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Subject: [RATLIFF-L] Ratliffs In Mississippi
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 19:29:26 EDT

This was copied from materials sent to me by the Itawamba Historical Society.
I am not related to these Ratliffs as far as I know. I hope this information
will help some of my Ratliff "cussins". I am quoting this exactly as printed.

Of the first Ratliff that came to America, we do not have any records. He
spelled his name RADCLIFF and had a son named James born in Maryland, 15 March
1767. This James Radcliff had a brother named Samuel. James went with his
brother Samuel from Maryland to Augusta, Georgia in 1807, where he worked
some, and then went to Kentucky where he married JANE RICHEY ( born 27 Dec.
1785) on Dec. 4, 1807.

Three sons were born to James and Jane in Barren Co., Ky. Their names are as
follows: Samuel RATLIFF (born 22 May 1810), Robert RATLIFF ( born 2 Jan.
George RATLIFF ( born 22 Dec. 1813.)
This family moved to Priceville, Alabama in Morgan County, south of Decatur,
about 1814.
David RATLIFF, another son was born in Morgan County on December 7, 1815.
While in Morgan Co. the additional sons were born: Addison RATLIFF ( born 23
Nov. 1817), Claiborn RATLIFF ( born 14 Dec. 1819), Harvey RATLIFF ( born 22
July 1822), James Ratliff Jr., ( born 20 Aug. 1824).
The James and Jane Richey RATLIFF home in Morgan Co., is listed on the
Historical Register today.
George RATLIFF went to Florida before he married, to help drive the indians
from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi to the new Indian Territory (
now Oklahoma). When they landed in Mississippi where the Oak Grove Cemetery
is located ( presently near the Ratliff community in Itawamba Co.), they
camped three days and nights. While camping there, he looked around at the
land and decided it would be good stock country. It was also a beautiful
place to have a home.
He went back to Priceville and married MARTHA M. KIRKLAND on Jan. 2, 1838 at
Priceville. He then came back to Oak Grove, cutting the wilderness as he went,
cooking on open fires and living in an Indian wigwam.
He homesteaded the land known as the MELTON place just west of Oak Grove.
They moved on Twenty-Mile Creek, where he finished the rest of his life.
He had a son in the civil war who contacted measles while in the
service.George went to see him and he also contacted the disease. A daughter
at home contacted measles from George, her father and she were expected to
die. George helped wait on her during her sickness. He contacted pneumonia
and died Feb. 11, 1862. He was buried Feb.12, 1862 in the Oak Grove Cemetery.
Ratliff, Mississippi was named for George Ratliff, and NOT for his brother
Harvey, who ran the Ratliff post office, as you will find in many records.
George Ratliff's brother Claiborn was killed in the civil war Okolona 11 Oct
Martha M. KIRKLAND Ratliff had seven sisters and a brother who died young. Two
of her sisters married two brothers of George Ratliff.
Martha M. Kirkland was born 8 April 1821 at Priceville, Ala. and died 3 Dec.
1904 at Ratliff, Miss. She is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery.
The following children were born to George and Martha M. Ratliff James Rufus
( he was born 2 June 1840 and died 2 Sept. 1866. He was never married.):
Sarah Jane ( She was born 17 Dec. 1841 and married Mortimer H. HINDS on Jan.
13, 1859. She died 2 Sept. 1930), Burrell W. ( he was born 23 Feb. 1843 and
married Sarah Ellen MITCHELL on Dec. 2, 1865. He died 16 July 1904 in
Oklahoma). Leatha Ann ( she was born 25 April 1844 and married Henry J.
GRISSOM on Dec.2, 1860. Henry J. Grissom was born 4 Feb. 1838 in Lauderdale
Co., Ala. Leatha Ann and Henry didn't have any children. Leatha Ann died on
Mar. 24, 1861. Henry didn't want her grave to be rained on, so he took a
fishing pole, measured off around her graveand built a small wooden house over
her grave. The first rotted out and they built a second house. Henry would
cry all the time about losing her. When he came home from the civil war,
Henry married Leatha Ann's sister. Henry died 4 Sept. 1872.). Cynthia
Elizabeth ( she was born 10 Dec. 1845 and married Charlie Monroe BOREN on
Dec. 27, 1866. Cynthia E. died 25 Oct. 1899 in Fannin Co. Texas.) Mary
Frances ( she was born 17 April 1847. She married Hiram Newton GRISSOM, a
brother of Henry J., on 17 Feb. 1862. Hiram N. was born in Lauderdale Co.,
Ala. 20 Aug 1840. Mary Frances died 13 Jan 1909.) Amanda Penina "Mandy" (
she was born 4 April 1849. She married Henry J. Grissom on 11 Dec. 1866.
About 8 years after Henry J.'s death, she married James Monroe "Jim" NABERS .
He was born 10 June 1827 and died 22 Jan. 1897. James Monroe had married the
first time to Miriam Elizabeth GRISSOM. She was born in Lauderdale Co. Ala, 4
Mar. 1836. She was a sister to Henry J. and Hiram N. Grissom. Jim Nabers was
a brother-in-law to Mandy by her first marriage to Henry GRISSOM. Edison C.
Ratliff ( he was born 18 July 1850 and married Ann A. HALBROOK on Oct 25,
1868. Edison died on MAY 13, 1919, probably in Oklahoma.) Amelia D. ( she
was born 31 Aug. 1852 and died 20 Oct. 1862). George Gandlen Ratliff ( he
was born 31 Aug. 1855 and married Cassie Emiline BOREN on 8 Jan. 1881.
Cassie was born 20 March 1862 and died 19 Aug. 1893. After her death, George
married Mary Elizabeth NANNEY-KELLUM, widow of George Franklin Kellum , around
1900. Mary Elizabeth was born 1 Aug. 1858 and died in 1919 in Fannin Co.,
Texas. After her husband, George F. Kellum had died, she married William
Henry GREENE. He ran off and left her with twin daughters. Mary Elizabeth was
the daughter of Uriah Pollard NANNEY and Eliza Frances WILLIS Nanney. Mary's
son, William Luther "Lou" Kellum married a niece of George G. Ratliff, Mary's
sister, Mattie Nanney married a nephew of Geo. G. Ratliff, Bob Grissom. Bob's
siter, Ella Grissom married William Luther Kellum. Mary's brother. Wiley
Nanney married a daughter of Henry J. and Mandy Ratliff Grissom and when she
died, Wiley Nanney married her half-sister, the dau of Mandy Ratliff Grissom
and Jim Nabers. George G. Ratliff married a third time, to Mrs. Edna Richey
Gable STEPHENS, about Feb 1912. His third wife was the mother of his son,
George Grover Ratliff's wife. George G. Ratliff died 1 April 1939).
Margartet Josephine "Josie" Ratliff ( she was born 17 May 1857 and married J.
Hillary CUMMINGS 0n Jan. 19, 1871. She died 29 Oct. 1933.) Ophelia Ann ( she
was born 14 Aug. 1858 and married Doctor John FORBUS on Dec 20, 1876. She
married a BROOKS the second time. She died 27 June 1927.) Mattie Samantha
Ratliff ( she was born 21 March 1861 and married Augusta Columbus "Gus" Nabers
on Feb. 15, 1880. Augusta Nabers was born 5 Dec. 1858 and died 31 Oct. 1933.
Mattie Samantha died 27 June 1925. Augusta was the son of James Monroe "Jim"
Nabers and Miriam Elizabeth Grissom Nabers.
All of the above children were buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Itawamba
Co. Mississippi, with the exception of Burrell W. and Edison C. who were
buried in Oklahoma and Texas.

This journal of an Itambwa family was submitted by Kathyrn Mackey of Tupelo,
Miss. She is a member of the Itawamba Historical Society.

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