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Iam very interested in this information. The part you have here Under
KING: My grandmother is the Susan listed here under: (Jack Rice's wife was
Sarah Elizabeth King, my mother's mother. They had seven children: (1)
Watt, (2) James Watt, (3) Marion, (4) Benjamin, (5) Ida Roberta, (6) Mary
Jane and (7) Susan.) Her full name was Susan Gertrude (Rice) Savage. She
recently passed away on April 05,2005 she would have been 94 on Ap. 07,2005
her brother Watt is still living.
If you have more on this line could you please send it to me Thanks, Tony

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Subject: The Heritage of Carter County, KY

> While with the Dearborn Genealogical Society on a bus trip to the Allen
County Public Library earlier this week, I came upon a publication entitled
"The Heritage of Carter County, Volume II": published by the Carter County
Historical and Genealogy Society in 2000. (Gc 976.0-1.C24CCH). In this
book are biographical sketches on various persons which their descendants
have sent to the Historical and Genealogical Society. I copied all the bios
that had Rice's listed. I will contribute the entire bio. sketch of those
in my data base. On those that mention the RICE surname, but I don't know
how they fit into the larger Rice family, I will give some info and if
anyone wants more they can write to me and I will send them a copy.
> Unders BOWEN: Charles L. Bowen and Sibbina McFerrin. Their third child
was Moses Andrew Jackson Bowen who married Malinda St. Clair. Moses and
Malinda had 11 children, and one of them was Clauda Clair Bowen (b. 18 Feb.
1914) who married Prentice Rice, daughter of John and Dea (Thomas) Rice.
> Under BUTLER: William Harvey Butler, s/o Elisha Daniel and Lucinda Ann
(Hilderbrand) Butler, m. Myrtle Frances Stone on 27 Nov 1912. They had 12
children of whom was Lois/Louis Hayden Butler (b. 21 May 1932) m. Janet
Rice. The book doesn't give her parents. Lois and Janet Butler had two
daughters, and are retired and living in Guntersville, AL.
> Under EVERMAN/HORD: Samuel Everman, s/o William and Elizabeth (Toler)
Everman, m. Mary Catherine Hord in 1858. Their son Samuel Wadsworth (Wadd)
Everman (1862-1916) m. Melissa Temperena Rice (1870-1964) on 3 Apr 1890.
Melissa was d/o Henry W. & Nannie (Clay) Rice.
> Under KING: "The farthest back I can go is my great-great-grandfather,
Johnathan Roger. I should have said Jackson Johnathan Rogers. He had three
wives. My great-grandfather, William Rice, married Nancy Rogers, daughter
of Jackson J. Some called him Jackie R.
> I've heard that William Rice was a Methodist preacher. His father was
Ezekiel Rice and his mother was Elizabeth Miller. His wife Nancy was a hard
worker and did spinning and sewing besides taking care of her own family.
William and Nancy had nine children: (1) John, (2) Jack, (3) Jerry, (4)
Jake, (5) Mary Chastun, lived in McMinville, TN, where she raised her
family. (5) Aries married married John Lucas and lived in West Virginia.
They separated and she went to Columbus, Ohio, where she lived near her
daughter, Susan O'Neill. (6) Cindy, I don't think, ever married as she was
not well.
> Jackson Johnathan Rogers was a spy for the south and so was William Rice.
William was captured and spent the last two years of the Civil War in a
prison in Chilicothe, Ohio. Aunt Artie Littleton was a sister to Nancy
Rogers Rice. The story goes that he and Nancy separated and he went up in
West Virginia and married a younger woman, Martha Owens, and had two boys
with her, Nathan and Bob (perhaps Robert). He came back to his son Jack
Rice and lived there with them several years. He went to visit his daughter
Matilda 'Muncy' Litteral at Nelsonville, Ohio where he took sick and died.
He is buried there at Nelsonville.
> My grandmother was Sarah E. King Rice, the daughter of James King. He
married Louise Roe or Rowe and her mother was a Bailey. The children of
James and Louise King were William or Bill who had a son Ray who had two
sons, Marshal and Tom; Marion who left and was never heard of again;
Lafayette or Lafe married Mandy Stephens; James had a son Jimmie; Rebecca
married Logan Bishop; Louise or Lou; Mary Jane married Jake Rice; Sarah
Elizabeth married Jack Rice, ELiza married Walter Salyers; Phoeby married
once to Frobeck, the marriage didn't last long.
> Great-grandpa Jim King gave the Camilites the ground to build a church.
Virgle Bishop made a dwelling out of the church house. He had a brother
Harve and a sister Grace. Grandpa Jim King stated his own cemetery on the
hill there behind the house. There are five or sex graves there: Aunt Erse
Mitchell, Aunt Lize, Jimmie King and Grandpa Jim King. There was a big
association there the year my mom was 4 years old. That was just before
they left Carter County in 1900. Grandma Sarah E. King baked eight apple
pies and was surprised that Ida could count them. Jack Rice's wife was
Sarah Elizabeth King, my mother's mother. They had seven children: (1)
Watt, (2) James Watt, (3) Marion, (4) Benjamin, (5) Ida Roberta, (6) Mary
Jane and (7) Susan.
> There were three King brothers who lived on Little Sinking Creek in
Carter County. It was called Dry Fork of Sinking. The brothers were James,
John and I don't know the other one's name.
> My mother, Ida Roberts, was born in 1896. Her address was Aden. She was
4 years old when her family moved to Greenup County on Slash Creek which
starts at the Robertson Flats and runs into Tygarts Creek near the narrows
at the mouth of Wolfe. She remembered the regulators coming to their house
and she said her Pa had to wrap a sheet around him and go with them. She
said he was scared, she could tell. I have a book that tells about the
regulators. They were about like the KuKlux Klan. I'm glad they are not
allowed anymore. Mama said she believes that is why Pa lift Carter County.
Submitted by Sarah Jane Adams."
> Under another KING: (3) James Harvey King and Louisa Roe had a daughter
named Mary J. King (b. 1873 in Carter Co., KY) m. Jacob Rice on 15 Jan 1890.
> Under KNIPP: "My great-great grandfather George Knipp, son of Varner and
Christeener Knipp, born about 1790 in Wythe County, VA, died sometime after
1855 in Lawrence County, KY. He married Sarah 'Sally' Adams in 1810. She
was born in 1794 in North Carolina to WIlliam and Frances Mitchem Adams who
died ca. 1870-1880 in Carter County, KY. There were 14 children born to
this marriage: John, Mary, Patten, Plea Gillum, Varner, William, Tena,
Robert, Alexander, Francis, Talitha, Malinda J., George Washington, and
> Their son, Robert, my great-great grandfather, (b. 1820) m. Apr. 15, 1828
in Lawrence County KY to Elizabeth Rice, the daughter of Archibald and
Sindarilla Rice (b. 1821) and died after 1870 in Carter County, KY. Robert
died sometime before 1850 as Elizabeth married again to Joseph Sexton Nov.
7, 1850. The children of Robert and Elizabeth were Patten, Bazzel,
Archibald, Sarah Jane and James W.
> Elizabeth and Joseph Sexton had eight more children after their marriage:
Elizabeth, John E., Sindarilla, Nathaniel, Jeremiah, Mary, Susan and Martha,
all born in Carter County, KY.
> My great-grandmother Sarah Jane Knipp (b. Febuary 1844 in Carter County,
KY) m. Jan 29, 1867 in Greenup County, KY to David Maye, son of Gidion and
Malinda Hylton Maye, and died Aug 8, 1908 in Lawrence Ounty, OH. Sarah and
David Maye must have migrated to Lawrence County, OH from Carter County
right after their marriage as they appear on the 1870 census. There they
lived, raised their children and died there. Their children were Ruth and
James, children by David's first wife Minerva. David and Sarah's children
were: William David, Sarah Ann, Malinda E., Robert Archibald, Thomas, Mary
Jane, Hannah ALice, Rosella and Willis.
> my grandfather William David Maye (b. Jun 12, 1869 in Lawrence County, OH)
married three times: Jenny Dingess, Mary Jane Richardson and Olive Willis
who died Feb. 28, 1936 in Scioto County, OH. Love and William's children
were Oliva and Geneva (twins), James Pearl, Amanda Ethel, Anna Effie, Mary
Elizabeth, Archibald Wilson and William Adan.
> My mother Anna Effie Maye (b. Nov 27, 1910 in Scioto County, OH) m. AUg
8, 1931 in Lewis County, KY to James Milvin Clark, died Dec. 17, 1987 in
Scioto County, OH. THeir children were Laura Louise, Child of James' by
first marriage; Jimmie Melvin Clark, and Mildred Marlene.
> Jimmie Melvin Clark (b. Nov. 8, 1933 in Scioto County, OH) m. Patricia
Gayle Kingrey. Their children were Donita Kaye Clark, Dianne Nancy Clark
and Jimmie Melvin Clark Jr. They have seven wonderful grandchildren, one
son-in-law Steven Smith and one daughter-in-law Mary Beth. Submitted by
Jimmie Melvin Clark."
> I will transcrip more from the same book when time allows. Diane L. Rice
in Michigan
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