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I'm afraid I abstracted the deeds relating to Rose Reese, rather than copying them. He's not my direct line - perhaps no relation at all? - so I wasn't as concerned about getting rock solid documentation. But the following include the citations, so you should be able to order copies. I've also included a bit of my musings about his possible children.

Rose Reese was apparently living in North Carolina by 1778. The following mentions "Ross Rice" whom I believe was Rose Reese:

In Huggins, Edith W., Burke County, North Carolina Land Records 1778, vol.1, p.86:
Burke Co., NC Land Entries, 1778: #927, p.307: Joshua Sherrill, 400 acres, said Sherrill purchased from Edward Leatherwood joining Christopher Honers [wonder if perhaps HONEY or HONEA ?], Robert Burchfield, John Hawkins, which Leatherwood sold to Ross Rice, including improvement for compliment. 16 Oct. 1778. Warrant ordered.

According to Burke County, North Carolina Land Grants, Robert Burchfield purchased 290 acres on waters of Isaac Creek water of Catawba River near John Olwans road entered 29 November, 1778, entry #703 surveyed 23 Mar 1779, Rose Reese and William Allen C.B. [This is taken from a posting on the internet.]

Rose Rees is listed in the 1790 Burke County, NC, Census , p.89, with one male 16 or older, three males under 16, and five females in his household, likely indicating that there were three sons and four daughters at that time.

Considering that Rose Reese is in Burke Co., NC in 1778/1779 and in 1790, it is odd that Lewis Reese ( and William U. Reese ( 1789/1790) both consistently show their birthplaces as South Carolina? This does NOT prove they were not sons of Rose, it's just worth noting.

Rose Reese was in Pendleton District, SC, by 1794, when he purchased land.

"Inventory of Archibald Boyd, pp.167-170, 6 April 1799 .accounts on Rose Reese, Moses Murph[r]ee, Elijah Mayfield ." in Pendleton District and Anderson County, S.C. Wills, Estates, Inventories, Tax Returns and Census Records, 1980, p.23.

On the 1800 Pendleton District, SC Census Rose Reese is shown as being over 45 and had listed one male under 10, three males 10-16, and three females 10-16, with a woman (presumably his wife) over 45. This may have indicated the presence of four sons and three daughters. This suggests that one daughter of Rose Reese got married during the 1790s; if so, she was probably born prior to 1784.

1810 Pendleton District, SC, Census, p.147: Rose Reese 02001 00001 00 #756

This census says that Rose Reese was over 45, thus born prior to 1765. Apparently five of the children in Rose Reese's household either left home (perhaps having married) between 1800 and 1810, or else they died. The two remaining boys in the household were aged 10 to 15, thus born ca. 1795 to 1800.

Fortunately, we have records from Georgia which list Rose Reese's heirs. These include: his widow Silvey Reese, Lewis Reese, John Reese, William Reese, Enoch Reese, Jane Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Oliver Thompson and David Mills.

Members of the McClure family (including William, John and Reese I. McClure) are mentioned in several of the deeds and might be related to the Reeses.

It is unclear whether Jane and Elizabeth Thompson were Rose's daughters or perhaps granddaughters, and whether David Mills was Rose's son-in-law or grandson. Jane or Elizabeth Thompson might be the wife or daughter of Oliver Thompson, or perhaps two (or more?) Reese women married Thompson brothers.

Note that the Gilmer County Jacob Reese was still alive when the 1850 Gilmer County, Georgia census was taken, but no Jacob Reese was listed as an heir to Rose Reese.

My best guess, based on admittedly limited evidence, is that Rose Reese had four sons who lived to be adults, and they were:

John, b. ca. 1784/1785
Lewis, b. ca. 1785
William Uriah, b. ca. 1789/1790 ?
Enoch, b. ca. 1793 ?

As yet, I have no firm idea the names of Rose Reese's daughters. According to the 1800 census, three girls were born ca. 1784 to 1790.

Two might be Jane and Elizabeth (or Betsey), who married men named Thompson. Another daughter might be the wife of Oliver Thompson; reading the deeds settling Rose Reese's estate carefully, I feel that Oliver Thompson was acting distinct from either Jane or Elizabeth Thompson. And, another daughter might be the wife of David Mills.

Deeds Settling the Estate of Rose Reese

Hall County, GA: Elizabeth Thompson appoints William G. McClure of Pickens Co., SC, attorney, she being an heir of the estate of Rose Reese, etc. 2? Dec. 1828. Witness C.R and David Mills. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.405

William Reece, Buncomb Co., NC, have appointed William G. McClure my trusty friend my lawful attorney I being the lawful heir of Rose Reese lately dec'd of Hall County, GA, and William being of age, I empower said McClure my attorney to collect for me all my part of the estate of said Rose Reese late dec'd, viz, 1 lot in Coweta Co. # 203, also 1 lot in Troup Co. in the 4th Dist. # 203, also 50 A in Hall County whereon Rose Reese died, and all other properties belonging to said estate, 26 January 1829. William Reece marked his name. Witness: Reese I. McClure, W.N.F. Galloway. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.405.

John Reese, Buncomb Co., NC, Jane Thompson and Enoch Reese being lawful heirs of Rose Reese late dec'd of Hall Co., GA, we do appoint our trusty friend Wm. E. McClure of Pickens Dist, SC, our lawful attorney to collect for us in any court of Justice all our part of the estate of Rose Reese late dec'd of Hall Co., being 1 lot in Coweta Co. # 203, in the 3rd district also 1 lot in Troup Co. # 203 in the 4th district, and 50 A in Hall Co., Jan. 1829. Jane and Enoch marked. Witness, Andy Whitmire, A.G. Beezeley, Josiah Reese. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.406

30 April 1832 I have sold to John McClure all my right of dower in two tracts of land which fell to me at my father's death and lying in Hall Co. where my mother now lives, the other in Harris Co. formerly in Troup the 4th District lot 203, for $10. Marked by Lewis Reese. Witness, Margaret Mauldin. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.408
[Note that Lewis Reese refers to Silvey Reese as "my mother"].

30 April 1832 I have this day appointed John M. McClure my attorney to sell 2 tracts in Hall Co. the other in Harris Co.; marked by Lewis Reese, witness, Margaret J. Mauldin. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.408

Habersham Co., GA, 29 Nov. 1832 John McClure, Rabun Co., attorney for Lewis Reese and David Mills, sold to Henry Jackson, Butts Co., for $50 all the right and interest said Reese and Mills have to lot 203 in 4 District originally Troup now Harris Co. drawn by and granted to Rose Reese. Witness, Turner H. Trippe, Isaac Black.
29 November 1833. John McClure, Rabun Co., sold to Henry Jackson, Butts Co., for $300, land in 4th District originally Troup now Harris Co., #203 drawn and granted to Rose Reese, 202 A. Same witnesses. Recorded 24 May 1834.
Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.409.

Hall Co., GA, Oliver Thompson, farmer, appointed William Smith of same my attorney to recover, sell, etc., lot 49 in the 11th District of Hall Co. said Oliver relinquishes his claim to his part of 50 A in said lot in the w corner and also his claim to lot 203 in 4th District of Troup Co. drawn to the name of Rose Reese, 4 Sep 1830. Oliver marked. Witness, David Mills and John Coltraine; acknowledged 27 March 1833. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.407

6 April 1833 Rabun County, GA: William E. McClure, Monroe Co., TN, to John McClure, Rabun County, GA, said McClure as attorney for Enoch Reese, John Reese, William Reese, Jane Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, and David Mills, lawful heirs of Rose Reese late of Hall County, GA, dec'd, for $200 sold to John McClure all interest and wright [sic] of the above heirs in Harris formerly Troup Co. in 4th District, lot 203, drawn to Rose Reese. Witness: William Bayles, Reese I. McClure, John S. McAllister. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.406

Hall Co., 15 April 1833. William Smith, attorney for Oliver Thompson and Silvey Reese, widow of Rose Reese dec'd, to John McClure, Rabun Co., for $100 sold the part and interest of Oliver Thompson, heir of Rose Reese dec'd, and Silvey Reese, widow of said dec'd, all their right and interest in a lot drawn by Rose Reese dec'd in the 4th district Troup Co. # 203 and lot #203 in the 3rd district of Coweta Co. Witness, Abraham Howard, Gray Barker, James Howard; recorded 23 May 1834.

David Mills, DeKalb Co., GA, appointed John McClure, Rabun Co., attorney to sell 2 lots of land drawn to Rose Reese, Hall Co., dec'd, #203 in the 4th District of Troup Co. and in 3rd District of Coweta Co. lot #203, and also 50 A in Hall Co.; no date. Witness, David G. Gillham, Joseph Gault, recorded 23 May 1834. Harris County, GA, Deeds and Mortgages, Book B, p.408

If Lewis and John Reese are the men of that name listed in the 1810 Pendleton District, South Carolina, Census, then William and Enoch could be the two remaining boys in Rose Reese's household.

Rose Reese's heirs, William Reese and John Reese, later lived in Buncomb County, NC.

1816: June 1 - There are notes about a sister "Silvey Rease" who was in trouble for "drinking to excess and profain swearing." Secona Baptist Church Minutes, p.19.

The 1820 Pendleton District, SC Census, p.201b, lists:
Rose Reese 000001 00001
Thus, all of his children had left home by that time.

Since we have a reference to Silvey Reese before this census, it seems likely that she is the woman listed in this household, and would have been aged 45 years or older. Thus, she was born in or before 1775. Once again, the census merely indicates that Rose Reese is 45 years old or older, which is no help on determining his age.

Rose Reese was a successful drawer of land in the 1827 Gold Land Lottery of Georgia. In 1827 he was living in Roberts District of Hall County, Georgia. The land he drew was located in Troup County.

Participants in the 1827 Georgia Land lottery had to be Georgia residents since at least January 1, 1824. Thus, Rose Reese had moved to Georgia by December, 1823. [See the Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol.26, no.4 (winter 1990), p.281.]

# 182, Silva Reese, w.r.s., Seay's, Hall (in 27th District, Second Section, Cherokee) - Murray & Gilmer Counties . Smith, James F., The Cherokee Land Lottery, 1838, reprinted 1991, p.189.

I realize this is all in pretty rough form - I hope it helps. We collected this information primarily to help show that my ancestor, Jacob Reese, was *not* the son of Rose Reese, despite what has sometimes appeared in print.

Good luck with your research,

Bill Page

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