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Subject: Re: [RAMSEY surname] Samuel/William/William/A.C/David/Richard/Robert/Joel/Drew
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Dear Jim,
I have taken the liberty of sending this also to the rest of the loop in
hopes that any misconceptions I may have gathered may be cleared up and we
can get down to the nitty gritty of truly tracking this line.
William Ramsey, son of Samuel, served as a private from Georgia in the
Revolution under General Hancock. William Sr. stayed in Georgia. His son
William took his two sons, wife and slave, Dinah, and crossed through
Alabama on the Three Notch Road through Indian country to settle in
Mississippi. A.C. Ramsey's Memoirs of a Methodist Circuit Rider mentions
visiting his father in Tennessee and also mentions Huey uncles living there.
Apparently the father moved to Tennessee and left some of his family in
Mississippi and A.C., of course, settled in Alabama and is buried in Oak
Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama. I have a picture of the house and A.C. Ramsey
in th CD/Cookbook/Genealogy book I have just sent to Oxmoor and Pelican to
see if they would like to publish. I wish I could collect more pictures of
our ancestors. I'll bet they are out there and are probably not even
labeled so no one knows what they have. That is one reason I wrote this
book...to try to gather and make available to others these precious
connections to our ancestors.
Information compiled in part by Charles E. Munat, 11702 Sunset Loop,
Bainbridge Islane, WA 98110
William Ramsey served as a Private from Georgia in the Revolution. William
Ramay served under General Hancock
Oct. 3, 1772: Willam ramsey of (what would be) Wilkes County, Georgia, had
land bounded on the east by land of Randoll Ramsey (reference book M, p.
June 1, 1773, Wilkes county, Georgia, was created from land that had been
taken from the Creek and the Cherokee
April 15, 1782 William Randol, and John Ramsey were on the pay roll of Capt.
John Peake's company of (Wilkes county, Georgia) militia under the command
of col. Robert Middleton
1784 Washington County, Georgia, was created from what had been "Indian
1784 William Ramsey (certificate 135) and Randol Ramsay (certificate 136)
were each granted 250 acres of boynty land in Georgia Col. James McNeil
"took up" their certificates
Feb. 2, 1784 or 17 May 1784 In Washington County, Georgia William Ramsey
was granted 287.5 acres adjoining land of "Dist. 5 Cert. of Col. Jas.
McNeil" (reference grant 1010, book A, p. 223; also grant book GGG, p. 417)
Also in Washington county William Ramsey had another 287 acres (of bounty
land) adjoining lands of Tucker and O'Neal. Some part of William Ramsey's
land adjoined of Samuel Ramsey on the Southeast. Other Ramseys granted land
in Washington county, Georgia on this date were Isaac, Sr., Isaac, Jr.,
John, Sr.; Samuel/ Thomas; thomas, Jr.; and Randal Ramsey, Jr.

27 apr 1784 William Ramsey was granted (by the state of Georgia) 287.5
acres bounty land in Georgia. Other Ramseys granted the same amount of
bounty land in Georgia this month were Isaac Jr., Minute Man; Pvt. Isaac,
Sr.; John, Minute Man; Randol, soldier; heirs of Samuel; Samuel soldier; and
Pvt. Thomas

William Ramsey conveyed land (adjoining William Collier) in Greene County,
Georgia, to Thomas Daniell (reference deed book 1, p. 40) Cf. 21 May 1787
Jul 12, 11784 In wilkes county, Georgia, William Ramsey had 287.5 acres
"given in lieu of an old warrant on the Ogeeche river joining few and Adams"
(reference book A, p. 256, grant book EEE, p. 231)

Sept 21, 1784 the governor of Georgia signed a grant giving 200 acres in
Wilkes county, Georgia, to William Ramsey
May 21, 1787, William Ramsey and Jemima his wife conveyed 287.5 acres on
Richland Creek in Greene county, Georgia, to thomas daniel of Greene County,
Georgia. william Daniel and Henry Graybill were witnesses. Cf. 1784 above.

Aug. 8, 1787 In Wilkes county, Georgia, William Rmsey and Ogeechee river
(adjoining John Adams and Ignatius Few) to Henry Mitchell, John Mitchell
and James Thweartt (reference Wilkes County book FF, p. 49; Columbia county
book DD, p. 48) Jemimah "revokes her claim: This was the land granted on 21
Sept. 1784

July 3, 1789 Deed of 8 August 1787 was recorded in Columbia County,

October 5, 1790 William Ramsey of Wilkes County, Georgia for 60 pounds
sterling, conveyed 287.5 acres (adjoining Tucker and O'Neal) in Greene
county, Georgia, to Henry mcCoy of Greene County. This land had been
granted to William Ramsey while it was still in Washington County, Georgia.
Witnesses were William Melton; John Thomas, Sr.; and Brazor Anderson
(reference Greene County deed bk. 1, pp. 409-09) compare 17 May 1784.

September 30, 1790 By a notice in the Augusta Chronicle and Gazette, of
Augusta, George, Samuel advised the tax collector of Greene County that said
collectors announced intent to sell land belonging to william ramsey was in
error for Samuel Ramsey was the true owner, had regularly paid taxes on the
land, and had the receipts to prove it.

Dec. 11, 1790 The Oct 5 170- deed was registered

Nov. 1794 William was a member of a company of (Wilkes county, Georgia)
militia dragoons under Captain Jonas Fauche called into service by Governor

July 25, 1797 In wilkes county, Georgia, William Ramsey of Wilkes county
conveyed 25 acres "up the branche to where the line crosses that laid for
Henry Ramsey" to John Smith of Wilkes County (reference book QQ p. 167)

August 14, 1707 The 25 July 1797 deed was recorded

Jan. 4, 1804 In Wilkes County, Georgia Superior Court, John Lindsay had
brought suit against William Ramsey

1805 or after 1805 William Ramsey died in Georgia Jemima is said to have
died in Bedford county, Tennessee.

William and Jemima

JOHNSON, William

LEWIS, James Martin, Major

POLK, John
POLK, Samuel

RAMSEY, William

TINDELL, R.W., Colonel

Older Churches in Maury County

Zion Presbyterian Church was organized in 1807 by members who emigrated from
the Bethel congregation in Williamstown District, SC (See Maury County
Books). Earlier these members and their predecessors had emigrated from
Scotland to the Belfast area of County Down, Ireland, and from there to
America in 1730. Some families first located in Lancaster District, PA and
later reunited with the others to help develop Williamsburg. Many of them
were lineal descendants of John Knox.

In Zion Church Cemetery are buried, along with many of these early
immigrants, ten Revolutionary soldiers, three 1812 soldiers and 109 who
served in the Civil War. (Source for this information is Turner's History of
Maury County, Tennessee).Zion Church is located at: 2322 Zion Road,
Columbia, TN 38401. Telephone: (931) 381-1272.

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> I have asked before, but shall try again. Does anyone have information
> about the Samuel Ramsey who married Izabella Shubridge . They had William
> (1743), Samuel (1741), Shubridge (1745) and Elizabeth (1747). William
> Shubridge of Onslow County, North Carolina mentions Samuel in his will as
> son-in-law. He also mentions his grandchildren. I believe this William
> Ramsey is the Revolutionary War veteran mentioned as coming from
> County who married Jemima who had a son William who married Nancy Huey and
> moved to Georgia and then Mississippi. >>
> You information is intriguing to me...as I am trying to establish the
> parents of my William Ramsey (b 1740/1). A lady obtained a DAR
> membership on his participation in the Rev. War in the Virginia
> Continental Army in Capt Vance's Company of Augusta Co., VA.
> Is this the same William Ramsey you reference above. Are you saying
> that the William Ramsey (son of Samuel Ramsey & Isabelle Shubridge) moved
> Georgia and then Mississippi...or was it his son
> William/Nancy Huey that made those moves?
> Jim Sublet(California)

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