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Subject: The Romans Book
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 20:42:24

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Hi folks...

I am nearing completion of _The Generations of William Romans of Virginia_
and have already put out beta versions of the electronic edition of the
book for review.

It is not too late to make sure that you get in, if you belong in it.
Following is the index of version 1.2b (old version... there have been some
corrections since this index was formed). If you are not here and should
be - CONTACT ME. If you know of someone who is not here and should be -
CONTACT ME. And especially...

If you have a picture of someone in this index PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

I want this to be the most complete anthology ever printed on the family
and am counting on you to help make sure your line is represented.

Thanks -- and God bless you and yours!


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?, Caroline
?, Clara
?, Elizabeth
?, Sarah
?, Verna Mae
Adams, Nancy
Adkins, Amanda
Adkins, Doliver
Adkins, Dorsel Ray
Adkins, James
Adkins, Janice Marie
Adkins, Jason Lee
Adkins, Justin
Adkins, Larry Thomas
Adkins, Leslie
Adkins, Linda Sue
Adkins, Michael
Adkins, Millie
Adkins, Mitchell Thomas
Adkins, Nancy
Adkins, Nathan Charles
Adkins, Ovvie
Adkins, Rhonda Lee
Adkins, Sanders
Adkins, Shancha Christina
Adkins, Stanley Lee
Alley, Ruth Mearle Conkey
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, John Thomas
Artis, Benny
Artis, Jennette Sue
Baisden, Alma Leigh
Baisden, Brenda Louise
Baisden, Cathy Marie
Baisden, Deanne Lynn
Baisden, Harrison Romans
Baisden, Harvey Stanley
Ball, Andrew
Ball, Lora Marie
Ball, Robert S
Ball, Thomas William
Belville, Betty Jo
Belville, Eddie R
Belville, Edward
Belville, Luther
Belville, Rachael R
Bentley, Mary Anne
Bevins, Celia
Bevins, Delilah
Bevins, Ella
Bevins, Lewis
Bevins, Lucretia
Bevins, Mary Polly
Bevins, Mazie
Bevins, Sarah
Bishop, Nancy
Blackburn, Andrew J
Blackburn, Anna
Blackburn, Annie
Blackburn, Ballard
Blackburn, Basil
Blackburn, Benjamin F
Blackburn, Bud
Blackburn, Buster
Blackburn, Causby
Blackburn, Columbus
Blackburn, Cora
Blackburn, Dixie
Blackburn, Donel
Blackburn, Donna
Blackburn, Eliza
Blackburn, Elmer
Blackburn, Emzy B
Blackburn, Ernest
Blackburn, Esther
Blackburn, Fannie
Blackburn, Fannie Jane
Blackburn, Farley
Blackburn, Florence
Blackburn, Floyd
Blackburn, Fonnie
Blackburn, George Harmon
Blackburn, George W
Blackburn, George Washington
Blackburn, Granville Ross
Blackburn, Harve
Blackburn, Hutson
Blackburn, Isom
Blackburn, James
Blackburn, James Washington
Blackburn, Jane
Blackburn, Jeanette
Blackburn, Jenny
Blackburn, Jeremiah
Blackburn, John
Blackburn, John Henderson
Blackburn, Joseph
Blackburn, Kennie
Blackburn, Lon MC
Blackburn, Lydia
Blackburn, Margaret
Blackburn, Martha
Blackburn, Mary
Blackburn, Mary Vada Hamptin
Blackburn, Mildred
Blackburn, Nancy J
Blackburn, Phoebe
Blackburn, Polly
Blackburn, Roland Troy
Blackburn, Rosette
Blackburn, Sarah
Blackburn, Squire Mitchell
Blackburn, Sylvania
Blackburn, Thomas Ballard
Blackburn, Unnamed baby
Blackburn, Vern
Blackburn, Victoria
Blackburn, Virginia
Blackburn, Wayne
Blackburn, Wilburn A
Blackburn, William
Blackburn, Willis
Blackburn, York
Blankenship, Virginia
Blum, Margaret
Bowles, Mary Louise
Bowman, Mabel Margaret
Bowman, Melissa B
Bradshaw, Armilda
Branham, Amy Suzanne
Branham, Tim Edward
Branham, Timothia
Bright, William Lewis
Brunty, Ethel
Bull, Hans-Joachim Paul Gustav Albert
Bull, Monika Margarete Nydia
Bundy, Nancy
Burchett, Walter Dayton
Burns, Rulana Belle
Byrne, Craig Raymond
Byrne, Dawn Marie
Byrne, Donald
Byrne, Raymond
Canada, Ruthy
Canada, Thomas
Cantrell, Robert E
Cantrell, Sarah Dixie
Carden, Ruth
Casto, Sharon
Cazad, Carvel Lee
Cazad-Stover, Aaron Lee
Chafin, Phoebe
Chafin, Thomas
Chandler, Wilba Lee
Chapman, Floyd
Chapman, Jeff
Chapman, Morgan
Chapman, Moses
Chapman, William Anderson
Childers, Elene Carol
Chrecillous, Anna
Church, Frank
Clay, C Virginia
Clifton, James
Cochran, Anna A
Cochran, Nathan
Cochran, Seabord
Cochran, William
Colborn, James Donald
Coleman, Charity
Coleman, Hattie Banfield
Coleman, Steven
Collins, Andrew
Collins, Augusta
Collins, Causby Jean
Collins, Hannah
Collins, Landon
Collins, Louisa
Collins, Martin
Collins, Mary E
Collins, Sarah A
Collins, Sarah Ann
Collins, US Grant
Copley, ?
Copley, Fannie Belle
Copley, Frank
Copley, Ira
Copley, Maranda
Copley, Rose
Copley, Thomas
Crank, Sylvia Ethel
Crockett, Basil
Crockett, Phyllis
Crum, David
Crum, Phoebe
Curry, Fred
Curry, James Monterville
Curry, John Dover
Dalton, Patricia Joann
Damron, Wallace
Dausener, Thelma Irene
Davis, Margaret
Davis, Violet Virginia
Deskins, Gerald
Drouin, Lise Fleurette
Drummond, Frances Kay
Drummond, Franklin Ray
Drummond, James Lee
Drummond, Joseph Allen
Drummond, Larry Steven
Drummond, Lewis Edward
Drummond, Lewis Franklin
Drummond, Linda Sue
Drummond, Peggy Ann
Duggar, Darold Millard
Duncan, Henderson
Duty, George Washington
Duty, Harrison Jackson
Edwards, Loretta
Elkins, Augusta Marie
Elkins, Terri Dawn
Elkins, Terry
Elliott, Alfred
Elliott, Emma Irene
Ellswick, Alfonso Wright
Ellswick, Billie Lynn
Ellswick, Charles Robert
Ellswick, Fonzo Stephen
Endicott, Samuel
Evans, Ford
Evans, Mary Angel
Farley, Harrison
Farrell, Patricia Mae
Farris, Rachel
Fields, Lois Jean
Fletcher, Penelope
Followay, Emma
Forbush, Lindsey Michelle
Forbush, Ronald Douglas
Forson, George
Fouch, Angela Dawn
Fouch, Billy Ray
Fouch, Bobby Joe
Fouch, Bradley
Fouch, Larry Dale
Fouch, Neil William
Fouch, Robert Joseph
Fouch, Robert Scott
Fouch, Roscoe Conklin
Fraley, Haney Louise
Francesco, John
Franciscus, Jacob
Franks, Pauline
Freeman, Bula Margaret
Freeman, Dallas
Freeman, David P
Freeman, Delores Jean
Freeman, Dorman Murvin
Freeman, Ella E
Freeman, Ernest Lee
Freeman, Geneva
Freeman, Geraldine Elizabeth
Freeman, James Odell
Freeman, Joseph Allen
Freeman, Larry
Freeman, Lee Allen
Freeman, Millard
Freeman, Moses Alfred
Freeman, Nellie Marie
Freeman, Pearlie
Freeman, Reba May
Freeman, Sarah
Freeman, Sarah Jane
Freeman, Virginia Irene
Freeman, Willard Edgar
Freeman, Willard F
Fry, Tanya
Genheimer, Franklin Delano Roosevelt
George, Dottie
Gibson, Alisha Jeanine
Gibson, Betty
Gibson, Earl Edward
Gibson, Jamieson Curtis
Gibson, Randy A
Gilkerson, Gertrude Ellen
Gillespie, Belle
Goode, Jerry Lee
Gorman, Marie
Graves, Alyssa Layla
Graves, Cameron Kelly
Graves, Shad Anthony Baisden
Graves, Steven Kelly
Greenhill, Charles Raymond
Gunnels, Jonathan Philip
Gunnels, Roderick Matthew
Hackenberg, Larimore Donald
Hatfield, George
Hatfield, James
Hatfield, Mary Polly
Hatten, Allen Monroe
Hatten, Lena Grace
Hayes, Rebecca
Hayes, Sean
Hess, Ruth
Hickman, Christina Marie
Hickman, Dave Wiley
Hickman, David Glenn
Hickman, David Wayne
Hinkle, Jeff
Hinkle, Rebecca
Hisaw, Judy Lynn
Hnilica, Jerry
Holcomb, Pamela Lucille
Hood, Laura
Hooser, Ethel
Horn, Jane
Hughes, Terry David
Hunt, Mariah
Hunt, Nancy
Hunter, Reba
Hurt, Jacqueline Sue
Isenhart, Roy Lee
Isenhart, Teresa Lynn
Isenhart, Terry Lee
Jackson, Mary Ann
Jarvis, Charles Otis
Johnson, Bessie Ruth
Johnson, Otis Cowan
Johnson, Sarah Elsie
Jones, Dorothy
Jones, Ruth Katherine LaPlante
Jordan, William
Kazee, Lottie
Kilgore, Dustin Shane
Kilgore, George
Kilgore, Kayla Michele
Kilgore, Roger Dale
Kilmon, Asa William
Kilmon, Nancy Elane
Kilmon, Richard Franklin
King, Betty
King, Sylvia
Kirby, Larry Dale
Kirk, Gory
Kirk, Howard
Kirk, Leonard
Kirk, Mahala
Kirk, Maudie
Kirk, Verdie
Kirk, Wayne
Kissinger, Debra Sue
Kissinger, George
Kissinger, Gregory
Koehler, Debra Sue
Koehler, Fred K
Layne, Frank
Lemons, Mary Alice
Levitt, Frances Ann
Lionti, Phillip
Litzler, Andrea
Looney, Edith
Lowe, William
Marcum, Bessie
Marcum, Rebecca
Marshall, Constance Mary
Martin, Nancy
Matthews, David
Matthews, James
Matthews, Lydia
May, Annah Mae
May, Arminda
May, Barbara Jean
May, Beatrice
May, Charlie Joe
May, Charlie Ross
May, Dorothy
May, Dover
May, Edwina
May, Ella Jean
May, Fannie
May, Fred Rush
May, Garnet Irene
May, George Washington
May, Gladys
May, Harvey
May, Hazel Lydia
May, Jack Lewis
May, James Aubrey
May, James Dean
May, Jarred Michael
May, Jennie
May, Jesse Earl
May, Jimmie Ross
May, John Howard A Logan
May, Jonah
May, Louisa
May, Lucinda
May, Mary Ann
May, Matilda
May, Maxine
May, Michael Dennis
May, Nell
May, Okie L
May, Opal L
May, Ricky Brian
May, Robert L
May, Robert Lestle
May, Sally J
May, Sidney L
May, Tabitha
May, Thelma Ruth
May, Theresa Lavonne
May, Thomas Jefferson
May, Walter
May, William Anderson
May, William Jefferson
Maynard, Andy
Maynard, Avvilla
Maynard, Bob
Maynard, Carl
Maynard, Dixie
Maynard, Elsie
Maynard, Faith Ann
Maynard, Frank
Maynard, Frank (Meade)
Maynard, Jeff
Maynard, Jim
Maynard, Leuria (Meade)
Maynard, Mary Elizabeth
Maynard, Mary Ellen
Maynard, Owen
Maynard, Ray
Maynard, Rick Allen
Maynard, Tasha Rachelle
Maynard, Victoria Brown
Maynard, Warren G
Maynor, Aaron Cole
Maynor, Mark Anthony
McCoy, Alifair
McCoy, Allen
McCoy, Amanda
McCoy, Daniel
McCoy, John
McCoy, Lorenzo Dale
McCoy, Mary S
McCoy, Rebecca
McNeely, Sarah
Mehlberg, Brigitte Veronika Eleonore Margot
Miller, Donna
Miller, Kimberley Sue
Miller, Leslie Renee
Miller, Scottie
Mitchell, Kristen Marie
Mitchell, Mark
Mitchell, Michael William
Mollett, Julina
Morris, Alcy A
Morris, Alice Louisa
Morris, Ambrose
Morris, Bunvista
Morris, Elizabeth L
Morris, James B Morgan
Morris, Kenis
Morris, Mary A
Morris, Nancy J
Morris, Sarah C
Morris, Thomas B
Mouton, Teresa Alice
Mullins, Alvin Elvie
Mullins, Billy Loyal
Mullins, Bobby Michael
Mullins, Charlene Clarie
Mullins, David Burgess
Mullins, Dora Doris
Mullins, Emmett Hatler
Mullins, Erma Irene
Mullins, Fayette Preston
Mullins, James Floyd
Mullins, James Troy
Mullins, Janice Lee
Mullins, Janivee
Mullins, Jettie Edith
Mullins, Joseph Preston
Mullins, Mary Jane
Mullins, May Alice
Mullins, Medford
Mullins, Raymond
Mullins, Vada Lee
Mullins, Verna Vista
Mullins, Virginia Lue
Mullins, Walter Burgess
Murphy, Parlee
Myers, Tamara Renee
Napier, Florida
Nichols, Wayne
Norman, Gertrude
Oberg, W J
Perry, ?
Perry, Lula
Petersen, Bernard C
Petersen, Shannon Marie
Phillips, Sarah
Pinnick, Nettie
Pinson, George W
Pinson, Louisa A
Poindexter, Inez V
Poindexter, Richard
Preston, Hubert
Preston, Polly
Ramey, Deloris
Ramey, Zion Wedstel
Reed, George Harmon
Reed, Nancy Jane
Reed, William Harrison
Robinson, Edna Dorothy
Rogers, Grace
Romans, ?
Romans, Albert
Romans, Alexander
Romans, Alexandra Faith
Romans, Alice Yvonne
Romans, Alvin Ray
Romans, Andrew
Romans, Anny
Romans, Anthony Virgil
Romans, Arminda
Romans, Artie
Romans, Asa H
Romans, Ballard D
Romans, Belle D
Romans, Belva Jean
Romans, Benjamin Lawrence
Romans, Betty Jane
Romans, Beulah Jane
Romans, Billie Sue
Romans, Billy
Romans, Bobby
Romans, Cecil Everett
Romans, Celia
Romans, Celia A
Romans, Celia Ann
Romans, Charlotte
Romans, Christopher Ray
Romans, Columbus
Romans, Courtney
Romans, Curtis
Romans, Debbie
Romans, Delphia Louise
Romans, Dennie
Romans, Dewy Denver
Romans, Dixie
Romans, Edward Glen
Romans, Effie
Romans, Eliza
Romans, Ella
Romans, Ella V
Romans, Elva May
Romans, Ernest Raymond
Romans, Eugene
Romans, Everett
Romans, Everett Lee
Romans, Floyd
Romans, Floyd Mitchell
Romans, GS Alexander
Romans, Geneva
Romans, George
Romans, George W
Romans, Gertrude
Romans, Glen Dale
Romans, Glen Isom
Romans, Gracie
Romans, Greenville
Romans, Harvey
Romans, Hattie
Romans, Hazel
Romans, Howard
Romans, Ida
Romans, Ida Florence
Romans, Idella
Romans, Isom
Romans, Jack Wallace
Romans, James
Romans, James H
Romans, James Mont
Romans, James T
Romans, James W
Romans, Jane
Romans, Jane Yantis
Romans, Jennetta
Romans, Jeremiah
Romans, Jesse
Romans, Jessie E
Romans, Jewel Gay
Romans, John Cecil
Romans, John W
Romans, Jonah
Romans, Justin Alexander
Romans, Kim Elaine
Romans, Lattie
Romans, Lawrence
Romans, Lenora
Romans, Leonard Ray
Romans, Levi
Romans, Logan Mikhail
Romans, Lois Florence
Romans, Lorena
Romans, Lorri
Romans, Louisa
Romans, Lucille Virginia
Romans, Lucinda
Romans, Lucretia
Romans, Luemma
Romans, Lydia Marie
Romans, Mahala
Romans, Margaret
Romans, Mary
Romans, Mary Emma
Romans, Mary Katherine
Romans, Mary M
Romans, Mary Polly
Romans, Mary Ruth
Romans, Maudie
Romans, Melvin Lee
Romans, Millard
Romans, Missouri
Romans, Mollie Lue
Romans, Mont
Romans, Monterville V
Romans, Myrtle
Romans, Nancy
Romans, Nancy B
Romans, Nancy E
Romans, Nonie
Romans, Okey Jennings
Romans, Ora
Romans, Patricia Gene
Romans, Peter
Romans, Pollie Ellen
Romans, Polly
Romans, Regina
Romans, Renie Eugene
Romans, Retta
Romans, Ricky Marvin
Romans, Rita May
Romans, Robert C
Romans, Roy Edmund
Romans, Roy Franklin
Romans, Sadie
Romans, Sally
Romans, Sarah Ann
Romans, Sarah Jane
Romans, Sela
Romans, Stella Frances
Romans, Sylvia Marie
Romans, Tennessee
Romans, Thomas H
Romans, Thomas Harlan
Romans, Tilden
Romans, Tommy Lee
Romans, Virgie
Romans, Virgil
Romans, Wayne
Romans, William
Romans, William A
Romans, William Anderson
Romans, William Dennis
Romans, William G
Romans, William George
Romans, William Oscar
Romans-Hayes, Anthony Edmund
Roswall, Jennifer
Runyon, Alpha
Runyon, Ballard
Runyon, Clell Adron
Runyon, Darrell Lee
Runyon, Doris Ann
Runyon, Eddie Dean
Runyon, Gordon
Runyon, Henry
Runyon, Jeremiah
Runyon, John Andrew
Runyon, Levisa
Runyon, Mark Alan
Runyon, Martha
Runyon, Mary
Runyon, Mazie Jean
Runyon, Montreville
Runyon, Moses
Runyon, Roy Elmer
Runyon, Sally Jane
Runyon, Sarah
Runyon, Sarah Ann
Runyon, Sharon Elizabeth
Runyon, Susannah
Runyon, Susie Mae
Runyon, Teresa Denise
Runyon, Wanda Louise
Runyon, William Brooklyn
Runyon, William H
Runyon, William Ray
Rutherford, Dixie
Rutherford, Floyd
Rutherford, John
Rutherford, Judah
Rutherford, Matilda
Sayre, Janice Fae
Scott, Anderson
Scott, Floyd
Sheets, Melvina
Shelton, Dan Wayman
Shelton, Jesse Wayman
Shelton, Stan Lee
Sherman, Scott
Shook, Carla
Sias, Everett
Sias, James
Smith, Amanda
Smith, Anna Lisa
Smith, Audrey Lillian
Smith, Callahan
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Florence Mildred
Smith, Floye Christine
Smith, Henry
Smith, Ira
Smith, James
Smith, John Wallace
Smith, Leroy
Smith, Malinda
Smith, Margaret Ellen
Smith, Martin
Smith, Mary
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Omar
Solomon, Diana Lynn
Somers, Tom H
Souder, Stacia
Sowards, Ashley
Sowards, Edward Eugene
Sowards, Greg
Sowards, Homer Edward
Spaulding, Jackson
Spaulding, Levisa Ann
Spears, Jill Renee
Stambaugh, Angela
Stambaugh, Don
Stambaugh, Katrina
Stansbury, Rachel
Steele, Matilda
Steele, Thomas
Stevens, Flora
Stevens, Jesse
Stevens, Laura Ellen
Stevens, Myrtle
Stewart, Chad Nathan
Stewart, Susan Elaine
Stewart, Tyler Reed
Stover, Aaron Lee Cazad
Stover, Ashley Nichole
Stover, Dustin Paul
Stover, James Emmett
Stover, Jamie Lynn
Stowers, Sandy Mae
Strange, L Roger
Strickler, Jeff
Strow, Charles David
Strow, Christopher
Strow, Christopher Allen
Strow, Melissa Gale
Strow, Nikki Jo
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Nancy
Taylor, R L
Taylor, Sally
Taylor, Scott
Taylor, Virgil
Terry, Billy
Terry, Brandy
Terry, Bruce
Terry, Bruce Allen
Terry, Cassandra Andre
Terry, Connie Sue
Terry, Dayle Ann
Terry, Donald Ray
Terry, Harold Ray
Terry, James S
Terry, Kasandra Christine
Terry, Linda Marie
Terry, Lisa Margaret
Terry, Lois Ann
Terry, Lola Jean
Terry, Michael Lee
Terry, Millard Filmore
Terry, Oscar Robert
Terry, Robert Anthony
Terry, Robert Matthew
Terry, Shawn
Terry, Steven George
Terry, Tammy Marie
Terry, William Craig
Terry, William Ervin
Terry, Wilma Dean
Thacker, Dianna Jo
Thacker, Viola
Thomas, Thelma Mae
Thompson, Bruce Wayne
Thompson, Bryan Keith
Thompson, Franklin
Thompson, Franklin Delano
Thompson, Freddie R
Thompson, Janivee Carol
Thompson, John Wesley
Thompson, Lisa Ann
Thompson, Rhonda Lynn
Thompson, Ruth Ann
Thompson, Teresa Jean
Thornsberry, Lena
Thornsberry, Ocia
Tickle, Ron
Tomblin, Augusta
Tomblin, Lilly Mae
Tomblin, William Albert
Toppins, Cassandra Michelle
Toppins, Michael
Trout, Bud Christopher
Trout, Jennie
Trout, John
Trout, Louisa Vicy
Trout, Lydia
Trout, Mariah Dawn
Trout, Moses
Trout, Phoebe
Trout, Polly
Trout, Stephen
Trout, Susie Mae
Trout, Thomas
Trout, Thomas J
Trout, Vicey
Trout, William
Underwood, Jamie Lee
Vanover, Betty Jean
Varney, ?
Varney, Adron
Varney, Alexander
Varney, Andrew
Varney, Andrew Jackson
Varney, Anny
Varney, Augusta
Varney, Ballard
Varney, Basil
Varney, Catherine
Varney, Cela A
Varney, Cleveland
Varney, Dewey
Varney, Dollie
Varney, Ella
Varney, Ella Jane
Varney, England
Varney, Fleming
Varney, Floyd
Varney, Harvey
Varney, Henry
Varney, Henry C
Varney, Hudson
Varney, Isaac
Varney, James
Varney, Jane
Varney, Jesse
Varney, John
Varney, John B
Varney, Joseph
Varney, Judah
Varney, Kenis
Varney, King E
Varney, Leonard
Varney, Levi
Varney, Lewis
Varney, Louisa Vicia
Varney, Lydia
Varney, Mary
Varney, Mary Polly
Varney, Mary Victoria
Varney, Matilda
Varney, Melvin
Varney, Molly
Varney, Nancy
Varney, Octavia
Varney, Paris
Varney, Parlee
Varney, Pricey
Varney, Roland
Varney, Rosa
Varney, Sarah
Varney, Sarah Anne
Varney, Thomas
Varney, Vicey
Varney, Victoria
Varney, William A
Varney, William Anderson
Venters, Mariah
Villanuava, Maria Fe
Weiner, Charles Eugene
Wellman, Bertha
Wellman, Melissa
Wellman, Oliver
Whalm, Mat
Wheeler, Frank
Williams, Denzel
Williams, Denzel Edward
Williams, Derrick Wayne
Williams, Frank
Williams, Gloria Jean
Williams, Judy Gale
Williams, Lloyd Jason
Williams, Sandra Kay
Williamson, Amanda Jean
Williamson, Charlotte
Williamson, James W
Williamson, Jeremiah
Williamson, Joseph Glen
Williamson, Joshua Scott
Williamson, Pricy
Williamson, Sanford
Wise, Amma
Wise, James Blanfort
Woods, Vickie
Young, Elizabeth Addie

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"What shall we then say to these things?
If God be for us, who can be against us?"
............................Romans 8:31

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