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Subject: Re: [RAN-CLAY] Milit. Post-Levi Webb Hurley-CSA
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2010 14:38:21 -0700 (PDT)
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That is strange.My Hurley fam. they say came from the carolinas into Ga..Theres a story abt. 3 bro. & an uncle who came from the Carolinas ,one went west,oone in Ga.,one in Napolian,al. & one bro. settled on the little Tallapoosa rive.I never grew up around my fathers people,i ended up in Kansas where my mothers people lived.I was but 5 when he passed.
My father and siblings were born near Wedowee,Al. on the river,which is now Wedowee Lake.His g.father Levi Hurley bought a bunch of land on the Little Tallapoosa abt. 1860.Found a census for Levi and fam. for 1850 but nothing before then.Mt fathers brothers live abt. Wedowee & Roanoke.
As for my g.grandfather Levi Hurley he married Nancy Henson who had a sister Mary.Married a man by the name of Elijah Gabriel.They say the Hensons were from Carrol co.,Ga.,???.
This is strange abt San Atonio.My mother came from Kansas and met him their.They had gone to kansas where i was born and abt a few years later moved to San Angelo.He loved Texas.Always mentioned Big Lake Texas for some reason.Told ma he had some land there but sold to his sister.Though he had memory problems and black outs because of the war.They had put on my birth certif. me being born in Big Lake texas,but its wrong.Guess that part will always be a mystry.My mother passed this last year and we talked abt. her life and my dad a lot.The purpose of going to San Angelo is unk. to me.
But Wedowee on the little Tallapoosa river.Once called Ice.My g.mother was a post master at her home in the early 1900s.
Hope you can help.My Hurley clan i think at times were dropped.Like i say go into findagrave.com and find my father.Theres a milit. pic in there of him and he's buried in the veterns section.

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