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From: Glenn G Reynolds <>
Subject: [REYNOLDS-L] John reynolds and family of Watertown, MA
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 14:40:25 -0700

Dear Rachel Grace,

I assume you have in your possession or have picked up in the Library,
copies of the two major volumes documenting most of the offspring of
this family, i.e.:
"The History and Descendants of John and Sarah Reynolds, of Watertown,
Mass., Weathersfield, Stamford and Greenwich, Conn." by Marion H.
Reynolds, A.B., and Anna C. Rippier. Published by the Reynolds Family
Association, 1924.


"Loyal to the Land" the history of a Greenwich, Connecticut family. by
Deborah Wing Ray and Gloria P. Stewart. Published for Charter Oak
Publications, Inc. by Phoenix Publishing West Kennebunk, Maine 1990

However you should be aware that Lydia Knapp did not marry David
Reynolds. She married Horton Reynolds, in 1760, son of Deacon Gideon
Reynolds, and they had only one son ( Horton Jr.) and 7 daughters.

John Reynolds, son of Jonathan Reynolds and his wife Rebecca Heusted
Reynolds, married Ruth Knapp, in the mid 1680's.

The David Reynolds, b. 1687, and son of John and Judith (Judah) Palmer
Reynolds, was a minor when his father died and he chose Joseph Knapp,
brother of Ruth as his Guardian. This David married Penelope Wright of
Oyster Bay, Long Island, N.Y. they had two children: David and
Penelope. The later Penelope married Reuben Pennoyer, and became her
fathers caretaker in later life, when in late life he moved into
Cortland Manor, Peekskill, New York. I think your confusion is that
Reuben Pennoyer was the son of Thomas Pennoyer who had married a Lydia
Knapp. And it was this Penelope who was a sister of David Reynolds Jr.
Neither David Sr. or David Jr. had any children by the name of James, to

our knowledge, as none are mentioned in their wills.

James the son of Capt. James, married Phoebe Fowler, and they had a son
James Fowler Reynolds, b. Jan. 5, 1746. I have no record in any of
these books or papers of a Judith Laken or Laiken. If you have such
I am sure the RFA, and especially Nancy Smith, would like to be
informed. In the meantime, Vera Bunkoff, whose E-Mail address appears
above is the Line Co-ordinator for the John of Watertown Line. I am her



Glenn G. Reynolds

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