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Hi there,
  I have Ramsey families that were connected in Edgefield, SC....Marion Thomas Ramsey..born 1812...His father's name was John Ramsey....(no other information except that he was married to a daughter of Chief Oconostoa(Cherokee...SO) her name was Morning.  Their son Marion (Thomas) Ramsey married Mary Anne Henderson...and from the stories told they left SC because of the Civil War by pack horse and went to Alabama...Tallapoosa in fact...where they bought land and were farmers.  But when the war reached them....they formed a wagon train and were headed to Texas.  The families stopped in Mississippi....and some of them stayed there and did quite well and then moved on to LA and a few Ramsey families made it to Texas.  However, my Ramsey connection only made it to LA. They live in the Monroe, West Monroe., Minden, Sibley, Doyline, Shreveport, LA.  And the rest of the families are in Arkansas and Texas as well.
  I have not been able to get the DNA tests done...most of the older Ramsey men are gone now and I have only one Uncle that I can get the test done on.  But since doing my research I found all the Ramsey relatives and a few others as well. I just wished that I could get the rest of it down.  There is a possiblility that my John Ramsey from SC was one of the sons mentioned in a will left by his father leaving land to them.  I have one connection that states that they had a missing Ramsey family that lived in Edgefield, SC.  I'm pretty sure that is my lineage....if it is...then this Ramsey family came over from Ireland and landed at the New Oreleans Port...went up through Arkansas to Tennessee then to NC back to Tenn. and then to SC.
I hope we can make a connection one day. Hope you can help me do that; so that I can pass it on to my cousins and other relatives.  It would be and end to a search that has been going on every since I started doing my research in 1999.  Wished I would have started it sooner than that.
God Bless !!!


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Subject: Re: [RAMSEY-DNA] TN to TX
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Hi, our Ramsey family haplotype is E1b1b1 previously known as E3b1 . As far as we can go back we have:

Samuel Ramsey 1740-1794 b. Philadelphia and then moved to Edgefield Co, South Carolina married to Elinor Mckenney 1745-1788.

His sons were Matthew Ramsey 1765-1797, William Ramsey 1768-1827, John Ramsey 1775-1797, Chistiana Ramsey 1780-? , and James Ramsey 1783-1851.

His son James Ramsey 1783-1851 married Mary Quattlebaum (1786-1852) in Edgefiied S.C. 1803. They moved to Lowndes Co, Alabama.

They have the following children: Levi Ramsey 1805-?, Wilkes Ramsey 1807-1888, William Ramsey 1811-?, John Ramsey 1811-?, Humphrey W. Ramsey 1816-?, Mary Ann Ramsey 1816-?, George Ramsey 1816-?, James A. 1816-?, David B. , and Simpson W. Ramsey b. 1818-1900 (our ancester who stays in LA).  The birth dates are approx  so you will see several born in the same year. The family was in Lowndes Co. Alabama from 1811-1816.  The family appears to have moved to Monroe, Union Parish, LA around 1836. I find them in the 1840 census there.  It appears as if some of the children stayed behind in Alabama.  Some of James and Mary's children and/or grandchildren ended up in Texas.

My questions are: it is really hard to separate the Ramsey families in S. Carolina because of the naming conventions. I have a better handle on them when the get to Loisiana because of the census that list the family mbrs. I am also curious about the connection in Philadelphia. The DNA results point to several families in GA related to the Union Co. Louisiana family. I suspect they are descended from Samuel Ramsey and Elinor McKenney.

thanks, donna
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