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18 Mar 1999

Hello again Cousins!

Here's another family I found in our database that looks like it could tie
into Sharon & Harold's families. I dare you to look this one over, compare it
to the other two I sent, and tell me there isn't some kinda link here.

And I'm not certain there isn't a few other possible links for them in the
database also. But as I mentioned before I just can't catch all the
'possibles'. That's going to have to be up to you. I'm the collection point
for RAGAN/REAGAN/RAGON/REGAN/RIGGAN (...etc.) family heritage.

So look this lineage over and then take a minute to read the SOS msg I have at
the end of this email (it's important).

1 George W. RAGAN
Birth:14 Dec 1806, North Carolina
Death:25 May 1886, Tippah County, MS
Burial:Keith Cemetery, Walnut, Tippah Co., MS

Found in "MS Marriages, Alcorn Co." as G.N. Ragan and Parobe Vaughn. In
"Marriages of old Tishomingo Co., MS. 1837-1870" G.N. Ragan & Paralee Vaughn.
D.G. Pardew, J.P.-Sureties, Thos. P. Martin & John Taylor.

1800 Census shows him to be living in Grandview, Johnson Co., TX with second
wife, Docie, and children Chester Arthur, Walter Cleveland, Guy, and George

Some information on this family came from:
Sue Clark
PO BX 940304
Plano, TX 75094

Another researcher of this family is:
Michele Valkenaar
Knoxville, TN

On 04/28/1997 Michele sent the following:
The next time I find George W. Ragan is in the 1860 census in Tishomingo Co.,
MS. Here is how his household and neighborhood shapes up:

Blackland Community

George W. Ragan Age 53, NC Real Property: $8,250 Personal: $20,000
Jane 60, SC
Daniel F. 20, MS
Margaret 17, MS
Charles F. 13, MS
George W. 11, MS

Next door:
John W. Age 28, NC
Mary 22, TN
Susan 3, MS
Eliza J. 1, MS

W. S. Ragan Age 26, NC
F. C. (Fem.) 17, MS
F.E.A.(Male) 8, MS
Z. L. (Male) 8/12, MS

We find George W. Ragan next in the 1870 Census for Prentiss Co., MS:

George W. Reagon Age 63, NC Real Estate: $8K; Personal: $10K
Sarah J. 32, TN
George W. 21, MS
Warren K. 5, MS
Kitty M. 4, MS
James 1, MS

In the old cemetery records of Tippah County, we find the following:

Rucker Cemetery (3 miles east of Ripley, MS)

George W. Ragan b. 14 December 1806 d. 25 May 1886
Wife: Eliza Jane b. 10 February 1811 d. 7 October 1855

Also buried in Tippah Co. at Keith Cemetery (in Walnut) are:

S. Y. (Samuel?) Ragan b. 7-25-1814 d. 10-18-1902
Samuel B. Ragan 1848-1926
Catherine Ragan b. 9-22-1788 d. 10-28-1861

Based on these records and family accounts of the Ragans, I've reconstructed
the family of George W. Ragan as follows:

1st wife: Eliza Jane ....., b. NC married ca. 1830, NC

John W. b. ca. 1832, NC
married Mary Hicks (b. ca. 1837, TN) 1-17-1856

W. S. b. ca. 1834, NC
married F. C. Perkins, MS 1-11-1859

Mary Eliza b. 3-18-37, NC d. 7-22-1910, MS
married Joseph Pleasant Reynolds 11-8-55
(note: Joseph Pleasant and Mary Eliza Ragan Reynolds are my
great, great grandparents)

Martha b. ca. 1838, NC
married W. F. Blassengame 3-19-1855

Daniel F. b. ca. 1840, MS

Rebecca b. ca. 1842, MS
married Wm. G. Daniel 6-10-58

Margaret b. ca. 1843, MS
George W. b. ca. 1849, MS

Marriage records for Old Tishomingo County indicate that the women shown above
living with George W. Ragan in the 1860 and 1870 census are his 2nd and 3rd

G. W. Ragan married Jane Miller 1-29-1857 (no children from this union)

G. W. Ragan married Sarah Floyd 8-11-1863


Warren K. b. ca. 1865
Kitty M. b. ca. 1866
James b. ca. 1869

My great, great grandmother, Mary Eliza Ragan, married Joseph Pleasant
Reynolds, the son of a plantation owner in neighboring Lauderdale Co., AL.
They married before the Civil War (1855) and had three children before the war
began: George Pink (b. 1856), John Randolph (b. 1859), Hugh (b. 1861). After
the war, they had Mollie (b. 1867), James (b. 1869) and Joseph Pleasant, Jr.
(b. 1870).

Joseph Pleasant (Sr.) was killed in November of 1870 or 1871 (shot off his
horse, according to family lore) and Mary Eliza returned to Mississippi to
raise her family near her father and siblings. She died in 1910 and is buried
in the Blackland Cemetery (near Booneville, MS) along with two of her

It appears from the data that George W. Ragon married Eliza Jane in North
Carolina about 1830 and they had their first four children there. They then
moved to Mississippi between 1838-1840. The 1830 Census for NC shows me a
John Reggon in Chatham Co. and a William Regon in Davidson (or Davie?) Co. I
did not find a George W. as the head of a household, so I'm stuck for the
moment in trying to establish his North Carolina roots. Hoping some of these
family names and ages might ring a bell with other Ragan researchers and they
can help me out!
-------------(From Michelle 8/1997)-----------
Family story: George W. Ragan was a merchant and farmer, involved in some
type of retail operation (lumber?) with a partner named WEAR. My first
finding of George W. Ragan is in the 1840 census for Panola County, MS. In
1850 he is living in Pontotoc County, MS, in 1860 in Tishomingo Co., MS (right
next to the border of Tippah Co.), in 1870 he is in Prentiss Co., MS.
If you can believe the "personal worth" data in the census, George W. was a
pretty well-off guy for the times, with an 1870 report of $8,000 worth of real
property and $10,000 of personal property (was better off before the War).

His daughter, Mary Eliza married Joseph Pleasant Reynolds, a son of Hugh Riah
and Elizabeth Hamm Reynolds of Lauderdale Co., AL. Joseph survived the Civil
War but in 1870 or 1871, he was shot and killed. The reason and the
perpetrator remain a family mystery. However, there were a band of criminals
the locals called "The Buggers" who terrorized the area during and after the
Civil War, and it's likely Joseph was shot by a member of this gang. Shortly
thereafter, Mary Eliza hitched up two wagons, loaded them with her possessions
and her children and drove about 50 miles back to Tishomingo or Alcorn Co., MS
where her family lived. There she raised her family and never remarried.

Mary Eliza's sister, Martha, married W. F. BLASSENGAME, who likely was a
relation to Joseph Pleasant's grandmother, Phoebe Jane Blassengame HAMM. The
Blassengames and Hamms were early settlers of cNairy/Wayne/Lawrence Cos., TN.

I have not been able to track George W. Ragan prior to 1840, nor determine his
parentage or siblings. There are a number of Ragans in the northeastern
Mississippi Counties in the 1840s and later, but I've not been able to
determine any relationship. According to a history of Tippah Co., MS, a very
early settler was a Daniel Ragan who established a trading post within the
Chickasaw lands (in violation of the law) as early as 1820. That site became
known as "Ragan's Corner" and it is very close to the Tippah Co./Itawamba Co.

Spouse:Eliza Jane _?_
Birth:10 Feb 1811, South Carolina
Death:7 Oct 1855, Tippah County, MS
Marr:ca 1830, NC/TN

Children:John W. (ca1832-)
Winfield S. (ca1834-)
Mary Eliza (1837-1910)
Martha J. (ca1838-)
Rebecca Jane (ca1842-)
Margaret Ellen (ca1843-)
Daniel F. (ca1844-)
Joseph (ca1847-)
George Washington (ca1849-1916)

Other spouses Jane MILLER, Sarah FLOYD

1.1 John W. RAGAN
Birth:ca 1832, NC/TN

Spouse:Mary HICKS
Birth:ca 1837, TN
Marr:17 Jan 1856

1.2a Winfield S. RAGAN*
Birth:ca 1834, NC

Spouse:Susan E. GARY(?)
Marr:9 Dec 1852, MS

Other spouses F. C. PERKINS

1.2b Winfield S. RAGAN* (See above)

Spouse:F. C. PERKINS
Marr:11 Jan 1859, MS

Other spouses Susan E. GARY(?)

1.3 Mary Eliza RAGAN
Birth:18 Mar 1837, NC
Death:22 Jul 1910, MS
Burial:Blackland Cem., Itawamba Co., MS (Near Booneville, MS)

Spouse:Joseph Pleasant REYNOLDS
Marr:8 Nov 1855, MS

Children:George Pink (ca1856-)
John Randolph (1859-1939)
Hugh R. (ca1857-)
James (ca1861-)
Mollie (1867-1940)
(Son/Dau?) (ca1868-ca1868)
Joseph Pleasant (1870-)

1.3.1 John Randolph REYNOLDS
Birth:29 Nov 1859, AL
Death:31 Oct 1939, TX

Spouse:Margaret L. GOOCH
Marr:3 Jul 1881, Tishomingo Co., MS

Children:William Joseph (1882-1963)
Alma (ca1884-)
Margaret (ca1887-)
Johnnie (ca1890-)
Clifford R. (1895-) William Joseph REYNOLDS
Birth:23 Jun 1882, MS
Death:2 Mar 1963, TX

Spouse:Florence Jerusha CARROLL
Marr:25 Oct 1903, TX Alma REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1884, MS

Spouse:Herschel DAVIS
Marr:ca 1904, TX Margaret REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1887, MS

Spouse:William R. CARTER
Marr:ca 1908, TX Johnnie REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1890, MS

Spouse:Joseph CROW
Marr:TX Clifford R. REYNOLDS*
Birth:29 Jul 1895, TX

Spouse:_?_ WOOLEY
Marr:1916, TX

Other spouses Verda SALOMON Clifford R. REYNOLDS* (See above)

Spouse:Verda SALOMON

Other spouses _?_ WOOLEY

1.3.2 Hugh R. REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1857, AL

1.3.3 James REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1861, AL

1.3.4 Mollie REYNOLDS
Birth:3 Mar 1867, AL
Death:4 Oct 1940, MS
Burial:Blackland Cemetery, Itawamba Co., MS

Spouse:Jeff D. BRINKLEY

1.3.5 (Son/Dau?) REYNOLDS
Birth:ca 1868
Death:ca 1868

1.3.6 Joseph Pleasant REYNOLDS Jr.
Birth:1870, AL

1.4 Martha J. RAGAN
Birth:ca 1838, NC

Marr:19 Mar 1855, MS

1.5 Rebecca Jane RAGAN
Birth:ca 1842, MS

Spouse:Wm. G. DANIEL
Marr:10 Jun 1858, MS

1.6 Margaret Ellen RAGAN
Birth:ca 1843, MS

Spouse:L. EVETTS(?)
Marr:19 Nov 1866, MS

1.7 Daniel F. RAGAN
Birth:ca 1844, MS

1.8 Joseph RAGAN
Birth:ca 1847, MS

1.9a George Washington REAGAN*
Birth:ca 1849, Tippah Co., MS.
Death:7 Aug 1916, Indiahoma, Commanche Co., OK.
Burial:8 Aug 1916, Indiahoma, Commanche Co., OK.

Spouse:Paralee "Pink" VAUGHN
Birth:ca 1845, MS
Death:Jul 1894, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.

Wife's parents came from TN.

Marr:27 Aug 1865, Tishomingo Co., MS.

Children:John Thomas (1866-1931)
Charley Washington (1868-1930)
Georgianna (1869-1895)
Samuel Alexander (1873-1947)
William Hershal (1874-1908)
Hattie (1877-1897)
Chester Arthur (1882-1956)
Walter Cleveland (1886-1965)
Guy (1888-1962)

Other spouses Docie HERNDON, Lue Anna HASTY

1.9a.1 John Thomas REAGAN
Birth:24 Aug 1866, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:5 Apr 1931, Bazette, Navarro Co., TX.
Burial:6 Aug 1931, Bazette Bapt. Ch. Cem., Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Fannie Bell BENNETT

1.9a.2 Charley Washington REAGAN
Birth:19 Mar 1868, Hillside, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:28 May 1930, Navarro Co., TX.
Burial:30 May 1930, Bazette Bapt. Ch. Cem., Navarro Co., TX

Spouse:Lula Marzee CHADWICK
Birth:13 Mar 1869, Blue Mountain, Benton Co.(Tippah), MS.
Death:21 Feb 1963, Powell, Navarro Co., TX.
Father:John Thomas CHADWICK
Mother:Harriet Newell GARNER (-1873)
Marr:20 Jul 1893, Ashland, Tippah Co., MS

Children:Lula Pearl (1894-1984)
Annie Lee (1895-1981)
Jessie Eunice (1898-1982)
Hattie Belle (1901-1989)
Ruby May (Twin) (1906-1932)
Charles Ray (Twin) (1906-1934)

1.9a.2.1 Lula Pearl REAGAN
Birth:1 May 1894, Long Prairie, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:17 Jun 1984, San Saba, San Saba Co., TX.

Spouse:Arthur Burton HOLLOWAY
Marr:24 Dec 1912, Montford, Navarro Co., TX.

1.9a.2.2 Annie Lee REAGAN
Birth:28 Oct 1895, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:24 Jan 1981, Powell, Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Oscar GRIFFIN
Marr:26 Jul 1913

1.9a.2.3 Jessie Eunice REAGAN
Birth:25 Sep 1898, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:2 May 1982, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Willie Frank MITCHAM
Marr:23 Dec 1916, Navarro Co., TX.

1.9a.2.4 Hattie Belle REAGAN
Birth:31 Oct 1901, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:23 Dec 1989, Nursing Home, Plano, Collin Co., TX.
Burial:26 Dec 1989, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.

1.9a.2.5 Ruby May REAGAN
Birth:26 Aug 1906, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:2 Feb 1932, Navarro Co., TX.
Burial:3 Feb 1932, Bazette Bapt. Ch. Cem., Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Floyd BROWN
Marr:21 Feb 1925, Navarro Co., TX.

1.9a.2.6 Charles Ray REAGAN
Birth:26 Aug 1906, Chattfield/Montfort, Navarro Co., TX.
Death:23 Oct 1934, Navarro Co., TX.
Burial:24 Oct 1934, Bazette Bapt. Ch. Cem., Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Opal MASSEY
Marr:24 Nov 1928, Kerens, Navarro Co., TX.

1.9a.3 Georgianna REAGAN
Birth:1869, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:1895, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Burial:Tishomingo Co., MS.

1.9a.4 Samuel Alexander REAGAN
Birth:3 Mar 1873, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:6 Sep 1947, Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX.

Spouse:Jeffie Hawkins LESUER

1.9a.5 William Hershal REAGAN
Birth:26 Jun 1874, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:13 Oct 1908, Van Horn, TX.
Burial:Channing, TX.

Spouse:Annie Ophelia JOHNSON
Marr:5 May 1902, Abbott, TX.

1.9a.6 Hattie REAGAN
Birth:1877, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:1897, South TX

1.9a.7 Chester Arthur REAGAN
Birth:8 Jul 1882, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:3 Sep 1956, Mundy, Knox Co., TX.
Burial:4 Sep 1956, Johnson Mem. Cem., Mundy Co., TX.

Spouse:Maude SHAW
Marr:1 Jan 1908, Goree, TX.

1.9a.8 Walter Cleveland REAGAN
Birth:10 Jan 1886, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:5 Nov 1965, Miami, OK.

Spouse:Sylvia Belle EVANS
Marr:1916, Haskell, TX.

1.9a.9 Guy REAGAN
Birth:20 Feb 1888, Tishomingo Co., MS.
Death:25 Apr 1962, Seymour, TX.
Burial:27 Apr 1962, Goree, TX Cemetery

Spouse:Crisa SWAN
Marr:24 Feb 1907, Knox Co., TX.

1.9b George Washington REAGAN* (See above)

Spouse:Docie HERNDON
Birth:1859, MS
Death:ca 1901, Hill Or Johnson Co., TX.

May have died in childbirth with Ocie Ola.

Marr:ca 1895

Children:George Leonard (1897-1975)
Ocie Ola (ca1901-)

Other spouses Paralee "Pink" VAUGHN, Lue Anna HASTY

1.9b.1 George Leonard REAGAN
Birth:4 Apr 1897, Kerens, Navarro Co., TZ.
Death:12 Apr 1975, Orange, TX.

Spouse:Gladys COOPER

1.9b.2 Ocie Ola REAGAN
Birth:ca 1901, Hill Or Johnson Co., TX.

1.9c George Washington REAGAN* (See above)

Spouse:Lue Anna HASTY
Birth:3 Mar 1874, Fulton, MS.
Death:27 Jul 1961, Oklahoma City, OK.
Marr:20 Apr 1903, Cleburn, Johnson Co., TX.

Children:Elaine Jewish (1903-1932)
Delores Irene "Babe" (1904-1990)
Pauline (1905-1907)
Jewell Lorena (1907-1976)
William "Bill" (1908-1992)
George Washington (1910-)
Winifred Herschel (1911-1988)
Tom Willard (1913-1996)

Other spouses Paralee "Pink" VAUGHN, Docie HERNDON

1.9c.1 Elaine Jewish REAGAN
Death:11 Sep 1932

Spouse:Elmer GILLASPIA

1.9c.2 Delores Irene "Babe" REAGAN
Birth:5 Feb 1904, Derden, TX
Death:31 Oct 1990, Oklahoma City, OK.

Spouse:Boyd A. KOTSHONIS

1.9c.3 Pauline REAGAN
Birth:16 Jun 1905, TX
Death:12 Feb 1907, Goree, Knox Co., TX.
Burial:13 Feb 1907, Goree Cem., Knox Co., TX.

1.9c.4 Jewell Lorena REAGAN
Birth:14 Jan 1907, Haskell, TX
Death:4 Dec 1976, Oklahoma City, OK.
Burial:Oklahoma City, OK.

Spouse:George BRIGNOLA

1.9c.5 William "Bill" REAGAN
Birth:27 Mar 1908, Apple, TX.
Death:12 Sep 1992, Corpus Christi, TX

Spouse:Virginia GRAHAM

1.9c.6 George Washington REAGAN
Birth:8 Jan 1910, Benjamin, Knox Co., TX.

Spouse:Wilma McCLURG

1.9c.7 Winifred Herschel REAGAN
Birth:26 Nov 1911, TX
Death:19 Sep 1988, Oklahoma City, OK.
Burial:Oklahoma City, OK.

Spouse:Geraldine "Jeri" CURREN

1.9c.8 Tom Willard REAGAN
Birth:20 Aug 1913, TX
Death:1996, Long Beach, CA.

Spouse:Mildred FIELDS



Well I'd better get to bed. I'm pooped. But I did want to mention another
thing before I quit for the night. I haven't been *real* active with the
database these past few weeks (although I have started entering a couple hard
copy lineages that came through the snailmail). The reason is that I've been
busy working on taxes (yuck). But at least the business forms are now on
their way to the IRS (Infernal Revenue Service). And the personal tax forms
shouldn't be too difficult (since I didn't make anything last year ;-)

A couple weeks ago I started having some trouble with my computers. Does
anyone out there know anything about modems & Macs (Help-help)???
Here's what happened:
1. My desktop machine (Radius 81/110) stopped connecting to the Internet.
2. I substituted my laptop (5300 PowerBook) and it worked for awhile then
3. I brought an old modem (14.4bps) home from the studio and tried it.
4. The desktop did the same thing (nothing). It seems to connect to the ISP
in Chattanooga, but won't make the actual link to AOL.
5. Tried the laptop on the old modem and it worked (Ya-Hooo!)
6. The next morning the laptop couldn't connect (rats!)
7. I took the laptop over to my Dad's and tried it on his modem. It worked
just fine.
8. Next I took both modems over to Dad's and his computer connected without
any problems.
9. Go figure ...
10. Maybe I should move (along with my computers and modems) in with Dad ;-)

Maybe next week I'll get a chance to take the computers to Huntsville and have
the guy in the service dept. at MacResource take a look at them. (Those new
iMacs are looking better all the time;-)

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate some help.
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