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Subject: [RIGENWEB-L] Line of Descent from Pasco Whitford - Part II of II
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 19:39:17 -0500

John (3) WHITFORD (Pasco (201)) was b abt 1700 at North Kingstown son of
Pasco Whiford (ba 1674) and Lydia ______ (ba 1676), and his will pvd 5 Feb
1782 at Exeter. He mar (1) ca 1726 Mary ________. The original Exeter
Vital Records (No. 1 1742-1818, p 210) lists the "Berth of the children of
John Wightford by Mary his wife" (their names and dates of birth as given
below), their surnames then spelled Whitford. James N. Arnold's Vital
Record of Rhode Island Exeter p 63 irroneously lists them as children of
John and Martha Whitford. Mary, wife of John (3), Whitford was prob. Mary
HYAMES/HIMES who was b abt 1710 of North Kingstown dau of james Hyams (ba
1767) and Sarah (Spink?) (ba 1676). The will of James Hyams pvd 13 Mar
1744/5 at North Kingstown mentions his dau Mary Whitford. Another poss. is
that Mary, wife of John (3) Whitford may have been Mary STAFFORD who was b
abt 1697 at Warwick dau of Joseph Stafford (b 1648) and Sarah Holden (b
1658). The will of Sarah Stafford, widow dated 5 Jan 1727 pvd 28 June 1731
as abstracted by Austinmentions her dau Mary Whitford. Comparing the names
of the chidlren of John and Mary Whitford with those in the James Hyams
family and with those in the Joseph Stafford family gives a larger
correspondance with the James Hyams family. Thus the names Mary, Sarah,
Elizabeth, Benjamin and Mercy occur in the John Whitford and the James Hyams
families while the names Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth occur in the John
Whitford and the Joseph Stafford families. Further John and mary Whitford's
dau Elizabeth mar William Hiames (prob the son of Benjamin Hiames the son of
James Hyams) suggesting further intermarriage within these families, a
situation which occured frequently with the early Rhode Island families.
John (3) Whitford married (2) Martha who signed the Exeter Land Eveidence as
his wife on 7 June 1774 and whom he mentioned in his will dated 3 Sep 1774.
In his will, John Whitford gave to his wife, Martha, his new woman's saddled
"and all the House hold goods that she brought to me when I married her free
and clear." Wording of this sort strongly suggests a second wife; it is
extremely unlikely that a man would use it referring to his mate of about 50
years. Mary Eliza Kenyon Huling (dec'd) was the first to note the record of
the Six Principle Baptist Church in North Kingstown dated 1771 whichc listed
as members John Whitford and Martha Tefft, Whitford called. Although the
wordins is somewhat obscure, it suggests that Martha, a second wife of John
Whitford, was Martha Tefft. This Martha Tefft appears to have been the
martha Tefft born roughly 1745 dau of James Tefft (br 1710) and Martha
________ (br 1715). this James Tefft in his will dated and pvd in May of
1758 at Richmond mentioned his wife Martha and 8 children including a son
George and a dau Martha apprently still unmarried. Martha, widow of John
Whitford d bet 17 Mar 1804 when she witnessed the will of Diadama Young
widow of Exeter and 26 Aug 1817 when she was called dec'd at the proving of
that will in Richmond. The other witnesses to the will of Diadama Young
were Levi Totten and Martha Totten. Levi Totten (ba 1764) and Martha Tefft
(ba 1768) dau of George Tefft (br 1740) were married in South Kingstown 8
July 1789. It appears that George Tefft father of Martha (Tefft) Totten was
the brother of Martha (Tefft) Whitford making the witnesses Martha Whitford
and Martha Totten, aunt and niece.

Children, born North Kingstwon, recorded at Exeter which was taken from
North Kingstwon abt the time of the birth of the last child:

1 Sarah (4), b 17 Sep 1727; d aft 3 Sep 1774 when she was mentioned in
her father's will; mar Mr. MOREY b ca 1723, perhaps Samuel Morey.
2 Benjamin, b 1 Mar 1729; prob d bef 3 Sep 1774 as he was not mentioned
in his father's will; mar Mary TOURGEE b ca 1733.
3 Lydia, b 22 Nov 1730; d aft 6 Feb 1782 when she signed a receipt to her
father's will, but was not mentioned in her husband's will dated 11 June
1794; mar William HIAMES b ca 1726 whose will was pvd 4 Aug 1794 at Exeter.
he was prob the son of BenjaminHimes (ba 1702) and Mary James (ba 1704).
4 Elizabeth, b 3 Apr 1733; d bef 26 Sep 1762; mar 8 Mar 1752 at Exeter
William SWEET b 18 Feb 1725 son of Nathaniel Sweet (br 1690) and Giffie
KETTELLE (br 1695). William mar (2) 26 Sept 1762 at West Greenwich Eleanor
REYNOLDS (ba 1730) dau of John Reynolds (br 1695) and Hannah ________ (br
5 Mary, b 22 Dec 1735; d aft 6 Feb 1782 when she signed a receipt to her
father's will; mar 15 Apr 1762 at Exeter Thomas TANNER b ca 1740 at North
Kingstown son of William Tanner (b 1712) and prob his first wife Martha Hill
(ba 1716). Mary and Thomas resided at Exeter and after 1794 moved to
Norway, Herkimer County, NY.
*6 John, b 1 Dec 1737; mar Mary VAUGHN.
7 Mercy, b 25 Mar 1739; d 6 Jan 1826 at Springfield, Windsor County,
Vermont; mar 1 Jan 1760 at Exeter Daniel GILL, Jr. b 25 Sep 1734 at Exeter
son of Daniel Gill, Sr. (ba 1706) and Hannah Kingsley (ba 1695), d 7 Dec
1793 at Ossening, Westchester County, NY.
8 Martha, b 21 Jan 1740/1; d aft 6 Feb 1782 when she signed a receipt to
her father's will; mar Josiah ARNOLD b ca 1736, d aft 6 Feb 1782.
9 Amos, b 25 July 1743; d 1 Apr 1835 at Exeter; mar (1) 20 mar 1770 at
Exeter Sarah ARNOLD b 11 jan 1752 dau of Caleb Arnold (br 1715) and Hannah
Reynolds (br 1720), d bef 13 Dec 1797 when she was called dec'd in her
father's will; mar (2) Mary or Molly TILLINGHAST b 1 Sep 1747 at East
Greenwich dau of Pardon "Molasses" Tillinghast (ba 1718) and Hannah Stafford
(b 1721), d 4 Jan 1823 at Exeter. Amos and Mary are buried in the RI
Historical Cemetery Exeter #19 in a pasture still belonging to the Whitford

John (4) WHITFORD (John (3), Pasco (2-1)) was b 1 Dec 1737 at North
Kingstown (recorded at Exeter) son of John Whitford (ba 1700) and Mary
__________ (ba 1704). His mother was prob Mary Hyams dau of James Hyams (ba
1676) and Sarah (Spink?) (ba 1676). His will was pvd 31 Oct 1822 at Exeter.
He mar ca 1767 Mary VAUGHAN who was b abt 1739 of North Kingstown dau of
Isaac Vaughan (b 1707) and Mary Cornell (ba 1711). (The maiden name Cornell
is based solely on H.V. Griffin's "John Vaughan of Newport" which cites no
source.) Mary (Vaughan) Whitford appears to have died bef 10 Jan 1821 as
she was not mentioned in her husband's will.

Children, born Exeter:

1 Benjamin (5), b 1768; d aft 10 jan 1821 when he was mentioned in his
father's will; mar (1) ca 1794 Amey TILLINGHAST b 29 Oct 1767 at Exeter dau
of Stukeley Tillinghast (b 1741) and Honor Hopkins (b 1745), d bef 9 July
1818 when she was called dec'd in her father's will; mar (2) Elizabeth ALLEN
(ba 1775).
*2 Lydia, b 29 Mar 1770; mar ca 1793 Thomas PHILLIPS, Esquire.
3 Ruth, b ca 1772; d aft 20 Jan 1821 when she was mentioned in her
father's will; mar Mr. WITHABEA b ca 1768.
4 Elizabeth, b ca 1774; appears to have died bef 10 Jan 1821 as she was
not mentioned in her father's will.
5 John, b ca 1776; mar (1) ca 1804 Polly HATHAWAY b ca 1780 dau of Nathan
Hathaway (br 1745) and Sarah (br 1750), d aft 1 Feb 1815 when she was
mentioned in her father's will; mar (2) bef 2 Dec 1826 when John & Sybel
Whitford signed a receipt Sybel HALL b 27 Dec 1794 at Exeter dau of Caleb
Hall (br 1760) and Mary (br 1765).
6 Isaac, b ca 1778; administration of his estate 13 June 1812 at Exeter;
mar unknown. His dau Hannah R. Whitford was placed under the guardianship
of Benjamin Whitford. The will of John Whitford dated 10 Jan 1821 mentions
land belonging to the heirs of Isaac Whitford late of Exeter dec'd, but does
not explicitely call him son.

Lydia (5) WHITFORD (John (4-3), Pasco (201)) was born 29 mar 1770 at Exeter
dau of John Whitford (b 1737) and Mary Vaughan (ba 1739) and d 25 Feb 1848
at Exeter. she mar abt 1793 Thomas (4) PHILLIPS, Esquire (Thomas (3),
Samuel (2-1)) who was b 20 Apr 1770 prob at North Kingstown (hi sbirth
recorded at Exeter with those of his children) son of Thomas Phillips (b
1735) and dorcas Albro (b 1740) and d 11 Feb 1840 at Exeter. Lydia, Thomas
and their children, Lydia, James and Abbie Ann are buried in RI Historical
Cemetery Exeter #53.

Children, surname PHILLIPS, born Exeter:

1 Dorcas, b 17 Jan 1794; d 5 Jan 1852; mar by 1815 (certain, but not
necessarily all, of their children born Exeter 1816-1832) Oliver ARNOLD b
1793, d 17 Oct 1861. They are buried in North Kingstown.
2 Elizabeth, b 14 Oct 1796; mar 19 May 1814 Whitman THURSTON b ca 1792
son of Nathaniel Thurston (br 1760) and Mary Whitman (br 1765).
3 Thomas, Jr., b 23 Jan 1798; d 2 Apr 1872 at Exeter; mar 26 Feb 1828 at
Warwick Mercy HOXSIE b 1802 at West Greenwich, dau of Joseph Hoxsie (ba
1775) and Elizabeth (ba 1779), d 2 Nov 1887 at Hopkinton. Thomas and Mercy
are buried in RI Historical Cemetery Exeter #22, the Chestnut Hill Baptist
Church Cem Ten Rod Road.
4 Mary, b 21 Mar 1801; d 20 Dec 1883 at Exeter; mar Christopher Champlin
GREENE b 4 Oct 1801 at Exeter son of William Greene (ba 1770) and Marcy
Tillinghast (ba 1774), d 14 Oct 1860 at Exeter. Mary and Christopher C. are
buried in RI Historical Cemetery Exeter #22.
5 John, b 13 Mar 1803; d 10 Oct 1848 administration of his estate at
North Kingstown; mar 14 or 19 June 1821 at Wickford, North Kingstown Mary
SPINK b 22 May 1801 at North Kingstown dau of Daniel Spink (b1776) and Mary
Brown (b 1778), d 2 Sep 1849. John and Mary are buried in RI Historical
Cemetery Exeter #18.
6 Lydia, 2 Mar 1805; d 15 June 1807.
7 James, b 23 July 1807; d 15 Dec 1809.
8 Samuel, b 21 Jan 1810; d 6 Mar 1885 at Exeter; mar Tryphena HOXSIE b 24
Oct 1811 at West Greenwich dau of Joseph Hoxsie (ba 1775) and Elizabeth (ba
1779), d 15 Oct 1869 in Exeter. Samuel and Tryphena are buried in RI
Historical Cemetery Exeter #22.
9 Abbie Ann, b 22 Mar 1812; d 20 Sep 1832, unmarried.

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