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Subject: Re: [RAMSEY] John RAMSEY (1787-1872) NC. to IN.
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2011 18:01:40 -0500
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I have very skechy information indicating that John Ramsey , son of Matthew,
born Nov. 1788 died at Rock River Mills in 1826. Does this fit any of your
information? Joe

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Yes, the John Ramsey (1787 - 1872), who married (about 1808) Martha
Alexander, the daughter of Gabriel Alexander and Jane Black, in Iredell Co.,
NC, is my line of descent.  John married his second wife, Sarah H. Chambers,
about 1819, apparently after Martha died.  The family then moved to Lawrence
Co., IN, settling in Pleasant Run Twp., where they remained.
The researcher who claims that this John's parents were James Ramsey and
Margaret Wallace is John M. King.  I communicated with him online about ten
years ago regarding this family, but don't know his current email address. 
Some of his data came from a book by Robert H. Stone, entitled "The Ramseys
and Related Families with Genealogical Charts", printed by Bob Largent, in
1993, but I don't know what specific documentation was used to verify the
information in the book.  At the time, he was trying to prove that James'
father was Robert Ramsey, and further that Robert Ramsey was the son of
Allan Ramsey, the famous Scottish poet.  Don't know if he was ever able to
make the connection or not.
Would love to know if someone out there has good documentation to prove
these relationships.  Otherwise, as we know, it's just speculation, and good
research can't be based on that!

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Subject: RE: [RAMSEY] John RAMSEY (1787-1872) NC. to IN.

>Regarding the possible parents of this John RAMSEY, one researcher
that John's parents >were James RAMSEY (1740- d. aft. 1818, Lincoln, TN) and
Margaret WALLACE.(James being the son of >Robert RAMSEY and Janet

Lynne, these are some early notes for the Ramseys of Rowan/Iredell Co., NC

Robert Ramsey (II) was born 11 Feb 1751 in Chester Co., PA, a son of Robert
and Janet Gatis, who came to Rowan Co., NC by Oct 1766.  The son, Robert,
served in the NC militia during the American Rev. rising to the rank of
Capt.  On 18 Feb 1790, Robert obtained a marriage license to wed Agnes
McCorkle in Rowan Co., NC. Agnes McCorkle was a daughter of Alexander and
Agnes Montgomery.  In 1787, Robert and Agnes settled on the headwaters of
Withrow's creek in Iredell Co., NC and attended the Thyatira Presbyterian
Church, where Agnes's brother, Samuel Eusebius McCorkle, was the minister.
Both Robert and Agnes were buried at Thyatira.

Known children of Robert Ramsey and Janet Gatis:

1. James Ramsey, b. PA, 1740; m. Rowan Co., NC, 5 Feb 1772, Margaret Wallace

2. William Ramsey, b. PA; reportedly was accidently crippled and never

3. David Ramsey, b. PA, 1743; d. 29 June 1816; m. Rowan Co. NC, 30 May 1776,
Margaret Niblock

4. John Ramsey, b. PA, 1747; d. Greene Co., TN, 16 Nov 1807; m. 1st Sarah
(Birdsong) Drake; m. 2nd Elizabeth (Birdsong) McBride; John Ramsey served in
the Rev. War.

5. Robert Ramsey, b. Chester Co., PA, 11 Feb 1751; d. Iredell Co., NC, 7 Nov
1828; m. Rowan Co., NC 11 Feb 1790, Agnes "Nancy" McCorkle.

6. Elizabeth Ramsey, b. PA, 8 Mar 1753; m. Rutherford Co., TN to a Kenton
and settled in Rutherford Co., TN.  (Note: I suspect they married in NC)

7. Andrew Ramsey, b. PA, 25 Jan 1755; d. Iredell Co., NC, 17 Dec 1844; m.
Rowan Co., NC 26 Nov 1785, Mary Wilson. 
[The above is not my personal research and comes from different family
history sources, one of which is a descendant, John Stutesman of San
Francisco, CA, and goes back to 1983 by letter...Lee]

>>> another researcher claims that James and Margaret's children were:

[NOTE: I do not have the children of James Ramsey and Margaret Wallace and
the children you have seems a bit confusing, although some of their children
could have gone to Lincoln Co., NC.  I am not sure how you are making the
John Ramsey connection. Is John Ramsey in Indiana your line of descent?  Can
you place John Ramsey in NC?  I do have the "South Fork Ramseys" of Lincoln
Co., NC, but they are a different family from the Rowan/Iredell Co., NC
Ramseys. ---Lee]

+ 9 i. William4 Ramsey.
10 ii. Samuel Ramsey.
About Samuel Ramsey:
1: 1818, Living in Lincoln County, Tennessee.
+ 11 iii. James Wilson Ramsey, born January 06, 1788 in
Iredell County, North Carolina; died Aft. August 28, 1824 in Mooresville,
Iredell County, North Carolina.
12 iv. Robert Ramsey.
About Robert Ramsey:
1: 1818, Living in Lincoln County, Tennessee.
There is no mention of a son, John, nor of a daughter, Peggy, which the
first researcher claims, as well.  I'm just wondering if there is a will or
deeds out there that would confirm this.

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