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Jane parents were John Bolling and Mary Kennen (not sure spelling Mary
maiden name)

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Pocahontas' Descendants

(Partial listing)

2 Jane Bolling (1698-1767), m. 1713*4, Col. Richard Randolph (5/
1689-12/17/1748) of "Curles", son of William and Mary Isham Randolph of
"Turkey Island".
Colonel Richard died while on a trip to England.

21 Richard Randolph of "Curles" (1725*6-6-6/5/1786, m. 12/27/1750, Ann
("Nancy") Meade ( -12/9/1814), dau. of David and Susan Everard Meade of
County. The following is found in an old prayer book (copy in VHS):
Randolph of Curles departed this life June 5, 1786 - In the Sixty-First year
of his Age", and "Ann Randolph, wife of the above Richard, died at S. East,
Dec. 9, 1814 in the 82nd year of her age".

211 Richard Randolph III (3/31/1757-3/16/1799), Officer of Cavalry,
Revolutionary War, m. 12/15/1785, Maria Beverley (12/151764-10/2/1824), dau.
of Robert
and Maria Carter Beverley. She m. (2nd) 8/12/1800, Maj. Gawin Lane Corbin
who adopted Maria's last child by Richard, and named the child Gawin Lane
Corbin, Jr.

212 David Meade Randolph (3/14/1759-9/23/1830), m. Mary ("Molly" Randolph
"Tuckahoe" (2411). He was Officer of Cavalry, Revolutionary War. U.S.
Marshall for Virginia.

213 Brett Randolph (7/20/1766-1/23/1828), m. 11/21/1789, Lucy Beverly
(2/24/1771-1854), dau. of Robert and Maria Carter Beverley of "Blandfield".
d. at "Goshen", Lowndes County, Miss., and bur. at "Oakleigh", near
Greensboro, Ala.

214 Ryland Randolph (3/5/1770-1815), m. 7/7/1795, in Halifax, N.C.,
Elizabeth Frazier (Fraser?)

215 Susan Randolph (4/10/1753-11 or 12/3/1781), m. 4/6/1776, Benjamin
Harrison, Jr. (VI), of "Berkeley" ( -1799), son of Benjamin (V) (ca.
(the Signer) and Elizabeth Bassett Harrisoon. No issue. Susan was the
wife, the first wife (m. 1785), Anna Mercer (9/6/1760-8/28/1787), died eight
days after the birth of her son, Benjamin Harrison (VII), the only child of
Benjamin Harrison, Jr. (VI).

216 Jane Randolph (11/19/1755-3/ /1796), m. 10/1/1774, Archibald Bolling
Buckingham County (3/20/1749- ), son of John and Elizabeth Blair Bolling.
Jane was Archibald's second wife.

217 Ann Randolph (2/21/1764-1/ /1820), m. 5/12/1781, Brett Randolph, Jr.

218 Elizabeth ("Betty") Randolph (3/8/1768- ), m. 2/28/1789, David Meade
"Woodland", son of David and Susanna Everard Meade

219 Mary Randolph (7/5/1774-8/8/1863), m. 2/24/1798 (her second cousin),
Col. William Bolling (113) (5/26/1777-7/16/1845), son of Thomas and
Elizabeth Gay
Bolling. He owned farms known as "Pocahontas" and "Ware's". First lived at
"Cobbs (where he was born), then at "Bolling Hall", Goochland County.
"Pocahontas" was part of the "Bolling Hall" tract and in 1836, was given to
Ann, and the house (no longer standing) was built for her. "Ware's" became
the "Bolling Island" house, and was lived in by William after his marriage
family gave him "Bolling Island").

21x Sarah Randolph (4/30/1772-d. 8/ / 1829 at "South East", Powhatan
m. 1/20/1814 (MB), William Mewburn of England ( -6/ /1829)

21a Susan Randolph (10/4/1751-6/11/1752)

21b Mary Randolph (10/9/1760-12/18/1772)

21c Ann Randolph (8/19/1762-7/ /1763)

22 Brett Randolph (9/4/1732-9/4/1759), m. 7/14/1753 in London, Mary Scott of
Gloucester Shire. They lived in Gloucestershire, England. He died at
Dursley, England.

221 Henry Randolph (10/7/1758- ), of "Warwick", Chesterfield County, m.
1780, Lucy Ward, dau. of Seth and Mary Goode Ward

222 Brett Randolph, Jr. (b. prior to 1759-1/22/1828), d. in Mississippi, m.
(his first cousin), Ann Randolph of "Curles" (217). They lived in Powhatan

223 Susannah Randolph, . 1/23/1783, Dr. Charles Douglas (10/11/1752- ) of
Essex, England (Scotland?)

23 John Randolph of "Matoax", Chesterfield County (6/29/1742-10/28/1775),
3/9/1769, Frances Bland (9/24/1752-1788), dau. of Col. Theodorick
and Frances Bolling Bland (1724-1774) of "Cawson's", Prince George County
(Theodorick was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Randolph Bland of
and Frances Bolling was the dau. of Drury Bolling of "Kippax, who was, in
the son of Robert and Anne Stith Bolling. Following the death of Frances
Bolling, Theodorick married Elizabeth Randolph Yates. No issue.) Following
death of John Randolph, Frances Bland Randolph m. 9/22/1777, St. George
Tucker, and had five children.

231 Richard Randolph of "Bizarre" (3/9/1770-6/14/1796), m. 12/31/1789, his
cousin, Judith Randolph (2417), dau. of Thomas Mann and Ann Cary Randolph of

232 Theodorick Bland Randolph (1/22/1771-2/14/1792), d.s.p.

233 John Randolph of Roanoke (6/3/1773-5/24/1833), d.s.p.

234 Jane Randolph

24 Mary Randolph (11/21/1727-11/25/1781), m. 5/31/1744, Archibald Cary of
"Ampthill", Chesterfield County (1/24/1720*1-9/ /1787), son of Henry and
Edwards Cary

241 Ann Cary (2/ / 1745-1786), m. 11/18/1761, Thomas Mann Randolph of
"Tuckahoe", Goochland County (1740*1-11/20/1793), son of William and Maria
Page Randolph. Thomas m. (2nd) Gabriella Harvie by whom he had a child,
Mann Randolph III NOTE: Thomas Mann Randolph named one son of each of
two marriages Thomas Mann Randolph. Thomas Mann Randolph (1792-1851), the
of his second marriage to Gabriella Harvie (and who was not a descendant of
Pocahontas, inherited "Tuckahoe", and m. (1st) Harriet Wilson, and (2nd)
Lucinda ("Lucy") Ann Patterson. Gabriella (ca. 1771-post 1800) was the dau.
of Col.
John Harvie. After Randolph's death, she m. Dr. John Brockenbrough.

242 Jane Cary, m. Thomas Isham Randolph (ca. 1728- ) of "Dungeness"

243 Elizabeth Cary, m. Robert Kincaid, "an Irishman"

244 Mary Cary (12/4/1766-1/26/1797), m. 4/12/1773, first wife of Carter
of "The Fork", Cumberland County, Major of Cavalry, Revolutionary War, son
of Gov. John an Jane Byrd Page. His second wiffe was Lucy Nelson

245 Henry Cary

246 Sarah Cary ( -10/1773), m. 1770, Archibald Bolling (16). She was his
first wife

25 Jane Randolph, m. Col. Anthony Walke, Jr., of "Fairfield", Princes Anne
County (1/3/1726- ), son of Anthony and Annlee Armistead Walke. Colonel
Anthony Walke, Jr., m. (2nd) Mary Mosely, and had issue

251 Rev. Anthony Walke III, the "Fox-hunting Parson", M. Va. Convention
1788, m. (1st), Anna McColley McClennahan (McClanahan?). M. (2nd) Mrs. Anne
Fisher (nee Newton). M. (3rd)

252 son

253 dau

26 Elizabeth Randolph, m. ca. 1765, Col. Richard Kidder Meade
(7/14/1746-2/9/1805), son of David Meade and Susannah Everard Meade. He was
Aide to General
Washington. Elizabeth's children died before her death, leaving no
descendants. The Colonel m. (2nd) 12/10/1780, Mary Grymes
(11/9/1753-6/16/1813), widow
of William Randolph of "Chattsworth".

261 (son), d. inf.

262 (dau), d. inf.

263 (dau), d. inf.

27 Ryland Randolph. Unm. Died "an old bachelor" at "Turkey Island"

28 (son)

29 (dau)

"Pocahontas' Descendants"

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