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From: Ted Robinson <>
Subject: My ROBINSON line
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 17:48:03 -0400

I am new to the list, and I have a line of Robinsons from the mid 1700's
to present in the Chrleston SC area. If anyone sees a name or spouse's
name that they are connected to, or have any information about, I would
appreciate hearing from them. The list, long as it is, is somewhat
abbreviated; I'm anxious to share with anyone interested.

Thanx in advance,
Ted Robinson

John Robinson b Scotland or Ireland, 5/17/1744, emigrated to America ca
1761, settled in Lancaster District, SC. m Miss Kirk; had among others:

* William Robinson, 1773-1835, m Rebecah Gambel 1773-1835; removed
to Marengo Co, AL had among others:
Samuel G. Robinson, 1804-1884, m Jane L. Consart
1808-1874; had among others:
Allen T. Robinson
John Consart Robinson
William Samuel Robinson
Richard Thomas Robinson, 1828-1909, m Martha
Lucinda Craig; had among others:
Samuel David Robinson ,1851-1919, m Sarah
Ann Lathan 1949-1911; had among others:
Ella Jane Robinson, m James Boyd
Craig; had among others:
Eloise Craig
D. L. Robinson
Robert Mack Robinson, m Eunice
Plaxco; had among others:
Lester Robinson
Robert Mack Robinson
Maude Robinson, m ? Adams
Edgar Lathan Robinson, 1896-1978, m
Cora Walkup, 1892-? ; had among others:
Frances Lucinda Robinson,
James Clark Robinson, 1875-1916, m
Margaret Eula Cousar; had among others:
Lathan Cousar Robinson,
1899-1974, m Louise Williams, 1904-1957
Richard Robinson
Margaret Eula Robinson,
James Clark Robinson,
David P. Robinson,
1906-1980, m Virginia Cauthen
Brown Lee Robinson,
William Dixon Robinson, 1858-1934, m H. Lou
Drennon 1857-1919; had among others:
James Clarence Robinson, had among
James Carson Robinson
Nathaniel Presley Robinson, m Elizabeth ?;
had among others:
A. B. Robinson
Arthur Bruce Robinson, 1879-1964, m
Florence Patrick 1885-1964; had among others:
William Presley Robinson,
m Della Montgomery
James Pringle Robinson, 1861-1890
Arthur Bruce Robinson, 1847-
Julia Robinson, 1837-1845
Mary Jane Robinson, 1840-1898, m John Caskey
Robert S. Robinson, 1841-?
Charlotte Robinson, 1843-1845
Robert E Robinson, 1813-ca 1870, m Martha Rodgers, 1823-ca
1870; had among others:
Harvey James Robinson, 1840-1916, m Adeline ?,
1844-?; had among others:
Treta(?) Robinson, 1862-?
Henry Robinson, 1864-?
Samuel Robinson, 1864-?
John Robinson, 1869-?
Rebecca A. Robinson, 1843-?
Mary J. Robinson, 1845-?
William E. Robinson, 1848-?, m Mary ?, ca 1843-?;
had among others:
James Robinson, 1872-?
Mary Robinson, 1874-?
Lotta Robinson, 1877-?
William Robinson, 1880-?
Sarah M Robinson, 1850-?, m John W. A. Porter
Robert O. Robinson, 1855-?
Martha E. Robinson, 1858-?
John Robinson, 1863-?
Stephen T. Robinson
Margaret Robinson
May Robinson
Martha Robinson (?)
John Robinson
James D. Robinson

* John Robinson, b 1/1/1776 Waxhaw, Lancaster Dist, SC. Removed to
Charleston, SC, m Susan Thomas; had among others:
Sarah Lang Murray Robinson, b Charleston SC
12/2/1801-10/15/1818-m ? Nelson; had:
Sarah Lang Robinson Nelson, b Charleston SC10/15/1818-?
John Thomas Robinson, b Charleston SC 12/4/1802-8/27/1828
Margaret Robinson, b Charleston SC 6/23/1804-10/14/1840. m
Edward T. Buist; had among others
George Buist
Mary Elizabeth Buist, b Charleston 7/25/1835-4/29/1836
Edward S. Buist, b Charleston SC 3/31/1837-11/7/1861
John Robinson Buist
Stephen Thomas Robinson, b Charleston 5/3/1808-7/21/1884. m
Mary Margaret Gervais; had among others:
John Robinson
Paul Gervais Robinson, m Elizabeth Dickson
Stephen Thomas Robinson, b Charleston SC
Henry D. Robinson, b Charleston SC 9/9/1844-5/29/1879
James Kirk Robinson, b Charleston SC 4/23/1810-7/14/1867. m
Mary T?; had among others:
Arthur Robinson, b Charleston SC 6/11/1842-5/28/1864
(KIA Civil War)
James Kirk Robinson, b Charleston SC 9/17/1847-9/21-1866
(Casualty of Civil War)
T. Grimball Robinson, b Charleston SC
Ann Frezil Robinson, b Charleston SC 12/31/1811-5/9/1887. m
James M. Caldwell, had
James Robinson Caldwell, b Charleston SC. m Sarah A?
John Bainbridge Caldwell, b Charleston SC
Ann Frezil Thomas Caldwell, b Charleston SC, d Sommerton
William Robinson Caldwell, b Charleston SC
Stephen Thomas Caldwell, b Charleston SC d Newnan GA
Jackson Decatur Caldwell, b Charleston SC
Susan Robinson Caldwell, b Charleston SC
John Robinson Caldwell, b Charleston SC
Isabelle Mary Caldwell, b Charleston SC
Mary Elizabeth Robinson b Charleston SC 12/26/1812-10/5/1835
Samuel Robinson, b Charleston SC 11/11/1814 -9/6/1849. m Sarah
Jane ? b 3/11/1815- 12/23/1893
William Richard Robinson, b Charleston SC ca 1816
Murray Robinson, b Charleston SC 7/9/1817-2/7/1880, m Felicia
Jean Hurtel, had among others:
Jude Robinson, b Linden, Marengo Co AL 8/10/1840-. m
Mary Young Ellison, had among others:
Theodore Guesnard Robinson, b Oak Grove
plantation, Orangeburg SC ca 1873. m Lizzie Bell Whetstone, had:
Emmet Ellison Robinson, b Rowesville SC
ca 1889. m Marjorie ?
Lucille Robinson, b Rowesville SC
1/21/1900. m Tate Willis
Theodore Guesnard Robinson, b Rowesville
SC 6/20/1903-12/21/1981. m Lois Eva Metcalf
Mary Robinson, b Rowesville SC
1/19/1913-11-19-1884. m Jack Kisslan
Marie Hurtelene Robinson, m Harry Broughton
Murray Robinson, b Charleston SC 8/3/1842-2/16/1877
Kirk Robinson, b Oak Grove plantation, Orangeburg SC
John Thomas Robinson, b Oak Grove plantation, Orangeburg
SC 9/22/1845-8/28/1889. m Agnes Boinsett Rives. Had among others:
John Thomas Robinson, b 11/14/1884-?
Felicia Hurtel Robinson, b 6/2/1847-11/6/1907, m Edwin
North Chisholm
William Frederick Robinson, b Oak Grove, Orangeburg
10/28/1851. m Irene Constance Hagood
Lea Victoria Robinson, b Oak Grove plantation,
Orangeburg SC 5/17/1856-?
Susan Robinson, b Charleston SC 10/10/1821-7/4/1879. m A.
Markley Lee.
Arthur Robinson, b Charleston SC 7/24/1824-12/13/1843

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