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Melissa, I am responding to an email of Feb. 26, 2008 that you sent through
the Ridenour message board. Better late than never, had some time so here
All of this comes from Ridenour Family Data that Melvin "Mo" Ridenour
researched. It is about 1400 pages that you can download and save in your
Word Program. It is called ""Ancestors Are Forever"". You can go onto the
following website to download it. You can also download a WinZip program
that will open it up. This is the webpage.

I do believe your complete ancestry is in this file, copied and sending you
some of it. There is more on back before 1725, but too much to send at
present. So hopefully you will be able to download this valuable Ridenour
data. Please let me know how this works for you. You probably are very
distantly related to several people on the Ridenour message board.

This is what I found:

Ralph Edward R. b. Sept 15, 1954, s/o Charles Ray & Bonnie Louberta Harper,
he married Rebecca Lynn Fluttary. CH: Anthony Edward, b. Aug. 18, 1979.


Charles Ray b. Aug 1, 1932, s/o Ralph Kenneth Ridenour & Margaret Ruth Plum,
he married Bonnie L. Harper 1953, CH: Ralph Edward b. Sept 15, 1954;
Ladonna Darlene b. Dec 8, 1956 m. Thomas M McAlarney; Peggy Joyce b. Feb.
5, 1958; Cheryl Roxanne b. May 6, 1959, m. Carl Snider.


Ralph Kenneth Ridenour *29071907 Rowelsburg, Preston Co. WV+07021994, s/o
Morgan Milroy

*-32 Ridenour-Roberta Esther Jane "Bertie" Funk; oo 07091929,
Margaret Ruth Plum; ch; Evelyn Juanita *14031929
Rowlesburg, Preston Co. WV, oo 08061948 Oakland, Garrett Co. MD, Paul
Knotts; Robert Milroy *02011931, oo 05061957, Ellen Bucklew; Charles Ray
*01081932, oo 02081953 Bonnie Louberta Harper; Margaret Mae
*08041934, oo 12061951 Larry Knotts; Donald Vance *05091937, oo 06051955,
Waneta Patricia Williams; Guilda Viola *12021940, oo
29081957 Oakland, Garrett Co. MD, Gary Collins; [Ralph=S.S.# 234-12-0830,
issued WV, death benefit paid Tunnelton, Preston Co. WV]
[Z-A28; Z-A29]


Morgan Milroy Ridenour *09121863 Preston Co. VA+22041930; s/o James W.
"John" Ridenour-Jemima *-32 B. Bolyard; oo 22011886, Roberta
Esther Jane "Bertie" Funk *14101868 WV+00011944; ch; Walter Guy
*26081887 WV+26011925; Willis Harrison *30121888 WV+00031983 WV, oo
23031913, Oda Pearl Cool; Parker Alva *21071890 WV+25021979 WV, oo
21071913, Lessie M. Britton; Appleona L. "Eppa" *24011892 Flag Run,
Preston Co. WV, oo 03081918 Wheeling, Ohio Co. WV, Donate
Oliver White; Otto Harvey *04041893+04041893; Ray Homer
*17031894 Preston Co. WV+17121918 Preston Co. WV, oo 06041917 Artie Lee
Shay; Rose Lee *25031896 Etam, Preston Co. WV+22071923, oo
06041917, Bill Knotts; John Morgan *23111897 Flag Run,
Preston Co. WV +12061980 Tunnel Top, WV, oo #1 25111921 Shirley Bolyard,
#2 31101944 Margie Waybright [wd-Holyfield]; Arthur Dayton *03111899
Preston Co. WV+09041978 WV, oo 02041921 Kingwood, Preston Co. WV,
Jennie/Vernie Hazel Henline; Goldie Isabell *17061902 Flag
Run, Preston Co. WV+16021972, oo 19051921 Ezra Guy Sypolt;
Everett Jay *11031904 WV+17081994, oo 01121926 Goldie Lee Skidmore; Ona
Dorsey *29101905 WV+29101929; Ralph Kenneth *29071907
Rowelsburg, Preston Co. WV +07021994, oo 07091929, Margaret
Ruth Plum; Rachel *29071907 Tunnelton, Preston Co. WV, oo
15031935 Tunnelton, Preston Co. WV, Ernie Bolyard; [Occ=Farmer] [Lv 1890
Preston Co. WV] [Z-A28]


Andrew Ridenour *26031809 VA+00001848, s/o Martin Reitenauer-Anna Maria
"Mary" Miller; oo

*-32 Elizabeth Branham, d/o Thomas Branham; ch; Martin
*24021837+00001914, oo 27021855 Mariah Nina White; James W.
"John" *00011839+20041919, oo Jemima B. Bolyard; Mary A.
*00001848+18121911, oo Jonas Phillips; [Lv 1840 Aurora, Preston Co. VA,
census] [Z-A15; Z-A28; Z-B76; Z-B87]


Martin Reitenauer *05071782 Wash. Co. MD+00001849 Preston Co. VA, s/o Jacob

*-32 Barbara Semple/Stemple; oo Anna Maria "Mary" Miller *@1790
VA+@1874; ch; Andrew

*26031809 VA+00001848, oo Elizabeth Branham; Susan
*04111810 Monongalia Co. VA, oo Samuel Thomas; Samuel *13111812 Salem,
Monongalia Co. VA, oo <1831, Mary M.; Sarah E. *24081814
Salem, Monongalia Co. VA, oo James Freeland; Jacob *004021815 Monongalia
Co. VA+10121872, oo #1 Mary E. Branham, #2 Jane Roberts;
Eve Elizabeth *12081816 Monongalia Co. VA; Mary "Polly";
John Urice *16021820 Aurora, Preston Co. VA +08051906
Garrison, Benton Co. IA, oo 14081856 Aurora, Preston Co. VA, Elizabeth E.
Frush; Ann Rebecca *11021822+00001896, oo 00001841, Samuel
Garner; Nancy *24031824, oo William Garner; Martin
*00001826 +00001875, oo #1 Harriet Bucklew, #2 Mary Elizabeth White; Phoebe
*Monongalia Co. VA, oo Jacob Beighley; Epylin +00001872, oo John/Jehu
Bucklew; Savilla *00001835, oo 27101853 Preston Co. VA,
Hiram Dodge; Martha Elmanza *00001858 Preston Co. VA, oo 26051875 Jacob
Francis White; [q04081782 St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Wash. Co. MD] [Lv Hagerstown, Wash. Co. MD; 1830, 1840 Preston Co. VA,
census; 1860 "Mary" lv Albright Twp, Preston Co. VA, census
with son John Urice and his family] [Occ=Farmer, Distiller,
Saw and Grist Mill Owner] [Z-A02; Z-A15; Z-A24; Z-A25; Z-A28;
Z-A32; Z-A34; Z-A49; Z-B76; Z-B87]


Jacob Reitenauer *11011759 Wash. Co. MD+21091827 near Cavetown, Wash. Co.
MD, s/o Mathias

*-32 Reitenauer-Eve; oo 30091782 Wash. Co. MD, Susanna
Barbara Semple/Stemple *00001767 GER, d/o Gottfried
Stemple-Catherine Rinehart; ch; Martin *05071782 Wash. Co. MD
+00001849, oo Anna Maria "Mary" Miller; Rosina *14091784 Wash. Co. MD, oo
19031813 Monongalia Co. VA, Mr. Swinehart; Elisabeth
*28091785 Wash. Co. MD; Mary Magdalena *10051787 Wash. Co.
MD, oo 19031812 Monongalia Co. VA, Joseph Everly; John Henry
*02011789 Wash Co. MD+00001875, oo @1811 Monongalia Co. VA, Susan Shaffer;
Samuel *03121791; David *30091793 Monongalia Co.
VA+15101849, oo 22081817 Jefferson Co. OH, Elizabeth
Easterday; Susanna q23021796 Salem/Aurora, Monongalia Co. VA+28051851
Cumberland, Allegany Co. MD, oo 06121815 Monongalia Co. VA, Peter F.
Hoffman; Jacob *28031798 Aurora, Monongalia Co. VA, oo
Preston Co. VA, Susan Elizabeth Dumire; Sarah *29051803
Monongalia Co. VA, oo Preston Co. VA, John A. Wotring; Eva Catarina
*02101805 Monongalia Co. VA, oo Monongalia Co. VA, Henry Y.
Hauser; [* Listed St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Wash. Co. MD] Benjamin; Peter; [Served Rev War, enlisted 20071776 Pvt,
passed by Col. Charles Beatty, served under Capt Jacob Good's Company of the
Flying Camp and enlisted 27071778, 8th Class under Capt John
Kershner at Ft. Frederick, MD, DAR Vol.#1, pg 5639 applied
for pension 30101819 Wash. Co. MD, S4005] [Susanna arr US 1773 from
Wittenberg, GER] [Lv Wash. Co. MD; Fred. Co. MD; 14021792 on father's
land, called "Richland", in VA, and inherited 210 acres of
it] [Lv 1788, 1803 Aurora, Monongalia Co. VA; Susanna 1830
Preston Co. VA, census] [Redenour, Ridenhour] [One record lists d/o
Godfrey Stemple-Maria Margaretha Boyles] [Z-A15; Z-A24;
Z-A25; Z-A28; Z-A32; Z-A34; Z-A44; Z-A49; Z-B66;
Z-B76; Z-B87; Z-D07; Z-D12]


Mathias Reitenauer b. 25 Oct. 1725, Alsace, FR, married Eve (Unknown) there
are 3 pages of info on this family that includes a will. Mathias is the son
of Nicholas Reutenauer II & Anna Magdalena Arnet..............and then more
info on Nicolas & Anna........and on.

Please let me know that you received this. Marjie

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Hello again, I have been reading all of the info you guys post and send.
It's so amazing. I told my family about all of this info and they don't
believe me, they still believe Ridenours originated from Germany. I tried to
explain why it was believed that way but ehh! I give up. I found out my
great-grandfather's name, it was Ralph Edward Ridenour, and I believe he was
born in the 1900's. So,if any of you have info,let me know. I so appreciate
all of the info so far. Keep up the wonderful work. Oh! one more thing, I
don't know if this will help but I remember my grandmother telling me about
the Depression,so that means my great-grandfather was a parent already
during the Depression.
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