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From: Rich Wales <>
Date: Mon, 16 May 88 23:38:14 PDT

[I accidentally sent out an incomplete copy of this message. I think I
managed to kill it in time, but maybe not. My apologies if you get two
essentially identical messages from me; please ignore the other one and
read only this one. -- RBW]

By way of introduction to the readers on this list:

My name is Richard Bert WALES. I was born in 1952 in San Francisco.
I am presently studying for a Ph.D. in computer science at the Univer-
sity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My eventual career goal is to
join the faculty of some North American university.

My main motivation for getting into genealogical research stems from my
being LDS. Since I am an adult convert to the LDS Church, I have had to
start essentially from scratch -- though I've been greatly helped along
the way by coming into possession of quite a bit of material amassed by
"long-lost cousins".

I use the LDS genealogical software package PAF (version 2.1).

To illustrate where I currently stand in my research, I'll now discuss
each of my eight great-grandparents.

William Albert ("Bert") WALES was born 23 NOV 1874 in Grass Valley, CA
(north of Sacramento, in the mining country). He married Bessie M.
NANKERVIS on 14 MAR 1895. He died 8 DEC 1958. I have a sketchy
childhood memory of having visited their house in Grass Valley once
when I was very young. They had three children: Wilbert G.
("Bert"), Richard Lealand ("Lealand"), and Beatrice Louise. I am
Lealand's grandson.

Bert's parents -- James WALES and Mary Jane TREGANZA -- grew up in
Redruth, Cornwall, England. They came to America sometime before

I visited Grass Valley in late 1985, and discovered several third
cousins still living in the area. One, now living in Sacramento,
has been working in family history research for several years, and
we have pooled our efforts to some extent.

I've been having difficulty identifying Mary Jane TREGANZA back in
England; more on this below.

Bessie M. NANKERVIS (pronounced "nan-KER-vis", with stress on the second
syllable) was born 4 AUG 1874 in Grass Valley, and died 12 FEB 1959.
Her parents (William NANKERVIS and Louisa J. KITTO) were born in
England (Cornwall and Lancaster counties, respectively) in the

Samuel GERSON was born 4 SEP 1862, in Wreschen, Germany (now Poland),
to Judah Gerson CHECHANOVICH and Esther HELISCHOKOWSKI. The family
came to San Francisco, a few at a time (as they had money), during
the 1880's and 1890's. Samuel married Rose FRIEDMAN (date unknown).
They had two children: Selma and Florence. I am Selma's grandson
by Richard Lealand WALES. Samuel died 28 DEC 1951 in San Francisco.

Rose FRIEDMAN was born 8 OCT 1874, somewhere in Germany, to Louis FRIED-
MAN and Dora PFLANTER. She died 29 MAY 1955 in San Francisco.

Syver Olsen LOFTHUUS was born 14 MAR 1847, in Norway (probably Lofthus,
near Bergen), to Ole Olsen LOFTHUUS and Kirste SYVERSDATTER. The
family moved to America in 1858. He married Anna EINERSON, and they
had ten children. Their second child, Henry S. LOFTHUS, was born in
1875 in Montevideo, Minnesota (pronounced "mon-tuh-VID-ee-oh"); I am
Henry's grandson. I have no record of Syver's death.

Anna EINERSON was born 6 OCT 1855 in Leganger, Sogn, Norway, to Endre
EINERSON and Unni Olsdatter OUSEN. She died 27 JUL 1945 in Monte-
video, Minnesota.

Samuel FULLER was born JUL 1854 in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, to Daniel FULLER
and Sarah HILER. He married Rosella Belle JOYAL on 29 NOV 1883;
they had six children. I am the grandson of their first child, Lulu
Harriet FULLER, who married Henry S. LOFTHUS. Samuel and Rosella
divorced in about 1906; Samuel moved away, and no one in the family
ever knew what became of him.

There is a family legend/rumor that Samuel FULLER was a descendant
of one of the Fullers who came over on the Mayflower, but this has
not been verified.

I met my grandmother Lulu on a visit to Montevideo in 1959, shortly
before she died. She had cancer and was in great pain at the time.

Rosella Belle JOYAL was born 24 MAY 1866 in Bloomer, Wisconsin, to
Benjamin JOYAL and Harriet BOWERS. She died 5 DEC 1943 in Watson,

I am in possession of a JOYAL family history, compiled around 1960
by a couple in Bath, New Brunswick, Canada, which traces the JOYAL
family back to a Jacques Louis JOUIEL dit Bergerac, who came from
France in the 1650's to settle near Trois Rivieres in modern-day
Quebec. Jacques' grandson, Jean Baptiste JOYAL, fought briefly in
the American Revolution, on the side of the colonists, under Ethan
Allen and Benedict Arnold (before Arnold changed sides and defected
to the British). As a result, several members of my mother's family
have become members of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

If, by chance, anyone on this list knows anything about any of the above
lines, I do hope you will contact me.

As I mentioned, I am having particular difficulty tracing Mary Jane
TREGANZA. US census data is inconsistent as to her age. She is listed
in an 1850 Wisconsin census as being 12 years old, with father James
and mother Mary, older brother William, and younger brother James T. --
all of which info matches what I know from family sources. (The 1860
Wisconsin census, on the other hand, shows the same family but lists
Mary's age as 16. I understand that discrepancies of this kind are not
at all unusual in census data.)

I know that Mary Jane's mother remarried after the death of her first
husband -- and that her older brother William was born with the surname
HOSKIN. English records (civil registration indexes and Redruth town
records) show a William HOSKING and Mary THOMAS married 10 FEB 1831
(these are young William's parents' names); a Mary Jane HOSKING born in
early 1839; a William Henry HOSKING dying in 1841; and a marriage of
James TREGENZER and Mary HOSKING in 1842. My current theory is that
this Mary Jane HOSKING may in fact be one and the same as Mary Jane
TREGENZA. What I probably need to do at this stage is to send back to
England for various birth, marriage, and death certificates, and see if
the extra info on the certificates matches what I already know. I would
have done this some time ago, but the person who had been acting as an
English vital records agent for users of the LDS Genealogical Library in
Los Angeles had been losing too much money on the deal and had to quit,
and no one else had been found to take his place (though I think I'll
check again now, just in case they have managed to find someone else).

-- Rich Wales // UCLA CS Dept // // +1 (213) 825-5683
3531 Boelter Hall // Los Angeles, California 90024-1596 // USA
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