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Subject: The Rape Family Tree Book
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 20:38:59 EST

There are lots of Reeb-Rape/etc that don't have one of the books that came
out in 1982/3 myself included. Wouldn't it be possible to have the publisher
do a reprint . I have made copies at the library in Ga. but that is not the
same as having the actual Book. I would love to have one. It is very
difficult to sort thru e-mails and random copies taken from the book. John V.
douldn't you or someone check into having a reprint. Or perhaps see how many
people would be interested in buying a book. Just a thought. Maybe that many
people don't want one but I for one certainly do. Rose T. (the Rape
descendent who always ask silly questions.

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