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Marilyn and Connie,

Due to the close proximity of Rutherford, Bedford, Marshall, and Lincoln Counties, Tennessee, I wanted to take a closer look at the Ramsey families in middle Tennessee. I do not use computer files, but still have my binder notebooks. This is my first look at the Lincoln Co., TN Ramseys and I find the early Ramsey households missing from Ancestry's 1820 U.S. census index -- Daniel Ramsey, William Ramsey, Samuel Ramsey, Robert Ramsey, and James Ramsey. I did not note the composition of their family make-up, but they can be found at the Lincoln County, TN USGenWeb site below. There are other links there you would want to view. This does add to the complexity of sorting out the Lincoln Co., TN families, and may take finding local records usually not found online. I did not followed up with the 1820 Ramsey households. I have not found the 1886 local history publication for Lincoln Co, TN, but the Lincoln County TN USGenWeb has a link to the 1971 reprint as "Lincoln County,!
Tennessee Pioneers." I did not check to see if the text was available.


The majority of the North Carolina families I have researched settled in Mecklenburg Co. NC, an original county, which would become all the counties lying in western NC. For the most part, these Ramseys originated out of PA and VA. At that time Mecklenburg Co., NC was a frontier and included the present day N.W. South Carolina upcountry prior the state boundary being re-drawn.

The Ramsays from Bucks Co., PA to Mecklenburg (later Lincoln), Co., NC used Samuel for at least three generations. I find that the Samuel Ramsey, of Lincoln and Burke Co., NC, went to Bedford Co., TN where he died in 1829. Recently, I have identified one son, John Ramsey. Who remained in Bedford (later Marshall) Co., TN. Right now I do not find the Lincoln Co., TN Ramsey connections to NC, but will keep them on my list.

The only early Samuel Ramsey among by branches was born in Rutherford Co., TN c.1824, and married Mary A. Clark in 1845. I have no further record for him. He was a grandson of my ancestor's only brother.


I have reason to suspect that this same Samuel Ramsey (in my personal file as ”born 1775, died abt 1856, Lincoln Co., TN”) might be the father of my husband’s great-great-great-grandfather, Hardy F. M. Ramsey who married Martha “Mattie” Wicker/Whicker. But I’ve never been able to find proof or anyone who can confirm this.

Hardy was born in 1826 in Lincoln Co. He died in Obion Co. in 1882. Would you by any chance have Hardy Ramsey in your family tree as a son of Samuel, or brother to your William?



From: Connie Welch

Hi folks. I am looking for a Bill Foster that has a tree on Ancestry??? Does anyone know him?
I am researching the line of Samuel Ramsey b. 1755 North Carolina d. June 21, 1855 Lincoln County Tennessee and who his wife might be. We have found a marriage for Elizabeth Anna Beavers but I have seen him with the wife of Ann Mooney and a couple of others.
I follow his son William Ramsey b. 1819 who married Parthena Ann Miles. If there is anyone who can help on these lines PLEASE let me know.

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