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From: Sharon Sergeant <>
Subject: Re: [Francis Rublee - one of the four brothers]
Date: 9 Sep 99 01:40:10 EDT

Tangled web continues...

Speaking of the Baker and Rublee marriages ...

put out a message about Francis Baker's descendents and an
update ... and had indicated that Francis Baker was the
source of the Rublee/Bakermarriages ...

I think I am connected to Francis
Baker through my NY>NS>PEI John Robblee/ Sussanna Baker marraige

--------- Forwarded message ----------
My BAKER line is Franice BAKEr b. in England in 24 came to Am. in
shop PLANTER. landing in Boston April 2, 1635. Moved to this
your BAKER line?
Rublee line is Wm. and Kature BAKER. He b. Sept 16, 1731 She b. between 1735
and 1745.
- ---------------------------------------

plus where this ties into my gggm Martha Robblee's

7.William3 ROBBLEE (William2, Thomas1), born 10 Sep 1731 in Long Island, NY,
USA; deceased 26 Mar 1792 in Lanesboro, MA, USA. He married in 1755, Katurah
BAKER, born 1736 in Lanesborough, MA, USA; deceased 1835.
Notes for William ROBBLEE
He was admitted to the Congregational Church in Lanesborough on the 18th of
July, 1779. His nine oldest children were baptized there on the sixth of
August of that year. Cindy Walcott mentioned that she has or has seen a copy
of his will. The census of 1790 lists 2 males over 16, 3 males under 16,and 3

free females.
Children of William3 ROBBLEE and Katurah BAKER were as follows:
18 i Lucy4
19 ii Katura Baker4
iii Rebecca4 , born 5 Aug 1761 in Lanesborough, MA, USA. She married bef.
1799, Mr. JEFFORDS.
20 iv Susannah4
21 v William4
22 vi Hiram A.4
vii Mary4 , born 20 Jul 1770 in Lanesborough, MA, USA; deceased 15 May
23 viii Andrew4
24 ix Sarah4
25 x John Brush4
26 xi FrancIs4
xii Erastus4 , born 1781. On the 10-Jan-1793, Katura ROBBLEE was nominated
guardian of John Brush Robblee and Erastus Robblee, both minors under the age

of 14.

9. John3 ROBBLEE (Andrew2, Thomas1), born 1738; deceased 29 Jan 1810 in
Wallace, Cumberland Co. NS. CAN.. He married in 1772, Susanna BAKER, born
1750; deceased bef. 1783 in NY. USA?.
Children of John3 ROBBLEE and Susanna BAKER were as follows:
30 i Hannah4
31 ii Thomas4
32 iii William4
33 iv Joseph4 ROBLEE
34 v Lydia4

Dear Sharon,
Thank you for forwarding my 'say so'. Very helpful and
While we are on Genealogy, and who isn't: Do you have any 'Sergeants' in
New Zealand. I have 'Sergeant' there in sheep farming.
Jay Baker
Sharon Sergeant wrote:

> forwarded message - please reply to
> ______________________________
> Hello All you descendants of Francis Baker.!
> Francis was born in 1611 Hertfordshire, England and Came to the Boston
> area; Married an Isobel (Isabelle) Twining, and had eight children. A
> beautiful book has been produced by Jim Rogerson as a descendant of
> Francis Baker, () . I have my copy and have attempted
> to have Jim update this book. Any descendants of Francis Baker, and
> subsequently descendants of Anthony Baker; some of his children went to
> Ontario from New Brunswick in early 1800s; some to Niagara area (John
> Stanley, Jesse Baker, etc) and some, with children , Benjamin Griffith
> Baker to the Chatham area. I would like any of you to contact me
> E-mail. We would like to get your family up to date. It will add so
> much to the millenium. Thanks to all who have contributed before.
> You might just refresh my memories if you would again E-mail
> . Sincerely, Jay Baker

"Cindy Walcott" <> wrote:
As a result of a query I placed on a Wisconsin site, I was contacted by Joe
Broom, manager of the Vermont-L sponsored by Rootsweb. Joe has been
researding the desc. of Isaiah and Bathsheba (Martindale) Gray. While
conducting that research, he came across the following:


SOURCE: "Family Record of Edward Gray and His Wife, Mary Paddock and Their
Descendants", Compiled by Alonson Gray, Dorset, Vermont. Published by The
Tuttle Company, Rutland, 1889.

p. 118

"ISAIAH GRAY, Fourth son of Edward and Mary Paddock Gray, b. at South East,
Putnam Co., N.Y., 1752; he came into Massachusetts with his parents, and his
name is found in the History of Berkshire County, as one of the
soldiers who went from Lenox in 1774. He mar. Bethsheba Martindale,
of Gershom Martindale, who lived in Lenox. He removed to Dorset, Vt., in
1777 or 1778; his wife united with the Congregational Church there in 1791;
he afterward removed to Berkshire, Vt. On March 3, 1815, Isaiah Gray and
Francis Rublee received a deed of land from Samuel Strickland, in Berkshire,
Vt., and, Jan. 16, 1816, Isaiah Gray quit-claimed his right and title to the
same to Francis Rublee. No further trace of him or his family can be found,
although search has been made in the town and church records at Berkshire,
and correspondence has also been had with the Rublees at Enosburg Center. A
daughter, Fannie Gray, was baptized June, 1795, in Dorset, by Rev. Mr. Kent;
a son, Gershom Martindale Gray, was baptized, Sept. 2, 1797, by Rev. Wm.
Jackson; a daughter, Eloise Gray, mar. a Mr. Rublee; had three children;
moved to Wisconsin; a daughter, Lydia Gray, mar. a Mr. Ward; a daughter,
Lavilla Gray, mar. a Mr. Temple."


The Mr. Rublee is almost certainly Francis Rublee, son of William and
Keturah (Baker) Robblee. He married second a woman I had as Eloyce. Their
children were William Martindale Rublee, R. Montraville Rublee, Francis
Manville Rublee and Katherine Bathsheba Rublee. I feel pretty confident
that "Eloyce", who died in LaCrosse, WI in 1853 at age 63 is one and the
same with Eloise Gray. I am planning to see if I can find a birth record
for Eloise in Dorset, VT.

Thought those of you who have the Rublee branch of our common family in your
databases might like to know. This is pretty exciting for me, as it was the
four Rublee brothers that got me hooked on genealogy in the first place,
getting close to 20 years ago.

Also, if any of you have been tuned into the discussion about Abigail Rublee
or Richardson who married James Johnson - it is looking more and more
likely that Abigail was Richardson, not Rublee - VERY TENTATIVELY a sister
of Fanny Richardson who was the second wife of Hiram Rublee (another of the
four brothers). We may be able to scratch another stray off our list. I
need to see if I can find any sign of the Richardson family in Shaftsbury,
VT or Salisbury, VT where the Johnsons lived before going onto Berkshire,

It's always such a challenge to fit in time to do this research! Hope all is
well with the cousins on the list. We are ready for rain, and cooler
weather here in Vermont.

Cindy Walcott

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