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From: Mabry Benson <>
Subject: Re: [RAINS] Ignatius Rains
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 21:28:02 -0700
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I think that at least Ignatius son of Henry d 1757 had
wife Nancy/Ann
possibly John
Ignatious Jr
Olivia m 1786 Henry Gatewood

Mabry Benson

Wilkes County, Georgia Tax Lists 1785-1805, vol 1 & 2, compiled by Frank Hudson
1791Ignatius Reins2 sl
John Rainsdefaulter
1792Ignatius Reins2 sl, 201 ac Long Cr
1793Ignatius Reins2 sl, 201 ac Long Cr
1794Ignatius Riigns2 sl, 201 ac Long Cr
1795Ignatius Rains2 sl, land of Wm Johnson, 201 ac of 3rd quality on
Long Cr, gr to IR
1796Ignatius Rains2 sl
1797Ignatius Rains2 sl, 205 ac 3rd quality Clarks Cr adj E Cowan,
Christopher Orr
1799Henry Rains
Ignatius Raines2 sl, 215 ac 3rd quality, Clarks Cr adj J Willis &
E Cowan
1800Ignatisous Rains2 sl, 200 ac 3rd qual, Long Cr adj Willis
1801Nancy Rains
Ign Rains107 ac 2nd qual 107 3rd qual Clarks Cr
return for Ign Rains by Nancy Rains
1802Nancy Rains2 sl, 216 ac 3rd qual Clarks Cr adj E Cowin
Henry Rains
1804Ignatius Rains
Ignatius Raines3 sl, 100 ac 2nd qual, 115 ac 3rd qual, Long Cr adj
J Willis
Henry Raines
return for Estate of Ignatius Raines decd made by Ignatius Raines admin
1805Ignatius Rains
Ignatius Rains4 sl, 215 ac 3rd qual Long Cr, gr to Jno Glass

Wilkes Co Georgia Land Records

25 Feb 1796. Joel Glass to Ignatius Rains 215 ac on Long Cr & Clarks Cr.
wit Elijah Cowan, Henry (x) Rains, Betty (x) Rains. SS-33
13 June 1798. Ignatius Raines witness deed for Elijah Cowan. RR-280
Igns Rains Senr, Henry Rains, witness deed for John culpepper, pr 21 July
1801 by Ingatius Rains. SS-85
13 Jan 1801. Ignatius Rains to John Hill one negro man named William for
$500. SS-35

1805Georgia Land Lottery, Nancy Rains (widow), Wilkes Co, Blank & Prize
[widows with minor children allowed 2 draws]

1816. Ignatius Raines Sr, Ignatius Raines Jr and Henry Raines now of
Co Ga formerly of Wilkes Co, sell land in Wilkes Co to Stephen Johnson,
Deeds CCC-407, DDD-93

Amherst County, Virginia, Deeds

10 Jul 1776. Jos Dillard & w/ Mary to Ignatius Rains, 150 ac on Long
Branch. E-184

1784. Ignatius Rains & w/ Nanny to Jesse Kennedy 150 ac on Long Br. signed
Ann Rains.. E-478

27 Oct 1785. Wm Duval to Ignatius Rains 260 ac on Lime Kiln Cr. F-50

2 Nov 1790. Ignatius Rains & w/ Ann to Jacob Kinney 2 tracts on Lime Kiln
Cr, 80 ac & 180 ac
[the copies I have do not name a Sarah Ann]

Amherst Co Tax Lists

1786Ignatius Raines, 180 ac
1787Ignatius Raines, 88 ac & 180 ac
1788Ignatius Raines, 88 ac & 180 ac
1789Ignatius Raines, 88 ac & 180 ac
1790Ignatius Raines, 88 ac & 180 ac
1791Ignatius Raines, 80 ac & 180 ac

Amherst co Marriage Records
Gatewood, Henry, bachelor, and Olivia Rains, spinster, April 3, 1786,
Walter Christian, surety. Consent of his father Richard Gatewood for his
son, Richard to marry "Olivia Rains, daughter of Nancy Rains." [my
daughter's ancestors, among their sons are Richardson Hynt Gatewood and
Ignatius Rains Gatewood.]

My conclusions:

Olivia is probably the daughter of Ignatius Rains of Amherst Co Va, and
later Wilkes Co Ga. When a mother gives consent for a marriage, the father
generally is deceased. But There does not seem to be any other Rains
family in Amherst Co, and Ignatius did have a wife Nanny/Ann. Perhaps he
was away when the marriage had to occur. And Olivia did name a son Ignatius
Rains Gatewood.

Ignatius Rains was in Amherst Co from 1786 to 1791, when he moved to Wilkes
Co Ga, and he died there ca 1801 when Nancy Rains made the tax return.
Then sons Henry and Ignatius appear with her. They are later living in
Oglethorpe Co in 1816 when they sell their father's land. I think that
probably this occurred when their mother died.

In 1805, Nancy Rains was a widow with 2 minor children (This is possible,
since Olivia was b ca 1866-70. If Olivia was the eldest, Nancy could be
having children until ca 1786-95.)

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