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Subject: Lavina Rice --Daughter of Henry Rice, the Gristmiller
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 11:17:24 -0500


The purpose of this post is to bring together the chronological history, facts, suppositions, and theories concerning the Lavina Rice and her husband, Lewis Brim, and their immediate descendants. Lavina Rice was a daughter of Henry Rice, the TN gristmiller. Lavina's siblings have been reported to be William, Charles, James (my ggg grandfather), Daniel, John, Levi, Martha (Patsy), Molly, Anna, Rosa, and Elizabeth Rice.

My sources for this post have been the Henry Rice gristmiller book, reports from various descendants who have posted on the Internet, data from the Internet, and conclusions of my own. I have been able to find some information on this family not previously reported. There remains much research to be done, and my tentative hypotheses and conclusions need to be verified, where possible, as well as the reports by descendants. Various spellings found for this surname were: Brim, Brimm, and Brims.

The children of Lavina (Rice) and Lewis Brim, as Martin Rice recalls, were: Henry, Joseph, William, James, Daniel, Rosanne, Elizabeth (Betsy), and Lavina Brim. Martin Rice knew this family well. However, for some unknown reason, he did not include the name, John Brim, among the list of children for Lavina and Lewis Brim. Some of his playmates back in Campbell Co., TN, when he was a child, were Betsy, Charlotte, and Nancy-stepdaughters of the above-mentioned Joseph Brim and daughters of Catherine Young Westbrook. Joseph had married Catherine Young Westbrook, sister to Martin's mother, Mary Susanna Young-wife of Enoch Rice. Thus, these three girls were Martin's cousins, and Catherine Young (Westbrook) Brim was his aunt. Lavina (Rice) Brim was Martin Rice's great aunt through his father, Enoch Rice, and grandfather, James Rice. Also, the above-mentioned William Brim married Catherine Young Westbrook's daughter by her first marriage, Mary (Polly) Westbrook.

I speculate that Henry Brim, the first son of Lavina and Lewis Brim, was named for her father, Henry Rice. I have made a calculated guess that their second son, Joseph Brim, was named for Lewis' father who was probably the Joseph Brim of Pittsylvania Co., VA. This older Joseph Brim was listed in the 1782 census of Pittsylvania Co. with 16 white persons in his household. Also, remember that court records show that possibly this same Henry Rice and his sons, Charles, John, and William were listed as early as 1767 in Pittsylvania Co., though 100% proof is lacking that this is our Henry Rice. This Henry Rice, William Rice, and John Rice were in the List of Tithables for this county in 1767, too. Also, probably it was this same John Rice, who had a son named Isaac Rice born in Pittsvlvania Co. in 1770-1780. A certain William Rice married, probably secondly, an Elizabeth Rogers on March 16, 1795 in Pittsylvania Co., and a man with the same name had a will that was listed as !
probated there in the 1827-1830 records. This may explain why Lavina and Lewis Brim named their third son, William Brim, since William Rice was probably Lavina's brother, best known to her, if my suppositions about the whereabouts of the families of our Henry Rice and Joseph Brim, the elder, being in Pittsylvania Co., are correct. A comparison of the list of names of the other children of Henry Rice with the names of the other children of Lavina and Lewis Brim suggest where they got the names for all their children.

Now, I would like to share the information that I have found and tentative conclusions that I have made about members of the Lavina (Rice) and Lewis Brim family. Again, let me remind you that I approach genealogy from a mathematical perspective. At least my long deceased first cousin (three times removed), Martin Rice, who was also a mathematician and writer, would have understood my somewhat unorthodox approach. Please correct me, if you know that my conclusions are incorrect. Otherwise, as a mathematician, I will retain my tentative hypotheses and their logical conclusions until proven wrong.

The dates following the listing of a county of residence (r.) shown below suggest that I have seen or have seen mention of some report such as census, census index, land record, tax list, migration, court record, marriage date, birth date, death date, etc., that pertain to the particular person being discussed.

1. Lewis Brim, b. abt 1770 prob. in Middlesex, Essex, or Pittsylvania Co., VA; m. Lavina Rice 1784-1790, prob. in SC or Pittsylvania Co., VA; r. Knox Co. 1798, 1801, Grainger Co. 1804, Anderson 1805, Campbell 1813-abt 1825, Lincoln Co. abt 1825-bef 1830; d. bef 1830 in Lincoln Co., TN.

+ Lavina Rice, b. 1770-1780 prob. in SC or Pittsylvania Co., VA; m. Lewis Brim 1784-1790, prob. in SC or Pittsylvania Co., VA; r. Knox, Grainger, Anderson, Campbell, Lincoln Co. abt 1825, 1830, and prob.Tippah Co., MS 1840; d. prob. aft 1840 in Tippah Co., MS or Pontotoc Co., MS.

2. Henry Brim, b. 1780-1790 in SC, VA or TN, m. Wife 1800-1810, prob. in Campbell Co., TN;

r. Campbell Co. 1818, 1823, 1830, Knox Co. 1830, Campbell Co. 1837, Grainger Co. 1840.

+Wife, b. 1790-1800

3. Female, b. 1810-1815

3. Male and Female, b. 1815-1820 (The male was possibly a certain Thomas Brim)

3. Female, b. 1820-1825

3. Male, b. 1825-1830

2. Joseph Brim, b. 1790-1805 in prob. Pittsylvania Co., VA or Campbell Co., TN; m. Catherine Young Westbrook bef 1825 prob. in Campbell Co., TN or Lincoln Co., TN; r. Campbell Co. 1818, 1823, Lincoln Co. 1825, 1830, Knox Co. 1830, Lincoln Co. 1840, 1850

+Catherine Young Westbrook, b. abt 1784 prob. in Pittsylvania Co., VA, Campbell Co., or Lincoln Co., TN

3. Mary (Polly) Westbrook, b. 1800-1810 prob. in Lincoln Co., TN (wife of William Brim-see below)

3. Betsy Westbrook ? (Martin Rice's playmate)

3. Charlotte Westbrook ? (Martin Rice's playmate)

3. Nancy Westbrook ?, b. abt 1821 (Martin Rice's playmate)

3. Mahala Brim, b. 1822-1835 in Campbell Co., TN or Lincoln Co., TN; m. Jesse Austin on Oct. 31, 1849 in Lincoln Co., TN; r. Lincoln Co., TN 1830, 1849, 1850, Benton Co., AR 1852, 1860

+Jesse Austin*, b. 1825-1835 in TN

4. Ann Austin, b. abt 1852 in Benton Co., AR

4. Sarah Austin, b. abt 1854 in Benton Co., AR

4. George Austin, b. abt 1856 in Benton Co., AR

4. Nancy Austin, b. abt 1859 in Benton Co., AR

3. Jasper N. Brim, b. abt 1832 in Lincoln Co., TN

* The Austin's had married into the Henry Rice family before this time, too.

2. William Brim, b. 1800-1810 in TN, m. Mary (Polly) Westbrook 1820-1828 prob. in Lincoln Co., TN,

r. Lincoln Co. 1830

+Mary (Polly) Westbrook, b. 1800-1810 in TN

3. Lindsey "Linza" R. Brim, b. Aug 28, 1828 in Lincoln Co., TN; m(1). Jemima Simpson 1846 prob. in Lincoln Co., TN; m (2). Sarah (Sally) Scott 1869 prob. in Navarro Co., TX; r. Lincoln Co., TN 1828, 1830, 1840, 1846, Tippah Co., MS 1847, 1850, Navarro Co., TX 1854, 1860, 1870, 1880; d. prob. aft 1910

+Jemima Simpson, b. abt 1825 in TN

+Sarah (Sally) Scott, b. abt 1848 in Pontotoc Co., MS

4. Mary A. Brim, b. abt 1848 in Tippah Co., MS

4. Martha J. Brim, b. abt 1850 in Tippah Co., MS

4. William T. Brim, b. abt 1852 in Tippah Co., MS

4. N. J. Brim, b. abt 1853 in Tippah Co., MS

4. L. A. Brim, b. abt 1858 in Navarro Co., TX

4. Willie Brim, b. abt 1873 in Navarro Co., TX

4. Minnie Brim, b. abt 1876 in Navarro Co., TX

4. Callie Brim, b. abt 1880 in Navarro Co., TX

3. Possibly four other sons and daughters younger than Linza Brim.

2. James Brim, b. bef 1794 in VA or TN, r. Campbell Co., TN 1815, prob. Montgomery Co., TN 1820, Lincoln Co., TN 1830

+Wife, prob. b.1794-1804

3. (Found no children)

2. Daniel Brim, b. 1810-1820 in prob. Campbell Co., TN, r. Lincoln Co., TN 1830, Tippah Co., MS 1840, Pontotoc Co., MS 1842

+Wife, b. 1800-1810

3. Male, b. 1825-1830

3. Female, b. 1830-1835

3. Male and Female, b. 1835-1840

?. Male and Female, b. 1810-1820 [Maybe John and Lyddia Brim - see next entry]

?. Female, b. 1770-1780 [Prob. Lavina (Rice) Brim]

2. John Brim, b. abt 1809 in TN, r. Knox Co., TN 1830, Lincoln Co., 1830, 1840, 1850

+Lyddia Burrow ?, b. abt 1808 in TN

3. Margaret Brim, b. abt 1829

3. Cynthia Brim, b. abt 1834

3. Daniel Brim, b. abt 1838

3. Henry R. Brim, b. abt 1840

3. Louisa Brim, b. abt 1842

3. John G. Brim, b. abt 1844 [He, or his father, John Brim, was in Tippah Co., MS in 1860]

3. Lucinda S. Brim, b. abt 1847

3. Possibly other children, too

There is little known about the three daughters of Lavina and Lewis Brim. The Rosanna Brim, who was listed in the 1850 census of Lincoln Co., TN, was probably the last child of Lavina and Lewis Brim, because she was born about 1830, perhaps after her father, Lewis Brim, had died, since Lavina was listed as the head of the household in the 1830 census of Lincoln Co., TN. The mother, Lavina, would have been between 50 and 60 years old at the time of her birth. In this 1850 census, this Rosanna Brim was living with Joseph Scott and his wife, Rebecca (Brim) Scott. Joseph Scott and Rebecca Brim had married the previous year, on June 3, 1849 in Lincoln Co., TN. I strongly suspect that Rebecca Brim, b. abt 1822, was a granddaughter of Lavina and Lewis Brim, and was one of those unnamed children of William Brim. If true, that would make her a sibling of Linza Brim who married for his second wife, Sarah Scott. Could it be that Thomas Scott and Sarah Scott were siblings? The fa!
mily of Joseph and Rebecca (Brim) Scott was in the 1860 and 1870 censuses of Lincoln Co., TN, but this Rosanna had disappeared by 1860. One researcher has Rosanna, daughter of Lavina and Lewis Brim, being born as early as 1809, so if this is correct, then the Rosanna Brim, born about 1830, probably would have been a granddaughter of Lavina (Rice) Brim and Lewis Brim. This same researcher has the other daughters of Lavina and Lewis Brim with birth dates, as follows: Elizabeth (Betsy) Brim abt 1811, and Lavina abt 1813, respectively. However, I do not know how these birth dates were determined-perhaps they were obtaind simply by extrapolation.

Also, there are strong indications that I have located other grandchildren of Lavina and Lewis Brim with the assistance of their descendants. Mary Jane Brim was born in 1832 in Lincoln Co., TN. She married John Williamson Baker in 1848 in Lincoln Co. TN. This family migrated to Benton Co., AR, Barton Co., MO, and eventually to LeFlore Co., OK. It is not known who the father of Mary Jane Brim was, but he was probably one of the sons of Lavina and Lewis Brim.

Thirdly, there was a Lavina Smith, age 16, in the home of a David Scott and his wife, Elizabeth Ann (Smith) Scott, b. abt 1822, in the 1860 census of Tippah Co., MS along with two other Smith children ages 15 and 14. All five of them were born in TN, with the possible exception of Elizabeth for whom one source said she was born in AL. I wonder if this Elizabeth Ann Smith could have been raising her brother's children who might have married Rosanna, Lavina, or Betsy Brim, daughters of Lavina and Lewis Brim? Elizabeth Ann Smith and David Scott were married in Greene Co., TN on Feb 6, 1841, and she was his third wife. They had children of their own born abt 1842, 1844, 1846, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1852, and 1855. (Here is that surname Scott, and that county, Tippah, MS, again! Also, there are other connections of the Rice family with people named Smith mentioned in the Henry Rice decendants' history.)

Finally, it has been reported that there was a Lavina Brim, born in Lincoln Co., TN abt 1858, who married a William S. Smith in St. Francis Co., AR in 1876. She had two sons, James M. Smith, b. 1878, and Henry Smith, born before the 1880 census. This Lavina probably died with the birth of her second son, since she is not in the 1880 census. If this information is correct, rather than being a granddaughter, this Lavina was probably a great granddaughter of Lavina and Lewis Brim. (Note the names "Henry" and "James.")

I would be glad to answer questions about the above summary, and would appreciate additions and

corrections. I have omitted many details, that I would be willing to share, in order to keep this post as short as possible. I'm sorry that I hadn't completed this above research before the publication of Rosemary Bachelor's third book, so that I could have submitted the factual portion of the above report for possible inclusion in her book in the part on the Rice's of Tennessee.

(Mr.) Bev Harris

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