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Subject: [RICHERSON] Richerson - Dejarnette links Caroline County VA
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The given name GILES runs through the Richersons who were in Caroline County VA in the 18th century, and continues through the family that moved to Green Co KY.

In 1765, three key "suspects" for an earlier generation of our line appeared together in a document: WILLIAM RICHERSON signed a mortgage to John Taylor, Gentleman, which was proved by GILES RICHERSON, JOSEPH RICHERSON, and Moses Penn.

Makes me think the Joseph Richerson, father of the ones who moved to KY, was connected to William and Giles. ("Our" Giles would have been in his early 20s--he could have witnessed the mortgage. I haven't seen an earlier reference to a Giles than 1765--has anyone else???

In our direct line, GILES Richerson, husband of Jane Johns, died Nov. 1804, and had nine heirs: Frances (Mrs. Benjamin Hurt), Molley, Lucy, Jane, Salley, Martha "Patsy," Elizabeth (widow of Henry Stuart, Jr.), Thomas (ours), and John.
By 1820, Thomas, John, Frances, Martha and Lucy were dead.

John Richerson of Essex Co, VA, died 1820, must be the John of the heirs--he named children Jane Johns and Giles. His daughter Julia named a son Giles; his daughter Delia named a son Giles.

Elizabeth Richerson Stuart named a son Giles, and her son James named a son Giles.

George Richerson died about 1795 in Mecklenburg Co VA. Hi is said to have married first ELIZABETH DEJARNETTE; second, a Sarah. He named a son GILES. Other minor children in 1800 still with a guardian were Elizabeth, Fanny, Sally, and George.
Does anyone know this George?

In 1793, in Caroline co, George Richerson transferred land to GILES Richerson. His own son Giles would have been a minor in 1793 (if he was still a minor in 1800). Could this transfer have been to "our" Giles? What would the relationship be between George and Giles.

A George Richerson served in the Rev. War from Caroline and was also deputy sheriff there in the 1770s.

The Richerson-Dejarnettes of Green Co KY also used the named Giles. The two brothers who moved there had a brother Giles who was still in Caroline County in 1797 and acted as attorney for his brother Thomas, already in KY.
Is this Giles the one who married Frances Pace and had 21 children?

Joseph Richerson, son of Joseph Richerson and Mary Dejarnette, named a son Giles.

Joseph Richerson's son Joseph Elza named a son Giles.

Thomas Richerson and Elizabeth Dejarnette's son John had a son William, who named a son Giles.

A Johns family researcher, Bob Newsome, believes that "our" Giles Richerson, married to Jane Johns and father of nine, was born about 1745. In Caroline County around that time were James, Nathniel, Thomas, Joseph, and William.

It is quite possible that they are ALL related!

Our own line did not carry on the Giles given name--it barely carried on at all! Our Thomas (son of Giles, proven by of all things the names of the two slaves he inherited in 1805 and then they were named in his estate in 1815)
had only one son, Reuben, who was just three when Thomas died. We believe that little Reuben grew up in the household of the grandfather he was named for, Reuben Broaddus. He may not have even known any Richerson relatives--his only Richerson uncle John died in 1820, at least three Richerson aunts died by then, too. He did name a son Thomas, after his own father, but the grandfather Giles Richerson who died before he was born was forgotten.

Is anyone related to George? William?

Hope to hear,

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