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Subject: Re: [Reynolds] Winthrop Fleet of 1630 {Robert Reynolds]
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Allan - good post!

As a descendant of Ruth, I am also interested in the same research.

If you discover anything conclusive, please keep us posted.

By the way, here is a better link regarding the Winthrop passengers:
Boston Probably from Boxford, Co. Suffolk.
Born about 1580 (Gen. of Robert Reynolds,
Cordwainer. First mentioned 1632.
Admitted church 1634.
Freeman 3 Sept 1634 (M.C.R., I, 369).

REYNOLDS, Mary Wife of Robert.

REYNOLDS, Nathaniel Son of Robert.

REYNOLDS, Ruth Daughter of Robert. <- G x10 grandma

REYNOLDS, Tabitha Daughter of Robert.

REYNOLDS, Sarah Daughter of Robert.

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> Thanks for the link to Winthrop Fleet website-= - it is great!! I found
> the names of ten ancestors among the WF passengers and about twenty in
> the list of Salem residents bef. 1651. T e-mailed them to find out how
> much documentation is needed to join. I have a proven Mayflower line
> that might be acceptable as proof of descent from William VASSALL,
> through his dau. Judith, who marr. Resolved WHITE, s/o William.
> Thanks again. Marilyn
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> Dear Sir or Madam:
> I am very interested in the family of Robert and Mary Reynolds, as I am
> descended from the union of their daughter, Ruth, to John-2 Whitney. I
> thus far found hard data very elusive in my search for Robert Reynolds'
> ancestry. There is a fair amount published, particularly on the Internet,
> but almost everything I have managed to find has been sadly lacking in
> source references.
> There are copies of the Parish Register for Boxford, Suffolk, running from
> 1557 to 1805 in the Library of the British Society of Genealogists in
> Is there anyone on the Reynolds list who lives in London and is a member
> the Society that might be willing to search that register for us and
> an answer as to whether or not his birth is noted there? Also, Boyd's
> Marriage Index covers the early 1600's, and could be consulted to search
> a marriage between Robert Reynolds and Mary (Pulleyne??)
> > Reynolds, Robert Probably from Boxford, co Suffolk. Born
> > Boston about 1580 (Gen. of Robert Reynolds, 7),
> >
> May I assume that the Born Boston is not intended to connect? Also, most
> the prior information I have had about Robert has him coming from Kent
> than from Suffolk. The confusion could possibly come from him having died
> Suffolk County, MA. I really don't know, but would delight in finding a
> source that could be independently verified that would solve this mystery.
> I have information about the existence of another child, but the dates,
> are from an Internet source, so I can't guarantee them at all.
> Mary (Pulleyne?), wife, b. ca 1588, d. 18 Jan 1663, Watertown, Middlesex,
> m. 1611 to Robert Reynolds, no place given. If so, why was the
> known
> child not born until 1623?
> Ruth Reynolds, dau., born 1623, d. 1706, Watertown, Middlesex, MA
> m. John-2 Whitney, ca 1642.
> Tabitha Reynolds, dau., born ca 1625, d. 1661, Boston, MA, m. Matthew
> 1646
> (Capt.) Nathaniel Reynolds, son, b. 1627, Aylesford, Kent, Eng., d. 10
> 1708,
> Bristol, RI, m. Sarah Dwight, 1657.
> Sarah Reynolds, dau., b. ca 1629, Aylesford, Kent, Eng., died Boston, MA,
> Robert Mason, ca 1650.
> Mary Reynolds, dau., b. ca 1630/31, d. aft 1711, Watertown, Middlesex, MA,
> m.
> Richard Sanger, 1647.
> Do remember I said that I couldn't guarantee these data, but have a
> to fair bit of confidence in the basic facts but not necessarily the
> geography.
> I would gladly cooperate in working with anyone on solving these and other
> problems about the ancestry of Robert and Mary Reynolds. However, I
> will not be getting back to England any sooner than the spring of 2003, so
> any help we could glean from London would be joyfully received.
> Sincerely,
> Allan E. Green

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