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From: Tomikin <>
Subject: [RHEA-L] Rea Family, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 10:03:31 -0700

I descend from the Rea family which settled in 1763 in Mecklenburg Co., NC.
This Rea family is now in its 10th generation in America.

The oldest generation of Reas in Mecklenburg included the names: Alexander
Rea, Thomas Rea, Andrew Rea, Isaac Rea, Samuel Rea, John Rea and William
Rea. Ages and relationships not generally known.

I descend from the above John Rea (c. 1732-1767 ) m. Martha?. John appears
to be definitely the (younger?) brother of the above Andrew Rea
(1731-1810), first elder of the New Providence Presbyterian Church in
Mecklenburg co. Andrew married Jean (Jane) Cochran, d/o Thomas and Sarah
Cochran of Meck. Co. John may also be related to William Rea above as Wm.
is listed as a creditor in John's estate accounts. The above Thomas Rea
may have moved to Buncombe Co., NC as did my ancestor Robert Wright Rea, a
son of John's, suggesting a further possible relation. Samuel Rea was
also a family name in our branch of the family.

This may have been a group of Rea brothers or cousins and they may have
been followers of Rev. Alexander Craighead, a fiery, controversial preacher
of the time who first had his flock at Windy Cove, on the Cow Pasture
River, near present day Staunton, VA in then Augusta Co., VA. Worth Ray
mentions somewhere that the above Andrew Rea had been an elder there in a
church. This branch had seemingly family relationships with the families
of Matthew and Jane Houston Patton, Moses and Isabelle Neal Craige, Henry
Downs, James and Esther Way and John Ramsey, William Barnett and also James
Harris, all of Mecklenburg co., NC. My ancestor John Rea left Presbyterian
hymnals, bibles and religious tracts listed in his effects suggesting the
family may have once been connected to the Presbyterian clergy.

John Rea and Martha had four sons:
David (Farmer?) Rea, b. 1757, Kent Co., DE m. Mary Berryhill
Robert Wright Rea, b. 1762, Lancaster Co., PA m. Agnes Jane Patton
John Rea, Esquire b. 1764, Mecklenburg Co., NC m. Nancy Secrest
Andrew Rea, b. 1767, m. Eleanor Hennagen.

I have a surviving letter written by a grandson of Robert Wright Rea
mentioning that his grandfather was of Scotch descent and his grandmother
of Irish. At that time Irish meant Scotch-Irish which we now know our
Pattons were. This family distinction suggests that my Rea family came
directly from Scotland and landed in Delaware. It may have lived there a
generation before Mecklenburg Co., NC or it may have advanced immediately
upon landing in Delaware to PA, Augusta Co., Va and finally Mecklenburg
Co., NC. We are apparently not related to the well researched
Rhea-Campbell family of TN fame. However, we may possibly be related to
other Rea families which sojourned in Chester, Cumberland, and Lancaster
Co., PA. I am even trying to research Scottish records in the hopes of
finding brothers John and Andrew of the right age christened in Scotland.
Their father's probable name is thought to have been John or David Rea b.
circa 1695-1705 in Scotland, mother perhaps named Elizabeth or Anna Neal.

To anyone possibly tracing back to Mecklenburg Co., NC Reas I have much
family data on the descendants of John and Martha. A little on Andrew and
Jane. Our Reas branched out to Indiana, Tennessee and Calif. to name a few
known locations. I am always searching for this line so please keep me in
mind if you gather anything in PA, DE, and Augusta Co., VA.

I am willing to lead a team on this line which is also quite numerous altho
apparently not many descendants are on this list. I will be submitting
items of interest to this Rea family in the following days.

Thomas Rea
8th generation in U.S.A. descendant

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