 1843-1908
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2001 21:28:39 -0700
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INFORMATION: James was in Charleston,S.C. at the firing of the first gun on
Fort Sumter in the Civil War, and served in the seventh battalion, Co. B,
Under Col. James H. Rion and in Co. H, 4th S.C. Regiment under General
Hagood. He was wounded at Petersburg,Va. He was buried in buried in Seattle,
Washington with full Confederate honors. NOTE: It is because James was in
Charleston, S.C. I believe that my Jacob Rabb and his family line ties
together in some manner.
Jacob resided in Charleston.
Further data sent to me by Lynda Luckenbach of Seattle, Washington, shows
James died on the 18th of June and not the 7th as I previously recorded.
James was 65 years of age at his death. See reference area under Source.
Lynda found this information under the death index for Washington and it
appeared as follows:
James Kincaid Rabb R-100 is the soundex number Male age 65 DOD 18
June 1908 City of Seattle.
Lynda looked up the film for the death certificate: LDS # 0196507
Certificate # 1030.
From this death certificate it has been determined as stated by the Death
Certificate, he died of External Violence. Crushed by Elevator. Information
was given by son, Glazier H. Rabb, address, 116 1/2 Taylor Ave. Seattle,
Also, James was 65 and retired and widowed. I assume he never remarried.
From: Jerry Bok <>
Subject: Re: James Kincaid Watts Rabb - Seattle
I was in the Seattle library last evening and found James' elevator
accident info in both Seattle newspapers. I made several copies and will
mail those when I return home this weekend.
The bottom line is he tried to jump on an elevator in an apartment
building, was caught between the elevator and the floor, then fell 25 feet.
It made second page headlines in both papers. One article said he had only
been here a couple of weeks, visiting his son. There's also some brief
family info. I only found one funeral notice, and it contained no real data.
The article that had the details (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer June 19,
1908) said he came from Oklahoma. He had actually been in Seattle about two
months. Here's part of that article:

"J K Rabb, 65 years old, who lived with his son at 116 1/2 Taylor Avenue,
was killed in the elevator in the Maynard Building, First Avenue South and
Washington Street, yesterday afternoon. . . .

The victim's son, with whom he roomed, is a motorman on the Queen Anne
line of the Seattle Electronic Company. A daughter, Mrs. Lulu Colbert, lives
on Beacon Hill. The elder Rabb had been in Seattle but a couple of months.
He came here from Asher, Okla. During the Civil War he served with the
Confederate Army."

The bottom line on the accident was he went to the building to visit
someone. He was waiting to enter the elevator when it came up and stopped on
his floor. He was told to wait for it to come back down but for some reason
he tried to jump on it before the door closed. It had started to move up and
he was caught between the elevator floor and the building floor above and
was crushed. The elevator then stopped and he fell head first 25 feet to the
bottom of the shaft. He died on the spot. A very bad day for him.
Unfortunately neither article nor the one death notice I saw mentioned the
son's name or any other data about Mr. Rabb.
SOURCE: Biographical sketches of Kincaid, McMorries, Watt, Glazier & Rabb
families by the Rev Horace Rabb; 1936.
Bible of Capt John Glazier
1860 Census of S.C.
Bible of John Rabb located in Columbia, S.C, archives
Records of the Old Brick Church, Winnsboro, S.C.
1850 S.C. census o Fairfield Co., SC taken 14 Aug 1850. Pg 226, dwelling
LDS film # 0196507 as researched by Lynda S. Luckenbach of Seattle.
COMPILER: Keith E. Rabb, Jr of Peoria, Az., formerly of Jacksonville, Fla
LAST UPDATE: 17 Jul 2000

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> I am searching for information on my great grandfather James Kinkade Rabb
born in 1843 died in 1908 or 1911. He had 9 children and his wife's maiden
name was Henderson, I don't know more about her other than she died in
childbirth with #9 named Nan. There was also a Grace and my grandfather
Glazier Henderson Rabb. Somewhere they migrated from Texas to Seattle area.
Can anyone help???
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