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From: Ronald K Rice <>
Subject: Re: [RICE-L] Some interesting facts on these TN Rice's and Moores
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 19:45:51 -0800

Will, You have Dangerfield's children wrong. You have his brother's
(Ezekiel) children that went to Randolph Co., AR.
Absalom Looney did go over the Blueridge Mts to the Yadkin. It is
in his father's records that when he came back he was to receive some of
the old man's (Robert)
Land. His dad was a mess but his brother Col. David Looney was quite
noted. Much was written on the Looneys.
I'm off of the Looneys and the Rices. I don't have John Rice's (of
Hawkins Co)
wife or his son William's wife.

From the William Stubblefield family alone we have:
Rhoda Stubblefield marring Wm. LOONEY son of Micheal
and Grandson of Absalom Looney.
Coleman Stubblefield, Col married martha Ann LOONEY
Fielding Stubblefield, Sr. married Eliz. RICE daughter
of John Rice of Hawkins, Dangerfield Rice named his children with
wife Margaret Looney Rice after the children of his sister Eliz Rice
Stubblefield. Fielding's second wife was Sarah HUDDLESTON. (Jesse Lewis
Married Eunice Huddleston).
Ezekiel Rice, john of Hawkins grandson married Louisa
Stubblefield, daughter of Fielding Stubblefield, Sr.
I have ABSALOM LOONEY marring Margaret MOORE.
Edmond Rice son of John of Hawkins married Anna
Thena Stubblefield married Joseph LOONEY
Two children married McWilliams and
William Stubblefield, Jr. married Mary L. NEAL
All of these people lived on the Yadkin where the Rices and even Daniel
Boone lived.
Others I have are:
Serena Margaret Looney married Abraham B. Stubblefield
Margaret Looney, granddaughter of Col. David Looney
(Absalom's brother) Married Clinton Stubblefield.
Can you put down in order what you have on the Moores? Could David
Moore be Brother in Law to Absalom Looney and Fielding Moore his father
in Law???
With all these marriages and children named Fielding, I think there must
be That connection! Hope so! Keep Hunting,
Ronnnnnnnn Rice

On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 17:20:52 -0600 "Willie D. Smith" <>
> I'm beginning to think that my ol' William Rice in Claiborne County
> who married Mary Owsley is a brother to the John Rice of Hawkins
> County, TN who died in 1811. Get a load of this data I pulled from
> the LDS site:
> As I'd stated previously, William Rice's will (which has disappeared
> from Claiborne County records, apparently. I could not find it) was
> proven by Adam Dale, an early settler in what is now DeKalb County,
> TN (where my William B. Rice died in 1845) and Ann Moore (POSSIBLY
> the Mary ANN "Polly" (Lewis) Moore, who married Samuel Martin Moore
> in Claiborne County). William had died in Claiborne before 12 August
> 1816.
> William Rice was the husband of Mary OWSLEY, sister of John Owsley
> Jr. of Claiborne County, TN.
> Samuel Moore was involved in a land transaction with John Owsley
> about 1816 or earlier.
> Mary Ann Lewis Moore's mother was a Gambrell. My Rice's in Putnam
> County, TN are closely allied with the Henry Gambrell/Abby Maynard
> family.
> We do know that a daughter of ADAM DALE married a Moore in Maury
> County, TN. There were Rice's there whom we believe to be connected
> to our William Rice and Mary Owsley family. Possible other sons are
> John Rice, Daniel Rice, Ezekiel Rice, Nicholas Rice, Stephen Rice
> (Bell County, KY. This Stephen Rice was the son of a William Rice.
> If OUR William Rice, perhaps the Stephen Rice in Roane County who
> married Pheobe Brashears is a brother to our William Rice Sr. If so,
> this might also explain the presence of William Brashear in the
> household of Eleanor (Ellender) Rice in the 1850 DeKalb County, TN
> census.
> I've found this in regard to the family of David Moore and Margaret
> Sherman:
> 1. Nathan Moore married Francis Lewis
> 2. Samuel Martin Moore married Mary ANN Lewis
> 3. Zelphia Moore married Anderson Jennings
> 4. Elizabeth Moore married Charles Lewis. She died in LINN COUNTY,
> MO. Joshua Boots and Sarah Owsley settled in Linn County, MO. On
> the 1850 Linn County, MO census, a Samuel Rice is living near Seth
> Botts Sr., grandson of Joshua Botts and Sarah Owsley Botts. A Robert
> Moore is also there with them in BOTH Linn County and earlier in
> HOWARD County, MO.
> 5. Alfred Moore married Lucretia Scott
> 6. Sarah Ann Moore married Isham Leabon
> 7. Squire Moore married Celia Curtis
> 8. Mary Moore married John S. Jennings
> 9. Lucinda Moore married Fielding Lewis.
> 1. William Lewis married Sarah Boyers
> 2. Mary ANN Lewis married Samuel Moore
> 3. Jesse Lewis married Eunice Huddleston
> 4. Charles Lewis married Elizabeth Moore - went to Linn County, MO.
> 5. Elizabeth Lewis born 1797 married Elijah HARP. This Harp
> connection is also interesting, since old John Rice of Roane County,
> TN who died in 1815, brother of Isaac, Benjamin and Moses Rice, had
> a daughter, Sally Rice, who had married Micajah "Big" Harp in Knox
> County, TN in 1797. Micajah's cousin, Willie "Little" Harp, married
> Susannah Roberts. Big Harp and Little Harp were notorious gangsters,
> robbers and murderers in early Tennessee. Big Harp was apprehended
> and BEHEADED in Henderson County, Kentucky about 1799. The place of
> his death is called "Harp's Head Road" to this day.
> Little Harp was apprehended along about the time of the War of 1812
> in Mississippi and was hanged for murder and robbery.
> 6. Martha Lewis married Elijah Goin
> 7.Sarah Lewis married Enoch Simmons
> 8. Isabelle Lewis - no info. probably died as a child.
> 9. George Washington Lewis married (1) Sarah Bullard. (2) Cynthia
> Phelps.
> 10. Frances Lews married Nathan Moore.
> 11. FIELDING Lewis jr. married Lucinda Moore.
> 12. James B. Lewis married Nancy MONTGOMERY. Has anyone done
> research on this Montgomery family? Charlotte Massa, daughter of
> Adam Massa and Margaret Guriah (Diniah?) Smith (married 1813 in
> Washington County, TN), married a Leftwich Montgomery. They went to
> Missouri where Letwich died and Charlotte Massa Montgomery returned
> to White County, TN where she later died, and is buried at Rice
> cemetery in White County.
> NOW, is there any connection between David Moore and Eleanor MOORE
> Looney????? Absolam Looney was born about 1729 and died in 1791,
> according to Ancestral file. their son MICHAEL LOONEY had a
> daughter, Margaret, who married DANGERFIELD RICE, son of John Rice
> of Hawkins County, TN.
> This raises the distinct possibility that perhaps my William Rice
> and John Rice of Hawkins County are brothers. We know John came from
> the Yadkin River valley, Rowan County, N.C. and that my William Rice
> was in Rowan county by 1778, and was on the taxlist for Rowan that
> year with his wife's family: John and Ann (Stephens) Owsley-Adams,
> Joshua Botts, and John "Housely"/Owsley.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dangerfield Rice and Margaret
> Looney's children, I think, were:
> 1. Lydia Rice
> 2.FIELDING RICE (Do any of you know if Fielding Moore may have been
> in the area of Stanley Valley in Hawkins County????)
> 3. Louisa Rice
> 4. Reuban L. (Looney?) Rice
> 5. Thomas S. Rice
> 6. Margaret Rice
> 7. Perryman C. Rice
> 8. William C. Rice
> This Rice family was in Randolph County, Arkansas. Other elements
> of this Rice family were in Southern Missouri.
> Now, it seems our families here are being to congeal and converge. I
> would greatly appreciate any help to confirm the possible
> connections I seem to have found. I would greatly appreciate it if
> those of you on the Rice list would forward this to the Looney list
> as well for their consideration and imput, and someone there may
> have data we are not yet privy too.
> Let me know what you think of this!
> Thanks
> Will Smith

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