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Here are the Wills that I have collected from SC & NC. Please note that
I'm searching for the ancestors of Peter Roberson (born 1816 in SC,
resided in Clark Co, MS until his death in 1901), his wife was Nancy
Husbands. I would appreciate any leads and or suggestions that you may

Robertson / Robinson / Roberson Wills
Charleston, South Carolina

Peter Robertson - 1810
Leaves care of mother to William Clark.
Leaves estate to James Clark, son of William Clark and Isaac Francis,
son of John O. Francis.
Witnesses - Charles Corr., Robert Hopton.
Will Book E-1807-1818 - Page 159

Francis Robertson - 1819
Mt Airey, Union District.
William Young (Executor / friend)
Mentions daughter but does not name her.
Numerous business details and transactions with a number of people.
Witnesses - William Bryce, Mary Bryce, Sally Bryce
Probated - 3/23/1820
May have been 71 at time of death.
Will Book F - 1818-1826 -Page 175

William Robertson - 1819
Wife - Susan Robertson (Executrix)
Children mentioned but not named
Witnesses - Neill M. Neill, John M. Kenzie, & Mich. Peake
Probated - 10/4/1832
Will book G - 1826-1834 - Page 625

John Robertson - 1831
Sons - John T. Robertson & George Robertson - Executors
Daughters - Catherine Robertson & Elizabeth Robertson
Wife - Deceased
Witnesses - Thomas Bacot, Henry H. Bacot, & F.W. Bacot Jr.
Will Book G - 1826-1834 - Pages 518

Adam Robertson -1838
Daughter - Elizabeth (minor)
Mentions other children but does not name them.
Guardian - John Maxton (Friend)(Executor)
Executor - Alexander Gordon
Witnesses - James M. Walker, Sam McCartney, Robert Mure
Probated - 12/14/1838
Will Book H - 1834-1839 - Page 403

Susanna Boone Robertson - 1842
Daughters - Susan Boone Robertson, Helen Rebecca Rowand, Mary Blacklock
Sons - Alexander Robertson (Executor)
Son in law - John Freer Blacklock (Executor)
Witnesses - Goerge W. Moody, Isaac M. Wilson, William Mullings
Probated - 4/21/1851
Will Book I & J - 1839-1845 - Page 402

John Robinson - 1845-9
Wife - Susan Robinson
Slaves - house servants - Nat, Richard
Marengo County, Alabama Plantation (Lee)(600 acres)
Orangebrush District, SC Plantation (36 slaves)
Mount Hope Plantation, Alabama (3000 acres)(150 slaves)
Granddaughter - Sarah Lang Nelson, Susan Robinson (daughter of Stephen)
Sons - William Robinson, Stephen Thomas Robinson, Murray Robinson,
James Kirk Robinson, Samuel Robinson
Slaves - lists names of 28 - lists more names in different cocidils
Grandson - John Robinson (son of Stephen), John Robinson Buist, Edward
T. Buist (sons of deceased daughter, Margaret), John Robinson Caldwell,
John Robinson (son of Murray)
Daughters- Ann F. Caldwell, Susan Lee
Executors - Wife, Sons - William, Stephen, James
Witnesses - Maynard Strobel, Samuel D. Stoney, George P. Kittleband
Codicils - 1845, 1846, 1847, 1849
Probated - 5/22/1849
Will Book K - 1845-1851 - Page 273

James Robertson - 1852
Wife - Ellen D. Atkins (Executrix)
Executor - Dunbar Paul
Witnesses - Robert Lebby, B.W. Palmer, John Forrest
Probated - 12/14/1852
Will Book L - 1851-1856 - Page 121

James Kirk Robertson - 1854/1866
Wife - Mary T. Robinson (Executrix)
Brothers - Stephen F. Robinson (Executor)
Executor - John R. Dukes
Leaves some of his estate to his minor children (daughter) but does not
name them.
Witnesses - J.L. Honour, T. Strut Burdell, & B.S.D. Nuckenfus
Probated - 1867

William Robertson - 1856
Parish of Saint John Berkley
Wife - Mary Robertson (Executrix)
Slaves - Toney, frotune, William, & Primus
Trustee - Charles Macbeth
Son - Dr. John Joseph Robertson, Lewis F. Robertson (Executor)
Witnesses - Thomas P. Ravenel, H.L. Stevens, John N. Porcher
Probated - 9/30/1859

Mary Robertson - 1858
Husband - William Robertson
Brother - Charles Macbeth, James Macbeth, Robert Macbeth
Wampee Plantation
Sons & Daughters of Charles Macbeth - Charles Johnstone, James Ravenel,
Richard Yeadon, Mellville James Gaillard, Henrietta Cain. Mary Catherine
Mother (deceased) - Catherine Macbeth
Sons & Daughters of James Macbeth - James Robertson, William Edward
Wistar, Alexander, Catherine Louisa Trenholm, Mary Lize, Emma Sabina.
Slaves - Judy Caty Buff, Joe, Delia, Margaret Polly young Hester,
Sister in laws - Mrs. Robert Macbeth, Mrs. James Macbeth, Mrs. Charles
Aunts - Miss Charlotte Johnstone and Miss Anna Johnstone
Nephews - Melville Gaillard and James Gaillard
Leaves to children of William Robertson - Dr. Francis Marion Robertson,
Mrs. Mary Ann Boggs, William Alexander Robertson, Dr. John Joseph
Robertson, Mrs. Lucretia Catherine Joyner, Lewis Ford Robertson, James
Walthal Robertson.
Pamela Mary Robertson (daughter of William Alexander Robertson)
Walthal Robertson Joyner (son of Richard W. Joyner)
Servant - Mary Ann
Slaves - Pompey William, Rose, Primus, Cate, Fortune, Sibb, Rachel
Toney Mary Elizabeth Jean Sally, Dolly John Mary Isaac Peter Samuel and
old Hester
Witnesses - P. G. Snowden, H.L. Stevens, John H. Porcher
Probated - 2/15/1866

Simon A. Robinson - 1861
Mother - Eleanor M. Robinson
Property on NW corner of Thomas & Warren St.
Daughter - Elisa Ladson Godfrey Robinson
Sisters - Mary E.M. Robinson & Sarah E. Robinson
Brothers - William J. Robinson, Washington D. Robinson, & Henry C.
Guardian - Sister Sarah E. Robinson of daughter, alternate Miss
Georgiana S. Godfrey
Executors - William J. Robinson & William Godfrey
Witnesses - V.S. Coates, Thomas P. Lockwood, & Arthur P. Lining

(Sarah)Susan Boone Robertson - 1867
Sister - Helen Rebecca Rowand (Executirx)(widow of Charles Elliott
Rowand Jr.)
Nieces - Emma Jane Blacklock, Mary Blacklock, & Helen Robertson
Brother - Alexander Robertson (Executor)
Executor - Benjamin H. Rutledge esq. (friend)
Witneses - W. A. Boyle, Wm Ladson Smith, & W.A. Robertson
Probated - 8/12//1868

North Carolina Wills

Henry Robertson
Edgecumbe County, NC
February, 1752
Sons - Higdon (eldest), Henry, Peter, Louis (Lewis)
Daughters- Temporance West, Deborah
Witnesses - William Ogiluie Jr. & Christopher Ogiluie -

Peter Robertson
Edgecumbe County, NC
November, 1824
Daughter - Nancy Robertson, Rhoda Pope, Betsy Watkins
Grand children - Rebeccah, James A., Rhoda, & Allen Robertson -
(children of son Allen Robertson - deceased) daughter in law Polly
Robertson (widow)
Son - John Robertson
Granddaughter - Polly William Robertson (Nancy┬╣s daughter)
Executors - Richard Dozier & John Pope
Witness - Henry Adams

Peter Robertson
Warren County, NC 1837
Wife - Betsy Robertson
Sons - Benjamin Robertson , Higdon Robertson (no heirs), William, Sewell
?, James,
Barry (gives slaves to his children)
Grandson - Waldo ? Moses ?
Daughters - Rebecca, Lucy Baker
Executors - John Bobitt & James Robertson
Witness - Jordan Harris

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