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Subject: Re: REM'S/Ambrose line (Joesph Remaly b. 1801?)
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 23:50:01 EST

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<< Hi Dan,

Thanks for the partial Remaley history. I am including Nancy Sterling
specifically because she asked about your history, as well as the usual
gang. Where do you fit in on the write-up?

I am not familiar with this history. Maybe some of the people on our list
can help me.

The title of this 15-page Xerox copy is: A Partial History of Our
"Remelli" Ancestors.

The first page is numbered in the upper right hand corner with H-1. The
document is all hand-written in a very find block printing. Here are the
first two pages.

Our Ancestors came from Germany near the border of France. They came
on the ship "Lydia" which sailed from Rotterdam, Holland on June 10, 1749
and landed at the Port of Philadelphia on October 9, 1749 with 400
passengers including our Ancestors, the "Remelli" families. "Remelli" is
the German spelling.
No one was allowed to leave the ship till Captain John Lawrence's ship
list was signed. Ambrose Remelli signed the list "Remaly" for himself, his
wife, and his three sons, Michael, George, and John. Two more children,
Jacob and Catherine, were born here to Ambrose and his wife.
After they were settled, Michael, the oldest son, said now that they
were in a new country, they should spell their name differently and they
made it "Remaley". From their arrival till now (1972), 37 different
spellings have been used such as Remelli, Remeli, Remali, Remely, Remaly,
Remaley, Remelia, Remalia, Remaly, Ramely, Remaliah, Remaleigh, and others.
However, we are the descendants of Ambrose and his wife and their five
Benjamin Franklin, a friend of theirs, made it possible that on August
14, 1751, Ambrose got a land warrant of 500 acres for the family, all
forest land, in Heidelberg Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They
cleared some of the land for farming. There were nine houses, one school
house, and one Remaley's house built on this farm, some of which can still
be seen.
As time went on, there were marriages, many of them cousins to each
other. The families were large, ranging up to 22 children with the same
father and mother. In some instances, in the same family, the first names
of some of the children were the same, such as Minnie H. Remaley and Minnie
F. Remaley, or Howard P. Remaley

and Howard B. Remaley.
Nine of our Ancestors were enrolled in the American revolution which
started April 19, 1775. John Adams, President of the Continental Congress
proposed special rewards for Ambrose Remaley who was called "Soldier of the
Revolution", also "Soldier and Ranger on the Front Line in Philadelphia."
rewards were also given to Jacob Remaley, and to George Remaley for being
"Soldier of Pack Hourses" transporting war supplies from Carlisle Fort to
Pittsburgh, a very dangerous undertaking.
Years later, three of Ambrose's sons and their families settled on
another Remaley farm where Slatington is located. They ordered a sawmill
from Germany. It took eight months for it to arrive at the Port of
Philadelphia. from there it was hauled through the forects to Slatington.
The Remaly or Remaley families from this area spread eastward along the
Blue Mountain to the Delaware River, and southward to Easton, Bethlehem,
Allentown, Emmaus, Coplay, and to all the area within these limits.
There are no records of any other Remelli, Remaly, Remaley, or other
spelling, ever coming to America, so all of those who are here are related.
Of the more recent ancestors from the Blue Mountain area was Joseph
Remaly, born July 16, 1804 and died June 21, 1885. they lived near
Moorestown, Pennsylvania, and had the following children :- Jacob, Aaron,
Isaac, Edward, William, Joseph, Charles, James, and Mary.
Jacob, Aaron, Isaac, William, Joseph, and Mary stayed in Pennsylvania.
Edward went to Nebraska, Charles to Michigan, and James to California.
The families listed on the following sheets are from the Blue Mountain
area and southward.

The next 13 pages (numbered: Aaron 1 through Aaron 13) are printed on ruled
paper with 6 vertical lines showing by indentation each generation:

Joseph Remaly marriued Sarah Lightcap
Aaron Remaly married Catharine
George married Ansibilla Buskirk
Grant married Mabel Gardner
Howard married Pearl Kuntz
Shirley married Frank Mlodosich
Barry Mlodosich
Brian Mlodosich
Sherwood married Sandra Michael

Although I haven't tried to look up every name yet, I can't find any of the
names that I am familiar with. So it would appear that this is a new (to
me) branch.

There are some factual errors in the above: e.g., I show:

>> PA Archives, 2nd Series, v17 p302/3 : List of Foreigners imported
in the Ship
>> LYDIA, Capt. John Randolph, from Rotterdam, qualified 13 Oct
>> Geo Conrad Bloss, ..., Ambrose Kemerle,etc.

So the captain was NOT John Lawrence.

Also from "The First Huguenot Settlers in the Lehigh Valley", by Charles
Roberts, November 21, 1918 (Allentown, PA), p 15:
There is a land warrant (#147) for 25 acres issued Aug 14, 1751
for property in Heidelberg Twp, Bucks Cty, PA to Ambrose Remaly


Ambrose's land was surveyed on Aug 26, 1763 (Book C, vol 83, p 14 at
the land office, Commonwealth of PA, Harrisburg) Survey says
"By virtue of a Warrant dated the 14th day of August, 1751, Surveyed the
26th of August, 1763, to George Ramillie in right of Ambrose Ramillie, the
above described tract of land situate in Heidleberg Twp in the County of
Northampton containing fifty one acres and 109 perches". Thus, in 1763,
George Sr was still living on his father's original land on the west bank
the Lehigh river, less than 1/2 mile south of Slatington and bounded by
the properties shown on an old map obtained from Mr. Hollenbach [note
that Michael Sr's property is adjacent].

I also note that in the write-up there is "invented" dialog e.g.,

Michael, the oldest son, said now that they were in a new country, they
spell their name differently and they made it "Remaley"

There is quite a bit that is correct (Michael is the eldest -- if Philip
stayed home, or died).
And some data appears unsupportable (e.g., no evidence that Ambrose had
children born
in America).

All of this smacks (to me) of William O. Remaley. I know that he had
always asserted
to my uncle that ALL Remaleys/Ramaleys/Remelys were descended from Ambrose.

Even 40 years ago my uncle felt that there were just too many
and in fact Isabel Remaley Taylor gave strong evidence of a large branch
from Hans Jurg Remaly who came to America in 1753.

But William O's work "Information of the very first Remaley's" was in
Maybe your writeup is a revised version? Could be since William O. died in
1975 and
was apparently never able to trace his own direct ancestry back to Ambrose.

The closest possible tie-in to the Joseph in this history is a Joseph
Remely born roughly between 1800 and 1810 to Johannes Remely (1777-1823)
and Catherina Brown (d 1835). Johannes is a grandson of Ambrose through
George (1735-1800). This Joseph is listed in Guldners "Genealogical
Records of One Branch of the Remely-Remaly Family in America", p. 23. But
this is the ONLY reference I have to this Joseph -- no spouse, no children.

But if these two Josephs are the same I would have expected one of the
eight sons to be named after his grandfather, John. But none are.

Any help out there?

Jim R

Dear James (and Nancy),

I reprinted the entire email you sent in hopes it will catch someone's eye and
help me with a little more info. As you noted there are several problems with
this history. I always found it suspicious that the link was never made from
this Joseph Remaley b 1804 to the children or grandchildren of Ambrose
Remaley. (Should only be a generation or two).

As for Nancy's question about Upper Mount is about 15 miles east
of the Heidelberg Twp, Northampton County tract of land descibed above. Both
locations are on the south side of the Blue Mountain, not far from where the
Appalachian trail splits Northampton and Monroe Counties. My family still
owns land almost exactly between the two sites along the base of the Blue Mtn.
(Hope to build a home there soon!) It's hard to believe that I am smack dab
in the middle of all this Remaly family history and can't make a link! I
currently live in Bethlehem, PA about 30 minutes south of Upper Mount Bethel.

One other question: Why is it Heidelberg Twp., BUCKS County in the first
reference and Heildelberg Twp., NORTHAMPTON County in the second? Was
Northampton County cut out of Bucks County after the 1st reference? (Being
that I live in Northampton County I should know the answer to this
question...maybe someone could save me the trouble of looking for the answer!)

As to where I fit in on the write-up:

Joseph Remaly married Sarah Lightcap
Aaron Remaly married Catharine ?
William Remaly married Mary Smaweley
Monroe Remaly married Mary Alice Smith
Hannah, married Quilles Silfies
Dorothy, married Edward Tanczos
Daniel Tanczos married Mimi Fedor
Hannah (1yr old) :)

Being that I am new at this, I'd appreciate any tips on where to sniff around
in this area that could help me (and us). Take care.


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