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Subject: Re: [RAMEY] Book "Remy Family In America"
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Where was James Ramey of Revolutionary War? There is a James Ramey
in 1820 Woodford County, Kentucky census. Same person? I'm trying
to connect this James to my great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Ramey, who
was born in Woodford County in 1828. Andrew named his first child
James so that is a tiny clue that perhaps Andrew was the son of a James

This Ramey bunch is mind-boggling! They appear in a census and then
don't show up in the next one then they appear again.

I haven't read the Remy book but have always heard that it was basically
a work of fiction. Thanks so much for your diligent efforts in
correcting the errors.

And if any of my Ramey cuzs know anything about Andrew Jackson Ramey
(born 1828) or Francis Ramey (born around 1832) please let me know!

Sandra Griffett
Human Resources
Winchester Lamp Plant

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Subject: [RAMEY] Book "Remy Family In America"

Over the past few weeks, several have asked about the errors in the book
Remy Family In America by B. W. Rhamy, 1942, hence I will add my
comments since Ihave had much experience with it.

In 1974, I started to gather information for a new history on the Ramey
family. I began by re-indexing the Remy book. The book indexed its
Rameys under
their surname spellings, i.e., Ramey, Remy, Rhamey, etc. I went
through the
book page by page, and indexed it by Ramey/Remy/Reamy, etc., first
name, spouse surname, and place. While doing this, I found scores of
errors, and over the succeeding years, found many more.

A common error is the assignment of a child to the wrong parents. I
have two Ramey lineages, and both of them are traced erroneously to
Jacob Remy, the immigrant. My great-grandfather, Davis Ramey, appears
on page 289, and is said to be a son of John Minns Ramey. Davis is the
son of a John Ramey, but not this John. Furthermore, John Minns Ramey
was said to have been born 1785-1790, and that he had a son named
Martin born 1860. That is, John was still
fathering children when he was 70 - 75 years old. Possible, but
Davis Ramey's father was actually born in 1820. Davis did have a
brother named Martin, who is the grandfather of Venus Ramey, Miss
America 1944, and who was in the news recently.

My other Ramey ancestor is John Ramey, who appears on Page 224. He is
to be a son of Sennet Remy. Not true, John is actually a son of James
Ramey, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and who does not appear in
the book.
John's daughter Susan, is said to have married an Isaac Witten. Again
not true. She actually married Hugh B. Wren. The Susan Ramey - Isaac
Witten marriage is mentioned twice on pages 225 and 241, i.e., the same
marriage is assigned to two different couples. Susan Ramey Wren's
granddaughter, Lillie Wren, married my great-grandfather, Davis Ramey.
Davis Ramey's great-grandfather is the James Ramey mentioned above.

The Remy book also combines the records of two different families to
create one. A classic case is the confusion of the families of William
Remy who died in Floyd County, KY, in 1816, and William Ramey who died
in Pike County, KY, in 1864/5. (page 237). I suspect another is the
Thaddeus Matthew Ramey who appears on page 90. He is said to be a son
of William Remy (page 48).
William did indeed mention a son named Matthew in his will. The
Virginia and Kentucky references on page 90 ascribed to this man all
refer to a Thaddeus Ramey. The Remy book offers no proof that Matthew
Ramey and Thaddeus Ramey are the same man. Furthermore, the Remy book
says that Thaddeus Ramey had eight children, but offers no proof that
he is their father.

The Remy book contains so many errors that little in it can be
Unfortunately, many individuals have relied on this book without
questioning its authenticity. In addition, much of the genealogical
information about the Rameys on the web appears to have come from the
Remy book.

Rick Ramey

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