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From: Beth Hurd <>
Subject: Providence - Police, Fire, Military (part 22)
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 00:04:14 -0500

History of Providence County, Rhode Island
Edited by Richard M. Bayles.
In two volumes, illustrated. Vol. I.
New York: W. W. Preston & Co., 1891.

pp. 345 - 382. (part 22)

"Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1, Elwyn A. Wood, foreman, has apparatus valued at
$4,000. Protective Co. No. 1, C. H. Swan, foreman, was organized February
1st, 1875, and has horses and apparatus, including extinguishers, valued at
$763. Hose Co. No. 2, Lewis A. Cutler, foreman, occupies a part of the
Pioneer building on South Main street. It has a steam fire engine and
apparatus valued at $4,812. The Pioneer Building is built of brick, two
stories high, and stands on land leased by the city of the heirs of Harriot
Brown. The building was purchased of the trustees of the Pioneer Fire
Company in 1854. The assessors' valuation on it is $4,000.

Hose Co. No. 3, Oscar F. Millet, foreman, is located on Pond street, and
has apparatus valued at $2,000. The fire station which it occupies was
built in 1874-5, at a cost of $6,500, and has an alarm bell upon it which
cost $360. It is on a lot measuring 80 feet front and having an average
depth of 80 feet, which was purchased of Edward S. Williams and Gardner T.
Swarts in 1846, and is valued by the assessors at $8,553.

Hose Co. No. 4, Henry R. Beehler, foreman, occupies a part of the fire
station and ward room building on Mill and North Main streets. It has
apparatus, etc., to the value of $1,787. This building was erected in
1883, and is of brick, three stories on Mill street and two stories on
North Main street. The cost of the building, furnished, was $15,000, and
that of the land $5,500. The lot was purchased of Melissa A. Lewis in
1882, and contains 3,550 square feet. This company formerly occupied a
building at the junction of Bark and Mill streets. This building is in the
lower story still used by the fire department for storage purposes. The
building is owned by the city, and was built upon a lot which was purchased
of James Thurber and others in July, 1852."

continued in part 23.

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