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Subject: Giles Y. Rains & 1810 Caroline Co. Census
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 12:20:39 EST

In a message dated 11/17/2005 4:35 PM CST, writes:

> IN 1810 Caroline County census there are four people named Raines:
> Dorothy who is in oldest category with 2 male and 1 female young child
> (likely Dorothy Austin, 3rd wife of Giles Y)
> But there is also a James Raines 2 boys, 1 girl and living wife (both
> parents in 4th column)
> Jessee Raines 2 boys, 3 girls he and wife in 4th column.
> Ann Raines 1 boy, 3 girls. She is in 3rd column. There is an unnamed
> male in 4th column.
> Do any of you know who these people are?

Hi Melva,

The following Caroline County data may help a little:

From Marriages 1787-1810: "Raines, Giles and Dorothy Austin, 10 Jan 1799,
by John Self. Pt. 1, pl. 87."

From Chancery Suits Caroline Co., Virginia: "Catlett, Samuel J. and William
Tignor vs legatees of Giles Raines. Samuel Jones Catlett, executer, and
Elizabeth Dowles, executrix of the last will of Ann Rains, decd., and Ann Dowles, an
infant, by Samuel Jones Catlett her next friend against Giles Raines. Suit
is to have him turn over to the plaintiffs all properties that came to him
through his late wife and her sister. 1 Oct 1803"

Same source: "The Legatees of Giles Raines, decd., to Samuel J. Catlett
and William Tignor in right of his wife Ann, decd. 'We the underwritten
Legatees of Giles Raines, decd. . . Signed: John Nichols, Fanny Roland, James Harris
in Behalf of his wife. Wit: John Fox and Dorothy Raines. 10 Dec 1808"

Same source: "Raines, Henry Y. and Austin Raines vs Susan C. Raines.
Henry Y. Raines and Austin Raines state that their father, Giles Raines, died
after writing a will in which he left to his wife, Dorothy Raines, a tract of
land on 305 acres and named his children as Henry Y. Raines, Austin Raines and
Susan Raines. Dorothy Raines has since died, Henry Y. Raines and Austin Raines
have arrived at lawful age and Susan C. Raines is still an infant with Samuel
Lawrence as her guardian. 18 Dec 1823"

From Court Papers 1800, 1802 Caroline Co.: "Bill of Dr. Claudius Levert
of King William Co. against the estate of Capt. Giles Raines. 18 Jun 1808"

Same source: "Austin J. Rains is administrator of the estate of his
sister, Susan Rains. 3 Jan 1826"

Melva, I just checked to see if any Giles Y. Rains descendants have
participated in the DNA study and see that none have. I think this would be an
important line to check out since so many different Rains lineages apparently have
descent from early settlers in Caroline County, Virginia; and Giles is one of
the two where we have information about where he lived prior to Caroline.
Giles Y. Rains was reportedly born 1725 in Middlesex County. So a match with a
Giles Y. descendant could possibly push other lines back much earlier into
Middlesex County. I have not looked at the Giles Y. Rains lineage in a long time,
but I believe I recall there are more or less proven straight line male Rains
descendants still living in West Tennessee in Gibson County or the vicinity.


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