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I am going to post all of this Rogers family.

John Rogers married ?
1-John Robert about 1480 marriage pre 1511 to Margery Wyatt
2-William Rogers
3-Nicholas Rogers
John Rogers born about 1480 died 1540 Deritend, Birmingham, England
buried Churchyard at Aston parents John Rogers
married pre 1511 to Margery Wyatt died after 1540 Deritend, Birmingham,
England - her father Richard Wyatt
1-John Rogers The Martry born 1505
2-William Rogers born in England married Matilda
3-Joan Rogers married Baldwin Broke
4-Eleanor Rogers married Robert Mylward
5-Edward Rogers born about 1515
William Rogers born in England married Matilda
William parents were John Rogers and Margery Wyatt
1-Thomas Rogers born about 1540 at Stratford-upon-avon marriage unknown
2-Henry Rogers
3-Margaret Rogers
4-Matilda Rogers
5-John Rogers
6-William Rogers
7-Richard Rogers
Above Thomas had two other marriages #1 Margaret Pace #2 Alice Calle
Thomas Rogers born about 1540 Stratford-upon-Avon died 1611 parents Wm.
Rogers and Matilda __ married Alice Calle died 1608 buried 8/7/1608
1-Thomas Rogers born 1582 died Aug 1584
2-KatherineRogers born 1584 married Apr. 8, 1605 Robert Harvard
3-Thomas Rogers born 1587 married Ann ___ Thomas died 1639
4-Rose Rogers born 1590 Stratford-upon-Avon
5-Francis Rogers born 1593 Stratford-upon-Avon
Notations: Katherine Rogers husband Robert Harvard founded Harvard
College in America
Thomas Rogers resided at property on High Street(Shakespears'
Thomas Rogers born about 1540 Stratford upon Avon died 1611 married
l/31/1563 to Margaret Pace died about 1580 - Thomas parents were Wm.
Rogers and Matilda____
No Children
Thomas Rogers born 1587 died 1639 buried Aug. 1639 parents Thomas Rogers
and Alice Calle
1-Thomas Rogers born 1610 Stratford upon Avon
2-Wm. Rogers 1613 England married 2/2/1631 Ann Hall died 7/13/1664
3-Edard Rogers born 1615 Stratford upon Avon
4-John Rogers b 1617 Stratford upon Avon
5-Lydia Rogers born 1619 Stratford upon avon
6-Anne Rogers b 1624 Stratford Upon Avon

Notations: William Rogers resident in Southhampton, L. I.
1642-5-Hempstead 1647
William Rogers born 1613 England died 7/13/1664 son of Thomas Rogers and
Ann_____ married 2/2/1631 to Ann Hall born Stratford Upon Avon Eng.
mother was Grace Hall
1-Jonathan Rogers born 1635 married Rebecca Wicks Jonathan died 1709
2-Obidiah Rogers born 1633 England married Mary ___ Obidiah died 1692
3-John Rogers born 1640 Wethersfield CT died 1676
4-Noah Rogers born 1646 died l0/8/1725 married Elizabeth Taintor on Apr.
8, 1673
5-Mary Rogers born about 1638 New England married Samuel Messenger
6-Hannah Rogers married Samuel Titus
7-Ann Rogers born 1632

Notations: John Rogers born 1640 will probtd 6/14/1676, left property
to bro. Noah
Noah Rogers deeded lands to bro Jonathan
Jonathan Rogers born 1635 died 1709 parents Wm. Rogers and Ann Hall
married Rebecca Wicks dau. of Thomas Wicks
1-Jonathan Rogers born about 1668 died l/17/1750 married Mary_____
2-John Rogers
3-Joseph Rogers
4-Obidiah Roberts born 1678 married Phebe Rogers Obidiah died 2/7/1759
5-David or Daniel Rogers died 1758 married Jane Rogers
6-Mary Rogers born 1664 died ll/l/1761 married Jacob Brush

Notations: Jonathan Rogers married #2 Mary Barker
Jonathan Rogers born about 1668 died l/17/1750 parents Jonathan Rogers
and Rebecca Wicks married May ______ #2 Mary Barker
Thomas Rogers born about 1698 died 2/24/1759 married Ruth_____
2-Jonathan Rogers born about 1701
3-Jeremiah or Jaamiah Rogers
4-Isaiah Rogers born about 1703 died l/21/1750 married 3/10/1724 Dorcas
5-Noah Rogers married 2/18/1735 Kezia Whitman
6-Elizabeth Rogers born 5/13/1721

Notation: Thomas Rogers born about 1698 #2 wife Phebe_______
Jonathan Rogers born about 1701 W#2 Hannah Whitman (Wid)
Thomas Rogers born 1698 died 2/24/1759 buried Old Cemetery Northport
parents Jonathan Rogers and Mary ______
Married Ruth_______ born about 1702 died 2/26/1735 buried Old Cemetery,
1-Elizabeth Rogers born about 1721 died 12/15/1742
2-Jerusha Rogers born about 1724 died 6/16/1742 married Ephraim
3-Albigail Rogers born 1724 married 4/15/1745 Abraham Foote
4-Stephen Rogers born about 1726 died 6/21/1746
5-Thomas Rogers born about 1728 died 12/13/1755 married l/23/1752 Mary
6-Josiah Rogers born about 1730 died l0/10/1791 married l/15/1754 to
Ruth Bunce

Notations;Josiah Rogers wife #2 Rachel Arthur
#2 Jerusha twin to Abigail
#5 Thomas Rogers bpt. 8/l0/1753
Josiah Rogers born about 1730 died l0/20/1791 married l/15/1754 to Ruth
Bunce born about 1728 died l0/31/1735 her parents were Thomas Bunce and
Josiah parents were Thomas Rogers and Ruth _____
other wives of Josiah Rachel Arthur
William Rogers born ll/3/1754 died 4/18/1806 married Esther Hawley on
March 6, 1783
Josiah Rogers born about 1730 died l0/20/1791 parents Thmas Rogrs and
Ruth______ other wives: Ruth Bunce married l0/16/1757 to Rachel Arthur
born about 1736 died 8/ll/1804
1-Ruth Rogers born 8/l/1758 died 8/11/1824 married Henry Smith Jr. on
2-Thomas Rogers born l0/22/1769 married Phebe
3-Lydia Rogers born 6/27/1764 died l0/31/1788
4-Robert Rogers born 2/16/1766 Huntington Long Island NY died ll/6/1819
married Elizabeth Bryant on Jan. 15, 1792
5-Platt Rogers born 9/7/1767 died l/1/1834 married Phebe Jarvis on Apr.
7, 1788
6-Elsey Rogers born 9/23/1769 died 9/9/1837 married Eliphalet W. Carll
7-Jerusha Rogers born 3/l/1771 married 5/21/1789 Thomas Skillman
8-medad Rogers born 7/7/1772
9-Experience Rogers born 7/14/1774 married Nathaniel Whitman on Mar. 27,
l0-Rachel Rogers born 3/14/1776 married Moses Rogers on Dec. 24, 1794
11-Melancton Rogers born 9/4/1778 married Mary Vaill

Notation: Thomas Rogers w#2 Hawley Rogers Buffett
Robert Rogers born 2/16/1766 Huntington Long Island NY died ll/6/1819
Huntington parents Josiah Rogers and Rachel Arthur married l/15/1792
Huntington to Elizabeth Bryant born l0/13/1774 died 6/2/1836 buried
Genola, Northport
1- Sarafina Rogers born 2/22/1793 Huntington died 12/16/1793
2-Farena Rogers born 3/16/1795 Huntington
3-Lemuel Bryan Rogers born 4/12/1797 Huntington died l0/14/1853
4-Frelove Rogers born 6/11/1800 Huntington Died 3/20/1876 married
5-Savona Rogers born 8/30/1802 Huntington died 9/3/1815
6-Eliza Rogers b 7/31/1805 Huntington died 2/9/1850
7-Jurina Rogers born 2/28/1807 Huntington died 2/9/1850 married ____
8-Julia Ann Rogers born l0/24/1811 Huntington Suffolk, New york died
l/15/1870 married Joseph Tillson on Feb. 23, 1842

Notations: Frelove Rogers #2 Jesse Woolsey

Hope this file helps someone!!!!


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