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Subject: [RIGENWEB] Jacques information - Brothertown Indians....
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 10:41:23 EST

This was posted on the Nipmuc site....just wanted to pass this along....there is a mention of Jacques....

From: dlcsnest
Date: November 25, 2001
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Hi all!Check out the message board (Brothertown Indian forum) at www.network54.com for vitals of Indians from RI and CT who migrated to Wisconsin. Family names of Potter, Niles, Reed and Vickers among others were mentioned. Below is a message pasted from the website. Hope it helps someone.


Hi! Relations, Happy New Year to all;

I am researching my Brothertonw/Narragansett connections and hope some one may help with this line.
According to my grandfather who filed a New York Indian claim in 1901 ,He states that his gr-grandfather MONTGOMERY BROOKS was the daughter of Sampson Potter who emigrated to Brothertown,NY in 1804 from the Narragasett Tribe in Charlestown,RI.
Montgomery married EUNICE REED ,a Narragansett who was born ca.1803 in Ct/VT. Neither of these names are on the BROTHERTOWN/NARRAGANSETT TRIBAL ROLES that I know of. Though my grandfather and his family are on the Montauk Tribal roll.But I have found some new & encouragin information on the genweb site that opens new doors for me in regard to my BROOKS/REED family names.

I am told that the name BROOKS was sometimes spelled BROUSE or BRUCE.
Also I am told that there was a PRISCILLA NILES-BROOKS-WHEELER, She was the daughter of Pero and Sarah Niles(her father was James Niles, who went to Brothertownin 1796) who were Narragansett..

There was a DICK POTTER that owned Narragansett lands also..Hannah Harry married a Daniel Jaques Brooks...who at one time dropped the BROOKS and he was known by Jaques and when he died his lands were held by the council.

There was a Salle Brooks(Mohegan)who married a Quidgeon...Some say through research that she was Sally Aaron Brooks who was Pequot.Who died in Bolton,CT on March 4,1858.

In 1879, There was a resolution that allowed a LUCINDA REED, a member of the Narragansett Tribe to sell her land(RI act and Resolves)January 1879).

My Narragansett connections may also be from Georgianna Robinson,daughter of George D. Robinson, son of Prince Robinson..

I'm told the direct lines to the BROOKS/REED families are LEWIS,WHEELER & LAWRENCE and those mentioned above.

Any help is most appreciated. many Thaks and may the creator bless you!
Lone Wolf

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