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Subject: Re: Bible Records-Joseph Rich Family
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:43:49 -0400


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Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 10:18 AM
Subject: Fw: Bible Records-Joseph Rich Family

Sorry...I spelled "obelisk" incorrectly and no matter how I
tried to
get it out of the outbox and the spelling changed I could
not do it.
That's the problem with those of us who have to constantly
look up
words in the dictionary...we know what we want to say, just
spell very well.!!! Susan
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Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 9:58 AM
Subject: Bible Records-Joseph Rich Family

>The following was taken from a Xerox copy of Joseph Rich
>It was in copies of papers donated to the Unity Historical
Society in
>Unity, Maine. Joseph and his family resided in Thorndike,
Me, just a
>hop, skip, and jump from Unity. It was the home to Henry
>father of Joseph's wife. The Farwells have a rather
>going back up the line. Both Joseph and Lydia, as well as
a number
>children lie buried under about a 10 foot obilisque in the
>Cemetery in Unity Me.
>Under page entitled "Marriages."
>Joseph Rich born Limington June 15, 1782 Sept.30, 1871
>Lydia F. Rich born Vassalboro Oct. 6, 1789 July 30, 1877
>Richworth A. Rich born Sept. 5, 1808 Oct. 8, 1808
>Raymond S. Rich born (Lincoln...) August 15, 1809 Jun 12,
>Olive F. Rich born August 30, 1811 June 26, 1895
>Hannah W. Rich born August 1, 1818
>Robert Rich born August 7, 1815
>Relief S. Rich born August 27, 1817
>Anna F. Rich born August 18, 1819 Nov 5, 1885
>Nancy B. Rich born Decr. 25, 1821 March 8, 1892
>Pembroke S. Rich born Nov. 24, 1829
>Zalmuna W. Rich born Feb 24, 1826 Jan 21, 1833
>Issac F. Rich born March 1 1830
>Augustus E. Rich born April 20, 1832
>Eleanor Jane Grant April 25, 1818 April 3, 1912 (this is a
>handwriting from the above>)
>Page 2 entitled "Marriages"
>Handwriting here is a third type.
>Celia C. (?) Rich May 2nd 1839 Aug 1819 (must mean 1919)
>Edwin Henry Rich Nov 25, 1840
>Hiram Howard Rich April 10th 1843
>Gerardus H, Rich Sept 4, 1845 Nov. 1893
>Raymond S. Rich Jr. April (?) 15, 1848 Nov. 18, (Looks like
it may
>have been crossed out and replaced with 17) 1893
>Robert Pembroke Rich May 16th 1850 August ?? 1878
>Frank ..?? Rich July 18th1857 Nov. 15, 1912
>Semantha Oroville Rich Oct. 1st 1861 Jan. 28th 1894
>Fred S. Rich Feb.(????) 2nd 1865
>back to handwriting #2
>Fred S. Rich (under died column) May 4 1936
>Page #3 entitled "Children's Marriages" written in
handwriting #1.
>Olive F. Rich to Isaac F. Bobbidge Oct 12th 1834
>Hannah W. Rich to Benjamin R. Wing Nov. 6th 1834
>Raymond S. Rich to Eleanor S. Grant April 23rd 1837
>Nancy B. Rich to Francis Harrington Jan. 1st 1844
>Anna F. Rich to George Young, Jr Oct. 14th 1844
>Robert Rich to Mary Jane Fowler April 6th 1845
>Relief G. Rich to John W. Sayward April 27, 1845
>Page #4 entitled "Children's Marriages" written in
handwriting #2.
>Celia C. Rich to (Can't make out first name) B. Wiggin Jan
25, 1862
>Thorndike by R.S. Rich
>Edwin H. Rich to Evelyn D. Dyer by Chas Whitney Dec 28,
>Hiram H. Rich to Flora Blanding by Rev. McKenie Dec 11,
1865 Augusta
>Gerardus H. Rich to Ophelia Shibles
>Raymond S. Rich to Ella (Elenore) Hall by Rev. Hamilton
Oct. 8, 1874
>Robert P. Rich to (Can't read first letter of First Name)
>-anda B. Harmon by J D Lampson Freedom
>Frank (Can't read Middle Initial)>? Rich to Minnied B.
Newcomb by
>Edwin Smith Maynard Dec 24, 1883
>Semantha O. Rich to Charls (sic) W. Littlewood by Joseph
>Thorndike Oct 1st. 1889
>Fred S. Rich to Aba D. Gowen by J.B. Thompson sept. 16,
>Fred S. Rich to Flora ?? Farnham (Not sure of last name
>as Handwriting #3 is back) Aug(??) 29--1931 by Rev.
Preston Penner
>home in Thorndike Me
>That is all. I have tried to copy exactly as writing and
>those letters or words I found hard or impossible to read.
I hope
>this helps someone else looking for someone.
>To all of you traveling to the Rich family association
meeting, drive
>safely, fly safely, have a great time. Those of us with
six year
>olds running around can't attend during the school year.
It will be
>probably another 10 years before I get to join the fun...I
>Take good notes and post it all to the list when you
return. We want
>to know all the details!!!!!
>Fondly, Susan Gagnon Wilson at

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