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From: "Cody Dailey" <>
Subject: [ROBERTS-L] ROBERTS, Philip, born 1763 NC-Revolutionary soldier from SC
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 22:21:42 -0500

Hi listers!

It has been a year or two since I last posted so it is probably time to see
if there are any new cousins out there.

I am looking for descendants of Philip Roberts (a revolutionary soldier who
served from SC) and his wife, Sarah Kirtley.

Philip was born along the banks of the Cape Fear River, in Cumberland
County, NC on January 24, 1763. He left North Carolina as a young teenager
and settled in Darlington District, SC where he joined the Revolution in the
year 1778 and served for the remainder of the war. He took only a short
leave of absence in 1779 when his father died back in NC and he was required
to help settle his father's affairs. When the war ended, Philip settled in
the Old Cheraw District of SC where he met and married Sarah Kirtley.

According to Philip's pension application, he had ten children.
Unfortunately, I have only the names of nine of them. They were:

1) George Roberts (born July 5, 1784) who married Elizabeth Taylor Lassiter
2) John Roberts (born 1786) who married Patience (maiden name unknown)
3) Mary Roberts (born about 1790)
4) William Roberts (born about 1795)
5) Philip Roberts Jr. (born May 18, 1798) who married Mary A. Evans
6) Peter Roberts (born about 1800)
7) Elliot Roberts (born 1802) who married Rebecca Spears
8) Foster Roberts (born 1803) who married Ann (maiden name unknown)
9) David Roberts (born 1805) who married Eliza King

After their children were born, Philip the Revolutionary and Sarah Kirtley
picked up and moved to Oddville, in Harrison County, Kentucky. Several
children remained behind in South Carolina. The Old Cheraw District was
divided up and the land once occupied by Philip the Revolutionary became
part of Richland County.

I descend from Philip Roberts Jr. who remained in Richland County with his
wife, Mary A. Evans. They lived out most of their lives in the city of

They had the following children:
1) William T. Roberts (born November 7, 1818) who married Feniday (maiden
name unknown)
2) David Roberts (born November 19, 1825) who married Sarah R. (maiden name
3) Thomas Philip Roberts (born July 23, 1830) who married Eliza Brazell
4) Sarah Roberts (born November 29, 1833)
5) James A. Roberts (born October 30, 1835)
6) Susan Ann Roberts (born December 24, 1837) who married a Mr. Freeman

My line comes down from Thomas Philip Roberts and Eliza Brazell. Their
children were:

1) George Philip Roberts (born 1857) who married Hattie (maiden name
2) Frances A. Roberts (born October 2, 1859) who married a Mr. Jones
3) Andrew Jackson Roberts (born May 28, 1962) who married Victoria Kirby
4) Thomas Jefferson Roberts (born October 7, 1866) who married Ida Alice
5) Eliza Mae Pinkerton Roberts (born November 17, 1883) who married William
P. Swygert

Thomas Jefferson Roberts and Ida Alice Fetner Roberts had the following
1) Charles Franklin Roberts (born June 2, 1895) married Emma E. Ezzell
2) Thomas Archibald Roberts (born February 8, 1891)
3) Juanita Eliza Roberts (born October 23, 1893)
4) Walter Jackson Roberts (born December 31, 1894) married Edna M. Morris
5) Edith F. Roberts (born February 6, 1896) married Charlie Moore
6) Blanche Fetner Roberts (born November 1899) married Sterling Williamson
7) Llora Alice Roberts (born 1903) married Joseph A. Wiggins
8) Andrew Roberts (born 1905) married Juanita (maiden name unknown)

Lastly I descend from Charles Franklin Roberts and Emma Ezzell. Their
children were:

1) Earl Erskine Roberts (born July 17, 1927)
2) Joyce Lee Roberts (born June 18, 1928)
3) Jacquelin J. Roberts (born December 21, 1929) married Edward Harry Burke
4) Charlie Jeanette Roberts (born December 10, 1930) married Harold E. Junek
5) Betty Jean Roberts (born June 1, 1933) married JB Dailey (MY
6) Patsy Jo Roberts (born December 12, 1938) married Isaac Nakooka

These lines back are all proven with hard evidence with the exception of the
link between Philip Sr. and Philip Jr. I have an 1820 census record that
shows them next door to each other and one is listed Philip SR. and the
other is listed Philip JR. I am trying to get into the SAR under Philip's
name, but the 1820 census is not recognized by the SAR as proof.

I am looking for any descendants of this line that would like to trade info.
and fill in each other's blanks. I would especially be interested in
hearing from anyone that can help me prove the link between the two

Take care and happy hunting!

Cody Dailey

Also searching for Dailey, Bell, Schaare, Fetner, Evans, Hester, Rhodes,

see my genealogy website at

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