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From: Tim Riddle <>
Subject: [RIDDLE-L] Melungeon PBS Show
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 20:38:43 -0700

Several weeks ago I mentioned here that there was a 1 hour show on PBS
about Melungeons. I emailed my local PBS station , WDCN in Nashville and
they were able to tell me when it was scheduled to be on. You can find a
link to the PBS station near you at www.pbs.org. Here is what they sent me:

We are airing a program on Wednesday, June 30 at 11:00 PM entitled
"Mysterious Melungeons: New Clues to Their Origins". The description is
as follows:

"The unusual mountain people of upper East Tennessee, described by John
Sevier in 1784 as being 'dark-skinned, reddish-brown complexioned people
supposed to be of Moorish descent who were neither Indian nor Negro, but
had fine European features, and who claimed to be Portuguese', are the
subject of this special."

This special was produced by WLJT in West Tennessee. They advertise at the
end of the show that a tape is available to order. Send me a private email
at for details.

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