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From: Beth Hurd <>
Subject: [RI] Printers and Printing in Providence (part 145)
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2008 13:45:18 -0400

from "Printers and Printing in Providence, 1762 - 1907"
prepared by a committee of Providence Typographical Union #33 as a
souvenir of the 50th anniversary of its institution
printed in 1907

"The Journeymen" (part 145)
pp. LXIV - LXV.

"WALTER BYRON NORTON - Born Providence Feb. 21, 1882; learned
printing in office of Visitor, beginning in 1897; assistant foreman
Morning Tribune in 1907.

ALPHA H. NUTTING - Born Delevan, Ill., Sept. 19, 1863; learned
printing in office of Fall River Sun, beginning in May, 1878;
initiated into Providence Union Sept. 30, 1883; worked in most of the
large cities of the United States; several years on the New York
World, and has since 1894 in Boston; on Hearst's American, Boston, in 1907.

Initiated into Providence Typographical Union on Date Named:
HAROLD E. NOCK, May 29, 1893.

Admitted by Card on Dates Named:
H. E. NEWTON, from New York, July 8, 1871.
JAMES W. NEWTON, Sept. 9, 1871.
J. H. NORTON, Aug. 10, 1872.

Name from Providence Directory:
FREDERICK A. NIGER - 1863; probably learned at A. Crawford Greene's.

JOSEPH B. OAKLEY (Little Joe) - Died Greenfield, Mass.; admitted to
Providence union by card Nov. 14, 1868; worked in this city at various times.

G. R. O'BRIEN - Born Oswego, N. Y., Feb. 19, 1867; learned printing
in Oswego, beginning in 1879; admitted to Providence Union by card at
the April meeting, 1886, and worked in this city during that spring
and summer; located in Chicago, Ill., in 1904.

JOSEPH A. O'BRIEN - Born Providence Sept. 2, 1869; learned printing
on Evening Bulletin, beginning in 1888, and worked on that paper as a
linotype operator until 1906; initiated into Providence Union Aug.
31, 1890; now employed on Evening Bulletin.

STEPHEN W. OCKREY - Born Providence April 19, 1866; learned trade at
Utley's Printing Office, Norwich, Conn., of which office he was
foreman from 1885 to 1891; foreman of Norwich Printing Co. from 1891
to 1894; foreman Norwich Morning Post from 1894 to 1897; initiated
into Providence Union Feb. 25, 1900; with E. A. Johnson & Co. from
1897 to 1906; participated in the effort for the eight-hour day in 1906.

DANIEL O'CONNOR - Born Tiguish, P. E. I., Jan. 31, 1879; started his
apprenticeship to printing in his native town and finished at What
Cheer Print in this city, where he began to work in 1895; obligated
in Providence Union May 27, 1900; financial secretary in 1903, and
was elected Vice President in 1904, succeeding to the presidency when
Mr. Geer left the city; Vice President again in 1907; delegate to
Colorado Springs, I. T. U., convention in 1906; now employed on
Evening Bulletin."

continued in part 146.

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