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From: Sutliff <>
Subject: Re: [READ-L] Genealogy of the Erie Reeds
Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 14:33:18 +0000

john mckay wrote:

> 1. Breanus de Rede, was living in Morpeth, Nortumberland, in the year 1139.
> He had three sons, Robert of Rede, William, and Thomas of Redydale.
> 2. William, the second son of Brianus, had one son, Robert.
> 3.Robert, son of William, had a son Galfrinus.
> 4.Galfrinus, son of Robert, had three sons, William, Thomas of Redydale, and
> Robert.
> 5.Thomas of Redydale, son of Galfrinus, had two sons. Galfrinus and Thomas.
> 6.Thomas, son ofThomas of Redydale, owned an estate at Heddington, and
> married Christiana, daughter of Robert James Lapole, and sister of Michael
> de la Pole, Earl; of Suffolk, the Lord Chancellor of Richard II. In
> 1388,when Sufolk fled to France, much of his property passed into the hands
> of his brother-in-law, instead of into the public treasury. Green
> says"Michael de la Pole was a man of a large
> fortune."Thomas and Christiana had a son, Edward.
> 7.John, son of Thomas and Christiana had a son named Edward.
> 8.Edward, son of John, married Isiod Stanley. They had four sons, John,
> Bartholmew, who was the mayor of London. Robert, who was the Lord Chief
> Justice of the King's Bench, and William who was Professor of Divinity.
> 9.William Reade, S.T.P.,son of Edward and Isiod, had a son Sir William.
> 10.Sir Willioam Reade, son of William, married Ann Menis, and they had a
> son, William.
> 11.William son of Sir William and Ann, married his Cousin, rebecca Menis.
> Their children were Matthew, John,Richard, Thomas, William, and Lucy
> 12.Matthew, Esq, son of William and Rebecca, married Alice Ward, They had a
> son William, and two dauighters, one of whom married Sir Henry Oxiden of
> Dene, and was the heir to half his estate. the other Elizabeth, married
> Morace Dixwell, esq, of Broome, in the County of Kent.
> 13.William, son of Mathew and Alice, married Lucy Henage. They had two sons,
> John, and William. Both came to America, in the year 1630.
> 14.Johm Read, of Rehoboth, son of William and Lucy Heneage Read. of County
> kent, was born in 1598. The first that is known of him, after his arrival to
> America, was in Weymouth, Mass,(he was brother to William of Weymouth.
> I got this information from "Seth Read, His Ancestors and Descendants " by
> Mary McKay

>From the late 19th century to the earlier part of this one, there were a
plethora of family histories. Excluding omissions, they are a good source for
research of the descendants of immigrants.

However, for the ancestry of the immigrants they are considerably less reliable
and often faulty and sometimes fabricated. An example of the fabrication is
placing immigrant Mathew Beckwith of Lyme, Ct as a previously unknown son of Sir
Marmaduke Beckwith. Sir Marmaduke did not have a son Mathew, yet like many of
these other spurious ancestries, they persist and because so many are being
reprinted to satisfy the considerable interest in genealogy, they will be
perpetuated for some time to come. There is an especially good article in the
January 1999 _The American Genealogist_ dealing with the genealogical frauds of
Horatio Gates Somerby (1805-1872).

As I stated in my previous posts, there is no documentation to suggest that
generation 14 is son to generation 13. The book you cite is wrong. Sorry.

Henry Sutlif

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