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From: Rob Roark - San Antonio Sort Supervisor X27024 <>
Subject: Muhlenberg KY Roark/McDonald connections
Date: Sun, 21 Sep 1997 23:50:36 -0500

Jeff Murphy had written me concerning a puzzle with Roark/McDonald
connections in the 1860 Census for Muhlenberg Co., KY. This got me looking
through my notes, and I came accross a suit that Joseph Stone had copied
and sent to me this last spring from the County Courthouse.
The suit lists "David Evans and the heirs of David Evans Dec'd", and was
filed 1/31/1835. The Roark connection is that Michael Roark, son of
William (who moved to Ill) was married to Nancy Evans. Michael's older
brother John, was reported to have married a Caly Evans, but I have no
records up to this point. Persons in the suit:
David Evans
William Evans
Amos C. Strong, and his wife Elizabeth
James Evans
Michael Roark and Nancy his wife
Ailsea Roark
Nancy Roark
Sarah Jane Roark.
(Ailsea, Nancy, and Sarah Jane being the infant heirs of Catherine Roark

This gives us some leads for the Evans connection, but it also possibly
fills in a missing link with my John. John Roark is recorded as marrying
"Caly or Caty Evans" in the marriage record book of the local minister in
1809, around the time that the Roark's moved to muhlenberg County, and
before Michael and Old William left. I also have record of John Roark and
Ariel Anderson marrying on Aug 30, 1827. Since I have no record of a
Catherine Roark as a daughter of Old William in any of the other numerous
suits, I am assuming this Catherine is the wife "Caly or Caty" married to
John. But, since John did not die until 1869, why was he not mentioned in
the suit?
Also, this fills in the blanks I have for the Muhlenberg marriages.
Alice Roark who married John Reynolds 17-Dec-1835 was probably Ailsea.
Nancy Roark who married John Bracket 2-Nov-1837 I had thought was the
daughter of John Roark and Nancy Driver. I may be wrong. Elizabeth who
married James Jarvis may have been their only daughter to mary in
Sarah Jane Roark married Ward McDonald 21-Oct-1841. I had thought that
this was a dughter of William, son of Old William, but I may have gotten
confused. In the 1860 census, there is Ward Mcdonald and Sarah J with and
eldest son age16. There is also a Sary Jane Roark married to James
McDonald 5-May-1843, who have an eldest daughter age 17.
We may never know which Sarah Jane belongs to WIlliam or John, but this
fills in some blanks as to why I did not have records of John's children
from the first marriage. I never found a head stone for Catherine outside
of Greenville. but there was a lot of the hillside missing stones, and most
of the stones that where there were from 1850-1860 and on.
Although the families intermarried a lot in the county, at least they
were a litigous group, and kept lots of court records on their land suits.


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