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Subject: Re: Elijah Roark, killed 1829, TX
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 1997 13:24:45 -0500 (EST)

Thanks so much for writing and for all the information. Alma Roark Johnson
had sent me a "copy" of Elijah's 1807 Stokes Co., NC, will showing a son
Elijah. I did wonder if he was "ours." You suggested that, as Timothy was
executor, son Elijah may have left by 1807. Do you think Elijah was their

Our Elijah named a daughter Rebecca (my ancestor), but no other names were
similar to Elijah and Judith's family. Our Elijah married Cynthia Fisher.
Their other children (born between about 1813 and 1830) were Leo Elijah
A(ndrew?), Andrew Jackson "Jack", Louisa, Lucinda, Andrew, and Mary (born
after her father was killed by Indians on a return trip from the market in
San Antonio).

When I find the names Amos and Elijah in the same place, I feel the Elijah
could be ours or related to ours:

1) Roarks on Henry Co., VA, tax lists: 1782 - John and Elijah (Fothergill's
VA taxpayers); 1787 - Amoss (sic), David, and Elijah Rowark. In 1787 "Ames
Rowarks" bought land there and sold it in 1796. David bought land in 1789 and
1802. He sold some in 1804 and, I think, in 1810 (Deed Books, Lela C. Adams).
The land they bought and sold became part of Patrick Co. in 1791/1792.

2) In 1802 an Amos had land in Ste. Genevieve, Louisiana Territory, which
later became Missouri. Amos and Elijah's names appeared together on Ste.
Genevieve records in 1817 and 1818. I don't know what their relationship was.
According to MO historian Houck, Amos sold his land in 1818 and went to
Gaconade Co., MO.

Elijah Roark's signature in MO is the same signature as our Elijah in Texas.
Curiously, he seems to have had 2 middle initials. They are difficult to
read, but look like V.N. In Texas, Elijah was one of Austin's "Old 300." His
land was in Austin Colony in what later became Fort Bend County. He also had
land in Harris, Wharton, and Austin counties.

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