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Subject: ROBERTSON, descendants of John and James
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 21:45:04 EST

My name is William Burr Robertson. I am trying to trace my lineage from my
Great Great Grandfather back to Scotland.

My father, Burr Robertson, TX 1888 - AR 1935
Grandfather, Joseph Wiley Robertson, GA 1849 - TX 1913
Great Grandfather, Wiley (B?) Robertson, Savannah GA 1821 - TX ?
Great Great Grandfather, James Burrell Robertson, places and dates UNK

This is as far back that I was able to trace my direct lineage. My
Grandmother was reported to have said that our Robertson ancestors go back to
two brothers who immigrated from Scotland (probably in early 1700's). I have
found info on brothers James and John Robertson who came from Scotland to
Ireland, then to Philadelphia. The reason I believe that these brothers maybe
my ancestors is that in 1911 my father named my older half brother, Felix
Randolph Robertson. This is a fairly unusual name that appears many times in
James and John's family histories.

My research to date:
John Robertson went from Scotland to Ireland in late 1600's. He married
Eliza Randolph of Belfast about 1685 - 1690. They had sons, James and John
Randolph (b. 1712).

James and John Randolph Robertson went from Ireland to Philadelphia, early -
mid 1730's.

James - Not much info. Family unknown. May have moved from Wake Co, NC to
eastern Tenn. in 1769 with a George Ridley.

John - Married Mary Gower 1739. Went to Brunswick Co, VA, to Orange Co, NC to
Buncombe Co, NC and he died in Wake Co, NC about 1780 - 1790. Their sons:
Charles b 1740, James 1742, William, Elijah, Mark (killed by Indians) settled
in Watauga, Tenn (orig NC), General James Robertson, b 1742 had eleven
children but none have been traced to my family so far. However, one of John
and Mary's grandson's and great grandsons were named Felix Randolph Robertson.
Also many of their other descendants have both Randolph and Felix as first or
middle names. Charles married Susannah Nichols of Alexandria in 1758. Their
sons: George and William - do not trace to my family.

Because of the repetition of the names Felix and Randolph, plus my
Grandmother's remarks about the brothers from Scotland, I can't help but think
that I am related to James or John who first came to America in the early

The only line I can rule out is John's son General James Robertson (married
Charlotte Reeves 1768) whose children and grandchildren do not match my
family, but do not have much info on John or James' other children.

It would be sincerely appreciated if anyone has any information that would
help me close the gap between my Great Great Grandfather and the brothers
James and John Robertson.

William Burr Robertson

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