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From: "Dale E. Reddick" <>
Subject: Re: Reddick connection to Rutland?? Reddochs also metioned.
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 11:39:51 -0400
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Hi Loretta,

I'm CCing my response to you to the , the
, and the e-mail lists. There's a
better chance of getting some answers to your questions if a larger set
of knowledgable folks have a chance to see them.

Well, I'm not an expert on the Virginia & North Carolina Reddicks and
Riddicks. I've simply learned to recognize some of the individuals and
lines due to given names shared with my Georgia Reddicks & Readdicks and
which counties had Reddick in them prior to and just after the
Revolutionary War. However, none of the VA. & N.C. Reddicks and the
single Riddick so far tested have had any DNA that matched up with the
Georgia r320s. All in all, so far we have four separate lines of
Reddicks in the U.S.

I believe that I may have previously seen the reference to Reddick
Rutland of Burke and / or Bibb County, Georgia. My gg-grandfather
Nicholas Reddick was living in Burke County in 1840. I have no idea
whether there was any sort of connection between that individual named
Reddick Rutland and the Reddicks of Burke and Screven Counties.

The Reddochs in Covington & Jones Counties, MS. belong to the line of
William and Mary Rose Reddoch, I believe. I'm sure that James Allen
Reddoch can either confirm or correct me in this. The DNA testing
conducted on two distantly related Reddoch cousins has shown that they
too form a separate line from the other r320 surnames. William and Mary
Rose Reddoch left North Carolina circa the Revolutionary War and first
appear to have settled in Camden County, GA. They then moved on to
Richmond County circa 1786. Richmond Co. is adjacent to the above
mentioned Burke County. The Reddick Rutland mentioned in that 1840 will
with a reference to Burke County could have just as easily been named
for a Reddoch friend or neighbor.

Still, if the earliest Reddick Rutland was from Bertie County, N.C.,
then that's between the several Reddicks of Martin County and those up
in Perquimans and adjacent counties (Chowan, Gates, Hertford,
Pasquotank). There were also some Reddicks in Bertie, if my memory
serves me well. It would be reasonable to think that the later Reddick
Rutland(s) of those 1833 and 1840 wills was connected to the earlier
fellow of the 1770s in Bertie Co. and that any actual Reddick connection
is going to be with those from that area around Albemarle Sound. Still,
though - that mention of Burke County, GA. does make one wonder about
some sort of link to either the Reddicks or Reddochs of the late 1700s &
early 1800s in Georgia.

This never is easy, is it?



> Dale,
> Hi, my name is Loretta and I am researching the Rutland family of
> southern Mississippi. The reason I am writing you is because Reddick
> as a given name appears several times in the Rutland lineage, and it
> certainly is curious as to why.
> Excerpt of the will of John Rutland, Sr, dated 1763, Bertie Co, NC
> ""Item, I give unto my well beloved Son *Riddick Rutland *my Negro
> wench and 50 pound Virgina Money After his Mother decease or day of
> Marriage if my Son *Riddick Rutland* doth Sue for fillis and Carry my
> will is to cut him off with 5 shillings and the Legasee to be Equally
> divided among the rest of the Children, Item I give to my well beloved
> Son *Riddick Rutland *Snip colt that She now Suckil""
> Court Minutes of Bertie Co., NC 1772-1780
> 1772--Reddick Rutland is on jury duty.
> 1172--Reddick Rutland is to count the freeholders in his District &
> give to Justice Arthur Brown.
> 1773--Thomas Roads is appointed Constable for Reddick Rutland's District.
> 1779--Reddick Rutland is a Constable for Henry Roads' District.
> Spartanburg Co., SC the will of Reddick Rutland dated 10th March
> 1821.....same Reddick? I don't think so. This was James Reddick
> Raney Rutland married to (1) Sarah Duggan, (2) unknown, (3) Dorothy Smith
> Bibb Co GA will book A
> RUTLAND, REDDEN 9/9/1833 -
> Wife: Mary; Children: mentioned, not named
> Others mentioned: Blake B. Rutland; Johnson Welborn; Witnesses: Z.
> Cowart, William Griffin & William Farmington
> RUTLAND, REDDICK 4/1/1840 Burke Co. GA - 7/6/1840 Bibb Co. GA
> Wife: not named; Children: Mrs. James Tindall
> Others mentioned: Nephew: Berry Rogers (Macon, GA); John & Parthenia
> Cawthron (of Tennessee); Other relatives: 1/2 brothers, sisters &
> brother; Witnesses: T.H. Blount, Edward Gaileck & Thomas Moore Berien
> (parts of will not decipherable - seems to have been contested by
> daughter on the grounds that father was not of sound mind. Also a
> mention of a wife in Tennessee who had not been forgotten but
> deliberately left out of estate).
> In reading your posting, I noticed the name Paris/Parrish, etc, and
> it may be of interest that in 1814 in Amite Co MS Elizabeth Rutland
> married Thomas Farris (of various spellings).
> There are two other possible points of interest. In Covington Co
> MS, where my family of Rutlands settled, there was a place called
> Reddoch's Ferry, and Reddochs are found in Covington (and adjoining
> Jones Co) in 1850. Curiously, they are living next door to the
> minister of the same church which the Rutlands attended.
> The other point of interest is two family members with the middle
> initial "R" and no one knows what it stands for. William R. Rutland
> was born in 1819 and John R. Rutland was born in 1828.
> I'm convinced they did not pull the name Reddick out of a hat.
> There has to be a connection prior to ca 1750.
> Have you, in any of your research, come across a Rutland
> connection? Are any of the other names (witnesses, etc) familiar?
> Are the Reddochs of Covington and Jones counties in MS related to the
> Reddicks of Va, NC, and GA?
> Thanks for your time
> Loretta in Monticello, MS

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