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Subject: [RALSTON] Genealogy without Documentation is just Mythology.
Date: 18 Jan 2004 18:08:07 -0700

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(I hope I spelled all that right)

I remember when I first started my researching & the mistakes I found. I ran across the following quote that I printed out & put on my computer to remind myself- so I didn't go chasing down the wrong family tree (or barking up the wrong tree or canoeing downstream with no paddle..lol)

..I'll share with you too..
Genealogy without documentation is just mythology.

For every statement, birth, marriage, death, burial, children, etc- you need to find proof & beable to back it with good documentation so that someone else could go & locate that same record & find the same info & come to the same conclusion you made.
Primary resources- those made when the act happened-
when they died, buried, married- a date, a place, where you found that date-record.- what book, where was it found, who wrote it & when..
County histories are secondary records. Family stories too should be proved to help separate fact from fiction.
They need to be backed with facts that you found.

My local genealogy society just held a beginner workshop on Sat & Documention was the key topic for the day.
I was so eagar to find info when I first started researching my family trees, I didn't remember to write down all the sources, didn't really seem important- I was just so happy to find some names from my lines...
but as you start sorting all those RAlston's - you have to double check all that data with the facts & when they don't seem to workout just right you have to go back & do some more digging of the facts to help straighten out the information. Genealogy is like being a history detective, go for the facts of the case.

AS for Samuel b. 1810 Scotland (father of Anne James) & my family lines=
I've found no connection to him & My Ralstons lines of Brooke co VA- could be back in good old Scotland before 1775?, but I haven't done much research over there yet.
My Joseph Ralston bunch were in the US before the Rev war.

Keep digging for facts on your lines & let us know what info you find. It really helps to post dates & places with your names, & we all love to see documentation of the facts..
It helps all of us to remember to do that for the new year.
Happy Trails,

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