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Subject: [RODGER] [ROGERS] Capt. John/Northumberland VA/Ancestors
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 10:36:03 EST

Hello all: (Scroll down for the material)

I thought I would share the following material and ask for your
assistance. The following line, I believe, has the ancestory of Captain
John Rogers, born 1620 of Northumberland County, Virginia. (Connection to
Northumberland all the way at end) It is a work in progress, but I am
wondering if anyone on the list might have found a connection between this
material and Maryland in descendant lines? I'd also be interested in any
differences or such that might help this work along.

Thomas W. Rogers


1. Edward ROGERS1 was born in 1598 in Eng "of Porberry in Somersetshire,
Carver". His name appeared in "The Muster of the Inhabitants of the Eastern
Shore over the Baye" on 1/23/1624, age 26, having arrived in the Ann in 1623.
He may have had a son John who lived in Accomack Co. in 1650, but the
connection was not proved at the time of publication of "Ames, Mears and
Allied Lines of Accomack Co. VA by Lucy Ames Edwards"
The family name is shown in Accomack Co. records spelled as Rogers until
abt 1750 when the name started appearing as Rodgers He is the line of to
. Lucy Annette Rogers Edward Rogers came to America in
1623 and landed at Jamestown.
Merged General Note:
arrived at Jamestown VA on the Anne 1623, settled at Capt Christopher Lawne's
plantation on the Isle of Wight Co. VA, where he had some distinguished and
prominent neighbors who owned lands adjoining his own in 1636. How long prior
to that he owned lands or been settled there is unknown. Loose Leaves of the
Lost Tribes of NC by Worth S Ray -- "here we have, beyond the slightest
doubt, the ancestor of the Rogers Family of Isle of Wight and Nansemond Co.
VA." Was in Accomack Co. as early as 1623.
Merrill Davis on Prodigy has John, not Edward for this line.

A book called "The Rogers Family" lists a John and a William as his sons.
Edward ROGERS* Sex: M Marriage(s):
Spouse: Catherine POPHAM
Marriage: Abt. 1591
<cannington>, Somerset, England

He was married to Catherine ? Rachel? Alice? POPHAM or Rodham? about 1590 in
Huntworth, Somerset, Eng. Edward ROGERS and Catherine ? Rachel? Alice?
POPHAM or Rodham? had the following children:

+2 i. Michael ROGERS.
+3 ii. John ROGERS Capt..
4 iii. Thomas ROGERS was born in 1619 in Eng. Thomas came to
America at age 16 from Gravesend on the "George" to meet their father, Edward
Rogers, who came over in 1623 and landed at Jamestown.
+5 iv. Richard ROGERS.


2. Michael ROGERS died about 1710 in Isle of Wight Co. VA (left will in

Michael ROGERS had the following children:

+6 i. Dau. ROGERS.

3. John ROGERS Capt.1 was born about Dec 9 1617 in Laugharne,Carnathen,
Wales. also seen his Christening as 4/4/1620, London Eng???
or maybe 3 Apr 1628 Pilton, Somerset, England
John ROGER Sex: M
Misc: Abt. 1620 Holt, Denbigh, Wales
Parents: Father: Edward ROGER
Mother: Rose POWELL

John ROGERS Sex: M
Event(s): Christening: 4 Apr 1620
St. Martin Orgar And Saint Clement Eastcheap, London, London,

Parents: Father: Edward ROGERS
Mother: Joan He died in 1675 in Northumberland Co. VA.
He is the line of Dianne Moore to . He is the line of to
. Charles Stephenson John came to America at age 18 with his
brother Thomas, 16, from Gravesend on the "George" to meet their father,
Edward Rogers, who came over in 1623 and landed at Jamestown. George
Mynifie, merchant, was granted land in James City in 1638 for the importation
of a John Rogers. Mr. John Rogers was claimed as an importee by John Garrett
in Upper Norfolk Co. in a grant in 1642.
John proved his headrights in NC in 1701 (Hathaway, Vol 1, p 305)
Constable of Bertie Co. between Cashey River and Wicacon Creek in 1744
9Ibid Vol 3, p 406).
In spite of his age, he was involved in Bacon's Rebellion in 1676. 9/6/1677,
with many others was gound guilty of carrying away property belonging to Mr.
Robert Caufield "during the late horrid rebellion" (Order Bk 1671-90 p 165)
and on the same date was found guilty of seizing Arthur Allen's house, p. 167

John Rogers' Genealogy by Maurice Rogers, says he was b. in Gravesend, and
died in Surry Co.

He was married to Mary ATKINS in 1654 in James City VA. Mary ATKINS2 was
born about 1621 in Surry County, Virginia. She died about 1685 in Surry Co.
Albemarle Parish VA. possibly dau of Richard Atkins and Joan ?., son of
Richard atkins and ? m. 8/16/1581 in London. of Mulberry Island and James
City.granted land in 1632. He owned land in James City near Thomas Harwood in
1637 and patented land purchased by Capt. Harwood and granted to Humphrey
Hawood in 1652. came to VA in Abigail in 1621.note: also said to have been
the wife of John, the father, she was sister of Richard Booth of the Lower
Praish of Isle of Wight Co. who with his wife Elizabeth made a deed of gift
of land to John and Mary Rogers 'my sister" (11/9/1681). John ROGERS Capt.
and Mary ATKINS had the following children:

7 i. Daniel ROGERS 3,4 was born in 1661/62 in Surry Co. Albemarle
Parish VA. He died between Jun 1678 and Jun 1679.
+8 ii. William ROGERS.
+9 iii. John ROGERS Jr.
10 iv. Katherine ROGERS was born in 1663 in New Kent, VA.
11 v. Elizabeth ROGERS died in 1720. She was buried in Cypress Farms,
Northumberland co. VA. Married first Wm. Keene and 2nd Thos. Banks
+12 vi. Richard ROGERS.

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