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Subject: Rich Research in VA & NC 1700's
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 02:12:09

Hey Cousins been burning up the roads in VA and NC since I got back to the states. This is some of the stuff I have transcribed already.
Hope it helps. I have many more notes I am working on. Hopefully get them submitted soon.

William Rich :)

The Following Information is Listed by Reference represented by a Number and the Entry from that Reference follows by a Letter. The page of the Reference for the Entry is at the End of the Entry in paranthesis. (also listed with the Reference is the Library or Archive it is located)

1-) "Immigrants to America Appearing in English Records", by Frank Smith. 1976 Published by The Everton Publishers, inc. Found in Library of Virginia, Richmond, Va.

a- Jeremiah Rich of Stepney, Mx., but in Virginia, to Sarah R. the wid. (P.C.C. Admon) 7 July 1682. (page 30-31)

2-)The Following was found in, "The Douglas Register". The Douglas Register is a detailed record of Births, Marriages and Deaths kept by the Rev. William Douglas, From 1750 to 1797. However there are some earlier dates that family members give him to document. The Reverend William Douglas came to St. James Northam Parish, in Goochland County Va. (Dover Church), on 12th of October 1750. A Memorandum in the Register shows that he had charge of St. James Parish for Twenty-seven years; Maniken Town (King William Parish), for nineteen years, and ministered a charge in Buckingham County for four years. The Register contains a record of Births, Christenings, Marriages, Deaths and Funerals in St. James Northam Parish and the County of Goochland co. Transcribed and Edited by W. Mac. Jones, published by J. W. Fergusson and Sons Richmond, Va 1928. Book found in Kirn Memorial Library, Norfolk Va.

a- Rich, Timothy & Mary Johnson(Johnston) both of ys Parish, 1751 Sep: 18 pp 26-31. (pg 41, listed under marriages, note the date is September 18, 1751.)

b- Jeremiah Rich & Mary Hunter a son name Jesse born Nov: 24 1758. Baptized 1759 feb: 18. p. 54 (Page 284)

c- Jeremiah Rich & Mary Hunter a Daughter named Judith born Jan: 2, 1761. Baptized 1761 Jan: 31. p. 58 ( Page 284)

3- "Goochland Co., Virginia Wills and Deeds 1728-1736", Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. Found in Memorial Kirn Library Norfolk, Va:

a- P. 252 Inventory of Timothy Rich, dec'd value pds 35/12/9 by Richard (R) Purkins, Benjamin (B) Bradshaw, Will'm Walker Recorded 17 Aug. 1736. (Page81) (note there is an English pound symbol where "pds" I am going to conduct some more research on the Value35/12/9 but I believe that it interepets to 35 lb's/ 12 Shillings/ 9 pence)

4- "Goochland County, VA Wills & Deeds 1736-1742", Abstracted & Compiled by Benjamin B. Weisiger III. Found in Memorial Kirn Library, Norfolk Va:

a- p.171 Accounts of estate of TimothRich, dec'd, , by Catherine, the Administratrix
Debits: Mary Gunn, William Johnson, Henry Woody, (mentions the widow's estate in hands of James TimothVanzantvan Pelt. husband of Catherine, late wido and Adm'x of Timothy Rich), childrens' estate in hands of Abraham Venable, cow and heifer to Jeremiah Parker Rich (page 23)

Accounts of estate of Timothy Rich ( continued)
Credits: Thomas Partridge, Allen Howard, Abraham Venable, Hugh Morris, Edward Arnold, Alexander Glasby, David Harris, Robert Gilbert. Crawford Reade, John Wheeler, Richard Pirkins, Philip Walker, Edward Stringer, Constant Pirkins, ; mentions Jeremiah Parker Rich as son of Timothy. Says Rich left six children: Jeremiah Parker, Timothy, Sarah, William, Nimrod and Catherine: and Wife Catherine was preganant with David at time of Timothy's death. Estate is divided intoseven parts, since we find that William Rich was dec'd without issue in life time of his mother.
Signed by Allen Howard, Phil. Walker and Constant Pirkins Recorded 20 Feb. 1738. (page 24)

5- "Goochland County, Virginia Deeds 1741-1745", T.L.C. Genealogy, PO Box 403369 Miami Beach, Fl 33140-1369 Copyright 1990. Found in Memorial Kirn Library, Norfolk Va.:
Deed Book 4
a- Page 506. Mar 18, 1744 from Jeremiah Parker Rich of the parish of St James Northam in G. to Laundy Richardson of Parish of St Martin's in the County of Hanover, for 16 lbs, all that 100 acres of land in theParish of St. James Northam in G, bounded by Constantine Perkins, a branch on Beverdam Cr called Meadowey Cr, the Mountain Road. Signed Jeremiah Parker Rich. Wit - Thos Underwood, William Epperson, Edmund Daniel. Recorded Mar 19, 1744. (Page 63)

6-"The Granville District Of North Carolina 1748-1763, Abstracts of Land Grants Vol Two", by Margaret M. Hofmann. Found in Memorial Kirn Library Norfolk, Va.

Lord Granville to: (or refers to original record) patent book 14
a-3302 pg. 243 Timothy Rich 21 May 1762, 700 acres in Johnston County on both sides of Neuse River Including Rich's Improvement, joining John Hinton or: /s/ Timothy Reach Wit: Lod Tanner surveyed 7 December 1760 CB: Richid Winingham, Edward Gardener, Charles Young Surveyor (page 210-211).

7-"Kinfolksof Granville County North Carolina 1765-1826", by Zae Hargett Gwynn, Published by Joseph W. Watson 406 Piedmont Ave. Rocky Mount. N.C. 1974:

a- p. 428 Deed book H , Jeremiah Reach of Johnston Co., N.C. deed to Timothy Reach of Granville Co., July 6, 1768. (page 9)

b- p.97 Granville Deed book K, Timothy Rich of Wake Co., N. C. deed for land in Granville Co. to John Husketh of Mecklenburg Co., Va.; Mary Rich , wife of said Timothy, also signed the deed, Feb. 15, 1773.

c- Tax List - 1769 Granville Co. Rich, Timothy, 3 Whites, 1 black (Page 24)

8-"Abstracts of The Early Deeds of Wake County North Carolina 1785-1802, by Joseph W. Watson Published by Joseph W. Watson 406 Piedmont Ave. Rocky Mount, NC 1978. Found in Memorial Kirn Library, Norfolk Va.

a- Wake County Deed Book F 1785-1786 p. 4 Henry Mc Coy of Orange Co., NC to Timothy Rich of Wake Co. march 1, 1782 for 500 pds. specie a tract of 308 acres on the waters of Buck Branch and on the Great Branch adjoining James Beasley. Wit: Thomas Roberts, Jesse George. (page 1)

b- Wake County Deed book F p.103 Nathaniel Hill, Senr of Wake Co., Planter, to Nanthaniel Hill, Junr.of same, June 8, 1784, for 500 pds. specie a 340 acre tract of land and plantation, being part of a Granville grant to said Nathaniel Hill, Senr. bearing date Jan, 12,1761, situate on bothsides of Nuce River adjoining Elisha Peebles, the widow Rich, Thomas Chevis, and Thomas Hall. Wit: Robert Tem? ( Page 7)

c- Wake Co. Deed Book G p. 48 Dianah Burnham of Wake Co. to John Roberson and Henry Ivey, June 6, 1785, for 100 pds. specie a trackt of 343 acres on the south side of Nuce River; also, four feather Beds and furniture, seven head of cattle, four bee hives, twelve head of hogs, and chest of joiners tools. Wit: Jacob Rich, R. Noris. (Page 25)

d-Wake Co. Deed Book G p. 153 Mary Rich and Charles Rich executrix and executor, widow and heir of Jeremiah Rich, deceased of Wake Co., to William Rich of same, Oct. 12, 1785, for 80 pds. specie a tract of 164 acres on the south side of Nuce River and on the north side of Millstone Branch above the Mouth of William Rich's spring branch. Wit: Michael Rogers, Nath'l Hill. ( page 33)

e- Wake Co. Deed Book G p. 258 WM. Rich of Wake Co. to Nathaniel Hill, Senr. of same, Dec. 10, 1785, for 70 pds. specie a 164acre tract of land and plantation on the south side of Nuce of River and on the Millstone Branch. Wit Elisha Peebles, Benja Pulliam. (page 41-42)

f- Wake Co. Deed Book G? p. 155 Nathaniel Jones, Junr. of Wake Co., Planter to John Motley of same, Planter, Oct. 31, 1785, for 50pds. specie a tract of 100 acres lying on the drain of Gibson Creek adjoining Blake and Nathan Aldmon, it being part of a tract of land granted to RD. Aldmon by the State. Wit: Thomas Molley, Timothy Rich, Isham Powel. (page 64)

g- Wake Co. Deed Book H p. 233 Henry Burhamof Wake William Jeffereys of same, June 3, 1786, for160 pds. a tract of 343 acres on the south side of Nuce River adjoining Abbott, Bohannon, and Jacob Rich. Wit: Nat. Jones, Josiah Reddick. (page 71)

h- Wake Co. Deed Book H p. 297 Benjamin Allen of Wake Co. to Samuel Pitchford of same, Sept. 1, 1788, for ____ hundred pds. Va Money a tract of 200 acres adjoining Thomas Hines' former line, Tim't Rich and Beverly Alin. Wit: Isaac Hines, William Ferrell. (page 77)
i- Wake Co. Deed Book Q p. 394 Timothy Rich of Wake Co. to Samuel Pitchford of same, march 14, 1796, for 100 pds. current money a tract of 105 acres on the south side of Nuce River adjoining William Terrel, Daniel Tucker, and said Pitchford. Wit: Zachariah Ritch, John Burns. (page 183)

j- Wake Co. Deed Book Q p. 463 Jacob Reach of Wake Co. to Thomas Johnson of same, Nov. 3, 1800, for 50 pds. a tract of 150 acres on the south bank of Kits Creek, it being part of a tract granted to Aaron Johnson and by him sold to Israel Johnson. Wit: Goin Barbee, Smith Screvner.. (page 195)

9-"Granville Marriages 1753-1868", Compiled by Brent H. Holcomb Genealogical Publication co. Inc. 1981. Found in Memorial Kirn Library Norfolk. Va

Townley, Henry & Agness Rich, 19 Sept 1776: Shadrach Rich, Bm; Jesse Newely, Wit. (page 328)

10-"Marriages of Some Virginia Residents 1607-1800 Series I Volume 6", Compiled & Published by Dorothy Ford Wulfeck, 51 Park Ave, Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 1967, Found in Memorial Kirn Library in Norfolk Va.:

Anne m. Col Francis Willis (no date listed)
Elizabeth m. David Harris (no date listed)
Mary m. William Mann (no date listed)
Nancy m. Wrenny Brock (no date listed)
Timothy m. 18 Sept., 1751, Mary Johnson (or Johnston), both of this parish. Douglas Reg., pp. 26-31 (all listed on Page 39)

11-"Marriages of Wake County North Carolina 1770-1868", Compiled by Brent H. Holcomb Indexed by Elizabeth P. Bently, Baltimore , Genealogical publishing Co., Inc 1983. Found in North Carolina State Library, Raleigh NC:

a- Reach, William & Polly George, 26 July 1793; Joseph Bennet, bm (page 257)

b- Reach, Zachr. & Eliza Marshall, 16 Feb 1836; Benjamin Hopkins, bm. (page 257)

c- Rich, James & Laney Freeman, 14 Oct. 1808; Arthur Brown, bm. (page 261)

d- Rich, Nimrod & Sarah George, 14 Jan 1793; Harrison Motley, bm. (page 261)

e- Rich, Timothy & Nancy Truelove, 24 Dec 1836; William George, bm. (page 261)

f- Rich, William & Mary Hopson, 15 Feb 1860; William Carpenter, bm.

g- Rich, Zachriah & Mary Powell, 13 Dec 1865; Wesley Rich, bm m. 19 Dec 1865 by Benj. Y, Rogers, J. P.

12-"Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants, Awarded by State Governments', by Lloyd De Witt Bockstruck, Published by Genealogical Publishing Co, inc Found in North Carolina State Library Raleigh NC.

Pg 444

Rich, Hannah Conn. Sufferer Greenwich 9.0.0

Rich, James N.C. ___________. 10 Aug. 1785. 640 acres

Rich, John. Conn. Sufferer. Greenwich. 9.0.0.

Rich, John. Conn. Sufferer. Norwalk. 72.6.0.

Rich, Mary. Conn. Sufferer. Greenwich. 44.2.0.

Rich, Thomas. Conn. Sufferer. Greenwich. 45.15.9

Rich, Timothy. N.C. Private, 30 Sep. 1785 640 acres to heirs.

Rich, William. Va. Private 6 Aug. 1783. 100 acres.

all listed on page 444 of said reference. (note) also that names originate from various states not just NC.

13-) "Abstract of Wills, Inventories, Settlement Of Estates 1802-1812 Wake County, North Carolina, VOL II", by Frances Holloway Wynne. Found in the North Carolina State Library, Raleigh, NC.
Abstracts of Wake Co. Will Book 6 1802-04

a- Rich, Timothy Lunacy Hearing Nov 1803 P. 182
Nimrod Rich suggested that Timothy Rich was an Idiot or lunatic and incapable of managing his affairs. Jurors found him incapable of acting for himself. 23 Nov 1803.
Jurors: Saml Walton Job Rogers Wm Fowler
Nicholas Atkins Southwood Olive B Simms Wm Ferrell
Lemuel Cooke Jas Ferrell David Bunch Wm Nichols
A. Hartsfield (On Page 21)

Abstracts of Wake County Will Book 7, 1804-1808
b- Reach, Timothy Inventory May 1806 P.129
Taken 17 May 1806 by William Thorn Sr., Jesse George Sr. Daniel George, and 5 of the legatees. Negroes: Prince, Lucy, Patt, Burrell, Needham, Gustin, John, Prince, Rhoda, Cherry, Peter; livestock; household goods; farm tools; notes on Henry W. Lawson, said to be gone to the Natchez, John Green. All foregoing in the possesion of Nimrod Reach, governing gurardian to said dec'd whilst in this lunacy. Adm: Nimrod Reach, Solomon George. (pg 57)

c- Reach, Timothy Acct Current May1806 p. 146
Timothy a lunatic now dec'd. Paid: Zachr Smith, Wm Ferrell.
Comm: J Hinton, E Pride, Geo Brasfield (pg 59)

d-Reach, Nimrod & George, Solomon
Articles of agreement May 1806 p. 150
Reach and George, Adms of Timothy Reach dec'd agreeto pay John Grant Rencher 2% on the next amount of the sales of Timothy Reach's estate and Rencher obligates himself to manage all the business of said estate. Rencher's bond is 5000 lb's. 21 May 1806
Nimrod Reach, Solomon George, John G. Rencher

e- Reach, Timothy dec'd Estate sale Aug 1806 p. 165
Buyers 2 and 19 June 1806:
Lewis Srivener Joshua Leight James Smith David George Britain Stephens Lodwick Shepard John Barbey Aberner George Asa Blake Thomas Edwards John Burt Young Hopson
William Dillard Dempsey Blake John Green John May Abner Green Powell Riggins John Nichols Ephriam Cates George Herndon James Jones Lewis Herndon Reuben Evans Absolam Locust Major Bradley John Bennett John Hays Harod Howington Elijah Sorrell Jo G Rencher
George Brasfied, Negroes patt & child Solomon George, Negro Lucy
Henry Townsy, Negro Gastin Meritt Dilliard, Negro John
Nimrod Rich, Negro Prince Zachariah Rich, Negroes Prince, Rhoda, girl[unnamed]
Richard Colbert, Negroes Burrell, Reedham
Adm: Nimrod Rich, Solomon George (pg 62)

f-Reach, Tim dec'd Estate Sale Nov 1806 p. 201
Negro Jupiter [buyer unnamed] Adm: Solomon George (pg 66)

g- Reach, Timothy dec'd Division of land feb 1807 p. 239
No.1: on Buck branch at Nimrod Reach's cornor 100a. to John Reach; he pays $29.40. No. 2: beginning on Buck Branch at Nimrod Reach's corner 131a. to Solomon George in right of his wife Sally; he pays $92.10. No. 3: beginning on George Brasfield's line and Buck Branch 132a. to Zachariah Reach; he pays $154.20. No. 4: on Brasfield's corner 144a. to Shadrach Reach; he receives $22.80. No. 5: on George Brasfield's corner 104a. to Benjamin Hopson in right of his wife Clary; he draws $91.60. No. 6: on Macrum's cormer on Kitt's Creek 98a. to Richard Colbert in right ofhis wife Zydah; he draws $43.70. No. 7: 50a to Henry Townsley in right of his wife{unnamed}; he draws $118.10. Comm: Edward Pride, John G Rencher, Simpson Shaw, W D Medoras, John Hayes. (page 71)

Abstract of Wake County Will Book 10 1811-12
h- Reach, Zachariah Receipt May 1811 p.89
Zachariah Reach gave a receipt to Solomon George, one of the adms of Timothy Reach dec'd for $650.00 in property and notes being in full the claim he had against the estate of said Timothy Reach. 19 Dec 1808. Test: Ednd Herndon, Geo Brasfield (page 164)

i- Reach, Timothy dec'd Receipt May 1811 p. 93
Received of Solomon George, adm of Timothy Reach dec'd $650.00 in property money and a note being in full of the claim I had against the estate of said Dec'd which claims I purchased of Benj Hopson and Wife Clary one of the legatees hereby acquitting and releasing said admr. of all future claim in consequence thereof. 19 Dec.1808. Geo Brasfield, for Benja Hopson and Wife. Test: Joseph Booth (page 164)

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