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Subject: [RAIL-L] My Rayl family
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999 21:01:59 EDT


The information on the Rayl and Brown families came from W. Arthur Allee,
Professor Emeritus at the University of Houston and from "The Rayle Family of
Chester Co., Pennsylvania" by Jean E. Jones, 1990.

He married Elizabeth and they had at least five children. They lived in East
Marlborough, Chester Co. Pennsylvania as of 1730. In 1751 he was noted in the
tax rolls as a poor man. He died in London Grove Township, Chester Co. in
1754. She died sometime after 1758.

William and Elizabeth's children:

1.William married in 1765, Hannah Mickle.
2.Thomas married Jane Mickle.
3.George, see below.
4.Samuel was born March 20, 1752.
5.Ann married April 2, 1759, William Turner.
6.Elizabeth Reval married in 1748, William Hall
7.Noble was born in 1750 , he married Nancy Johnson
8.Mary Rayle married Samuel Johnson in 1762.

William and Elizabeth's son George was born May 6, 1734 in East Marlborough
Township in Chester Co. Pennsylvania. He married Jane Brown (see Brown family
#1). They had ten children. They joined the New Garden Meeting in Guilford
Co. North Carolina in 1772. Here he received a land grant on Moon Creek. He
died around 1787 in Guilford around the age of 48.

George and Jane's children:

1.Ann was born July 15, 1765 , she married March 5, 1783, William Hunt
(see Hunt family)2 , she died June 5, 1843, had issue2.
2.Elizabeth, see below.
3.Mary was born November 11, 1769, she married May 3, 1792, Abner Hunt
(see Hunt family).
4.William E. was born December 1, 1771, he married September 13, 1696,
Elizabeth Thorp, he died February 25, 1842.
5.Matthew, William's twin was born December 1, 1771, he married Nancy.
6.Thomas was born February 9, 1773, he married August 30, 1806, Rachel
White, he died March 29, 1840.
7.Nathan was born April 15, 1775, he married January 1, 1800, Susannah
8.Rachel was born April 8, 1777, he married December 13, 1798, Abel
Stanley (see Stanley family), she died July 14, 1837.
9.George was born October 6, 1780, he married May 22, 1802, Hannah
Canaday, they lived at Spiceland, Henry Co., Indiana.
10.Jeane was born October 25, 1782.

George and Jane's second child Elizabeth was born on February 1, 17671, in
Guilford Co. North Carolina. She was named after her paternal grandmother.
She married Caleb Johnson (see Johnson family #2).

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