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From: Rob Roark - San Antonio Sort Supervisor X27024 <>
Subject: Resend: Muhlenberg Desc. of William Roark
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 11:39:20 -0600 (CST)

I Don't know if this ever got posted to the Group. Ginger Hayes had
transcribed part of a lawsuit filed in Hopkins Co., KY after William Roark
(B. 1760 Ire married to Mary Everly) death.
I came accross a listing of Muhlenberg Co. Marriages this last week at
the library. There were some clarifications on a couple of early 1800's
marriages that I was unsure of:

A listing for "Jaddath Roark" is probably Judith Roark, married to a
matthew Langely in 1808. I can find no other reference in any database
for Judith.
There is lso a listing for an Alice Roark marrying John Reynolds on Dec
17, 1805. The database that Jeff Murphy maintains on-line lists this date
as 1835. The Birth and death dates for John Reynolds would match, so she
would probably be a Grandaughter of William rather than a Daughter.

Neither one of these names are mentioned in the Lawsuit below. The
census Indicies that I have only list William, John, Martin, and William (2)
up until the 1840's in the county. Does anyone have any ideas for a
connection? Since William came to the county between 1800-1810 before
going with Michael to Illinois, they could possibly be daughters....

Also, there is a listing in the 1850 Muhlenberg Co. Census for a John
Roark, Age 66, married to Nancy, age 60. Both are listed as being born in
S.C. There is also a Mary Driver, age 78, living with them. (I am
assuming the mother of Nancy). He has a dughter Mary 31, with a birth
place of Tenn. There is also another daughter living next door, Elizabeth,
age 34, born in Tenn. She is married to James Jarvis.
John did not show up until after 1840, and his daughters were born in
Tenn., so I am pretty certain he was not one of the original Muhlenberg Co.
Roark's. But, there must be some family connections somewhere to the N.C.
or eastern Clan. It would help if I knew the rest of his progeny so that I
could cross them off my marriage lists for the county.

Rob Roark

From:SMTP%"" 25-JAN-1997 16:06:19.31
Subj:re: Names

This is a greatly abbreviated version, but it gives all the names &

1) William Roark-Mary Everly(?)
2) Martin Roark - d. before 1868
3)Wm. Roark
3)Elizabeth - md. 1826 Hugh Martin she died 1843
4)Wm. M. Martin
4) Eliza Ann - md ? Tinsley; widow
4)James H.H. Martin
4)Robert M. Martin
4)Mary H - md Nathan Everly
4)Templeton D. Martin
3)Sarah - md. Jefferson M.D. Martin; she is deceased
4)Wm. Henry Martin
4)Mary E - md. Dr. John W. Morehead
4)Thomas T. Martin
4) C.T. Martin
4)Phineas M. Martin
4)Joseph Martin
4)George W. Martin
3)Simeon Roark
3) Veronice - md Joseph L. McIntire
2) William Roark - d. 1863 - wife: Martha
3) John R. Roark
3) Artemesia - md. Samuel McDonald
3)Mary E - md. Wm. D. Martin; widow
3) Sarah J - md James M. McDonald
3) Mahala A - md Thos. T. Walton
3) Martha Y. J. - md Green Richardson
3) M.J. Roark
3)Eliza E - md Philip Cobb
3) Amanda B. - md Wm. J. Lamb
3) Susan - md. Andrew McDonald; she is deceased
4) Martha A. McDonald
2) Michael Roark
2) Catharine - md Akies Ellison; she is deceased
3)Nancy Ellison - md John Jarvis; widow
2) John Roark
2) Elizabeth d. Hopkins County, KY 1860 md 1st Hobson Brown-d. 1840
md 2nd
Archibald Coleman
Elizabeth died intestate and without issue
also: Martha A. McDonald and George W. Martin were minors at time of suit

information from: Roark Law Suit
Hopkins County, KY
Case #9317-October 1868

Information from submission to Kentucky Family Records, Vol 20, pg 79
by: Mrs. Margaret Alford
1434 Hickory Lane
Owensboro, KY 42303

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