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From: Tomikin <>
Subject: [REA] Rea, John, wife Martha, 1763 arrivals in Meck. Co. NC
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 16:34:26 -0800

This is as far back as I have been yet able to document the Rea
family of Mecklenburg Co. NC. I will include John's brother Andrew
Rea, wife Jane Cochran in a separate mailing. Please add or change
or help me document this and related families. I have reasonable
cause to suggest that this Rea family is related to other Rea family
(of Scotch, non Scotch Irish origin) in the early south central area
of PA some of which was formerly Cecil Co., MD and part of Delaware
pennisula. I collect all pre-1780 Rea families from that area and
seek families to add to database I am collecting. I will be posting
gradually some early Rea families I have found in PA, and Cecil Co.,
MD to this list.
More later my address below:
Tom Rea, 7th gen descendand of the following family:

1 John [Morgan] Rea Sr.
- -------------------------------------------
Birth:abt 1729, Kent Co., DE/Cecil Co., MD/Scotland?
Death:20 Oct 1767, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Burial:1767, New Providence Church Cemetery
Educ:Educated, Literate
Father:[John?] Rea (~1695-)
Mother:[Anna Or Elizabeth?] (ca1705-<1790)

[Names or items in brackets [] are assumed from the naming of
children and grandchildren or other probabilities, but were not noted
in documents of record at the time. I use the bracketed names as
most probable and as identifying devises and research tools only( as
they are unproven but useful). Please retain this message and the
brackets if you forward or share this data to avoid proliferation of

Spouse:Martha [Anne] McCrary (see notes on maiden name)
Birth:abt 1732, DE/ Cecil Co., MD Or SCT
Death:1811-1819, Indian Trail, Union Co., NC/SC (probably 1814
because son, Robert then leaves NC)
Marr:ca 1756, Kent County, DE/Scotland?
Note: Martha's maiden name has been speculated to be Tomblin based
upon a note in Hugh Calvin Rea's DAR papers that Martha's maiden
named was Tomblin and that she had resided in Indian Trail, Union
Co., NC which is immediately next to New Providence (Matthews),
Mecklenburg Co., NC. Another researcher noted that Hugh Calvin Rea
had said her maiden name was Farmer. The middle name of Farmer did
pass down in her grandchildren and great grandchildren through her
son David Rea whereas Tomblin never appears. Her son John Rea,
Esquire vouchsafed the marriage bond of one Rueben Tomblin in
Mecklenburg much as a relative might. Her maiden name could also
have been Wright which was passed down repeatly in the Indiana branch
of the Rea family. I have thoroughly researched this family and
found no documentation to support either Farmer or Wright so far.
But I do speculated with some conviction that she was Martha McCrary.
This is based on an "inituitive" conviction since she had a
granddaughter named Martha McCrary Rea. Thinking as any person
naming a daughter, I reason that her son, Robert Rea, would not have
associated his mother's name with an alien surname beside it, just as
I wouldn't do in naming my children. One just would name a child
after your mother and then add a surname of another family beside it.
All evidence in the Robert Rea children supports the idea that his
children were deliberately and clearly named for Scottish Clan
ancestors. The only other possibility in my mind, other than that, is
that it is possible there was a Martha McCrary, great grandmother to
the child, mother to Martha, Robert's mother. In that case, then
Martha who married John Rea could have been Martha Right, daughter of
Robert Right and Martha McCrary if one follows the Scottish naming
pattern that the second son, Robert [Right] Rea was named for the
mother's father. Research is on-going for Martha's maiden name,
but my choice of Martha McCrary seems more valid intuitively, if that
is fair, and more humanly reasonable. I use it for now with some
conviction but no documentation of record. --TW Rea

Children:David {Farmer] (1757-1839)
Robert [Right] (1762-1852)
John [Morgan] (1764-1843)
Andrew (1767-)

1.1 David [Farmer] Rea Sr.
- -------------------------------------------
Birth:10 Mar 1757, Kent Co., DE (birthdate and place from Rev. War Records)
Death:1 Oct 1839, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC (grave
stone and cem. and church records.
Burial:Providence Church, Mecklenburg Co., NC

David Rea was a soldier in the American Revolution. He was
apprenticed to William Barnett, Sr ( whose wife was Margaret)

Spouse:Mary [Jane] Berryhill
Birth:ca 1760, PA?
Death:aft 1804, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Father:Joseph Berryhill (-1781)
Mother:Hannah [Bigham]
Marr:ca 1778, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC

Children:John [Farmer] (1779-1826)
Martha Anne (ca1778-)
Joseph (ca1794-)
James Minor (ca1780-1841)
Mary (ca1791-)
David (ca1791-1834)
Jonathan (1795-1819)
William Middleton (1779-1880)
Silas (1802-1852)

1.2 Robert [Right] Rea "Robin"
- -------------------------------------------
Birth:22 Jun 1762, [Derry Twp], Lancaster Co., PA (Rev. war
records, will, co. and family records , bible record, obit.)
Death:4 Nov 1852, Madison Twp., Jefferson Co., IN
Burial:1852, Underwood Cemetery, Madison, IN
Occ:Farmer, Wheelwright
Reli:Presbyterian Elder For 50 Years
Educ:Home Educated, Literate, Apprenticeship as wheelwright and soldier.

Robert Rea was also called "Robin" and by some accounts even,"Right"
Rea. In most cases, the name was spelled Right, changing to the
correct Wright in later generations. If it could be proven his
middle name was Robert Wright Rea, it would offer the possibility, as
the second born son, that he was named after his maternal grandfather
Robert Wright, but this is only speculation so far.

Robert named his first son, James Harris Rea. James Harris was the
man Robert apprenticed under from 1774. Robert also served in the
Rev. War under Harris. I believe this act of naming his first son
after him shows that Robert must have admired Harris as a father
figure. James Harris was the son of Robert Harris and Dorothy Wiley
of Mecklenburg Co., NC. James Harris was married to Mary Mc Ilhenny.
I believe James Harris also lived in Buncombe Co. and that Robert
Rea's going to Buncombe Co. may have been because of his association
with James Harris and perhaps through the Harrises to the Patton
family of Robert's wife. Also Robert Rea's stepfather, Robert Lewis,
was a close financial friend of Matthew Patton, the father of
Robert's wife, Nancy Patton. So Robert and Nancy probably knew each
other from childhood in Mecklenburg Co., NC in Providence Twp., now
renamed, Matthews, NC.
Robert Rea moved from Buncombe Co., NC to Ripley Co., IN in 1814 near
New Marion and later to Madison, Jefferson Co., IN.

Jefferson Co., IN Land Entries 1808-1818 (Janet C. Cowen)
Robert Rea 11Mar 1817; 19 Apr 1817 former residence Buncombe Co., NC

Spouse:Agnes [Jane] Patton "Nancy"
Birth:7 Nov 1763, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Death:29 Dec 1854, Madison Twp., Jefferson Co., IN
Father:Matthew [Leander] Patton Jr. (1738-1824)
Mother:[Agnes] Jane Houston (1740-1833)
Marr:7 Jan 1786, Bee Tree Creek, Swannahoa, Buncombe Co., NC

Children:James Harris (1786-1852)
Nancy Jane (1788-1792)
Samuel [Leander] (1790-1868)
Margaret Houston (1792-1884)
Silas [Elliot] (1794-1865)
Matthew Patton (1796-1867)
John McCrary (1798-1879)
Robert Right (1800-1869)
Agnes Sissa (1804-1842)
Martha McCrary (1806-1893)

1.3 John [Morgan] Rea Sr., Esquire
- -------------------------------------------
Birth:7 Aug 1764, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Death:15 Nov 1843, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Occ:Justice Of The Peace, North Carolina State Assembley

Spouse:Nancy Secrest
Birth:28 Aug 1772, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC
Death:19 Mar 1867, Union Co., SC
Father:Jacob Secrest (Sacris) (ca1730-~1835)
Mother:Barbara Sims (ca1740-ca1826)
Marr:ca 1792, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC

Children:John Morgan
James Milton (ca1795-1841)
Martha Anne (1796-?)
Green Lee (1798-1890)
Avery Simpson (1801-1843)
Nancy Adaline (1805-1878)
Jacob M. (1813-1846)

1.4 Andrew Rea Nothing further is known for sure, several Andrews of
same age in Meck,. Co. so there is confusion of parentage, but I do
know this man consented to the marriage of his daughter, Martha Anne
Rea, so he did marry and live in Meck. Co. More research is ongoing.
- -------------------------------------------
Birth:1767, New Providence Twp., Mecklenburg Co., NC

Death: about 1843? AL or NC?

Thomas W. Rea
396 Bellevue Ave., Apt 109
Oakland, CA 94610
Tel: 510-893-7577

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