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> William Robinson
> 25 Mar 1709 5 May 1792
> Our ancestor William Robinson was from an illustrious family. (To see articles
> on his father, the Hon. John Robinson; his grandfather, the Hon. Christopher
> Robinson; his grandfather-in-law, Major Robert Beverley, and his brother-in-law,
> Captain Henry “Harry” Beverley, click the link at the top of this page.) It
> would be almost impossible to study colonial Virginia history without running
> across the Robinsons and Beverleys.
> William’s Parents and Family
> William was born 25 Mar 1709 in the family plantation Hewick in Middlesex
> County, VA. He was the fourth child and third son of the Honorable John
> Robinson (1683-1749), one of the early governors of VA, and Catherine Beverley
> (1686-1726), daughter of Robert Beverley, a prominent lawyer and vestryman of
> Christ Church Parish, clerk of the House of Burgesses, and commander of the
> King’s forces during Bacon’s Rebellion. Both William’s maternal and paternal
> lineages were filled with role models with whom he could identify and later
> emulate.
> William grew up in a large family of eight children. His seven siblings
> included: John, Christopher, Mary, Robert, Catherine, Henry, and his brother
> Beverley. All his brothers were active in community affairs and public
> service. His brother Beverley, however, chose to remain loyal to the English
> crown when the Revolution rolled around. Beverley was an officer in the British
> forces and went to Canada after the war where he continued to be active in
> political and public life.
> First Marriage
> In 1735 or 1736 when he was about 25 or 26 years old, William married Agatha
> Beverley (1716-c1756), his first cousin. Agatha was the daughter of Captain
> Harry Beverley (1669-1730) who was known not only for his public service but
> also for his adventures fighting pirates. Agatha’s mother was Elizabeth Smith,
> the wealthy heiress of Maj. Gen. Robert Smith (1605-c. 1687) and his wife
> Elizabeth Wormeley Smith (1616-aft. 1683). The young couple began their married
> life at about the top of VA society. William and his family eventually ended up
> at Newlands plantation, but I was not able to discover the date or way he
> acquired this land nor was I able to discover which wife first helped him to
> establish this home. If Newlands was like other plantations of the time,
> William probably was a tobacco planter, but I have no evidence of
> this. (William supposedly died at Newlands.)
> Some sources say that William and Agatha had eight or nine children, but dates
> and repetition of names in his first and second marriages make a smaller number
> more likely. The couples’ children listed below have various dates of birth and
> death, depending upon the source. Thus, verify any of the dates below with
> other sources whenever possible. They are definitely “iffy.”
> 1. Agatha Robinson b. 1737 d. 1812. Agatha was our ancestor. She married
> Captain William Sims (1730-1799). Sims was a member of Hogg’s Rangers during
> the French and Indian War. William and Agatha had 10 children.
> 2. John Robinson b. between 1737-1738 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 1798. John
> was an officer in the colonial militia, Speaker of the House of Burgesses, and
> Treasurer of VA. John married Lucy Smith. The couple had 9 children
> 3. Henry Robinson, b. c1740 d. 3 Oct 1771. Henry married Elizabeth
> Pierce. They had one known child.
> 4. Catherine Robinson b. 20 Jul 1742 in Spotsylvania Co., VA, d. 1789 in
> Spotsylvania Co., VA. Catherine married twice. One marriage was to her cousin,
> Beverley Winslow (1734-1793), 1st Lieutenant of Spotsylvania County Militia
> in1756, Sheriff in 1764, and County Lieutenant in 1781. The other marriage was
> to Robert Throckmorton (?-?)
> 5. Samuel Robinson b.1748 – d. ? Samuel married Unknown Weavil
> 6. Benjamin Robinson b.1752- d. 1825. Benjamin married Catherine Parker on 18
> Feb 1783. They had 11 children
> Second Marriage
> When Agatha died around 1756, William married again. This time his wife was
> Agnes/Agness Smith (1725-c1792). They were wed 27 Jan 1757 in Spotsylvania
> County. They had 4 children (or more or fewer, depending upon the source.)
> 1. Agnes Robinson b. 1762- d. ?
> 2. Lucy Robinson b. 1763- d.? Lucy married James Nelson on 3 May
> 1788. They had four children
> 3. Francis Robinson b. 2 Mar 1765- d. 31 Dec 1840. Frances married Mary
> “Polly” Terrill (6 Feb 1771-d. c1840) on 28 Feb 1788. Polly was the daughter of
> William Terrill. Francis served as a private during the Revolutionary War. He
> and Polly had 3 known children. He and his family moved to Harrison County,
> Kentucky.
> 4. Elizabeth Robinson b. 3 Nov 1770-d. 16 Oct 1830 Elizabeth married
> William Nelson son of William, Sr. and Elizabeth Haydon Nelson. They had 10
> children. William Nelson, Jr. and Lucy’s husband James Nelson may have been
> related.
> (Note: In some sources all the children listed from the Smith/Robinson marriage
> are combined with the children of the Beverley/Robinson marriage and/or certain
> children or moved from one mother to the other or omitted entirely.)
> Military Service and Public Life
> Like most of his male relatives, William served in the militia. Unlike his
> brother Beverley who elected to stay loyal to the crown, William was a
> patriot. He was : "commissioned a Major of Militia 17 Sept., 1743." He was a
> "Colonel of Militia in the American Revolution, Adjutant of the 9th Virginia
> Regiment and later annexed to the 5th Virginia Regiment." (By the time the
> Revolution got underway, William was in his 60's--but--even George Washington
> was in his mid-40's at that time.
> In addidtion to military service, William was for years Justice of the Peace of
> Spotsylvani Co. He alsoo was a liberal supporter of the Anglican Church and
> served as a vestryman for St. George's Parish in 1730. He was probably a
> vestryman other years as well. For instance on 5 Nov 1759 he was one of he
> vestrymen who signed a deed selling 499 acres of the Glebe land belonging to the
> church to
> Erasmus Withers Allen of St. George’s Parish, Spotsylvania Co.
> (Glebe land was acreage belonging to a parish church which the vestry could use
> in various ways to produce revenue to support the church and its endeavors.)
> Death
> Unfortunately, not much more information is available for William Robinson. He
> died at his home, Newlands, on 5 May 1792, and his will was probated the same
> year. Some of his children remained in VA, but others, like our ancestor
> Agatha, moved away. Agatha and her husband, Capt. William Sims, operated a mill
> on Priddy Creek. It is reputed to have been the first mill there. Their
> daughter Joanna Sims married James Ownby and moved to NC. Joanna and James’ son
> John married Mary Jane Koone, and this family moved on to the Greenbrier section
> of the Great Smokies.
> If you are the great great grandchild of Eli McCarter, William Robinson is your
> 8-great grandfather.
> / Robinson Rootsweb Admin
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