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From: Jim Serwer <>
Subject: Re: From Roots-L
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 90 13:47:26 GMT
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In article <> you write:
>------------ From the Mailing List -------------
>I am looking for any information concerning the Swearingen family.
>Suzanne M. Everett < >


I used to have a friend named Virgil Swearingen. We
used to work together in Sunnyvale, California. Then he
moved away. I have not spoke with him in about ten years.
At that time he was the managing partner of the Four
Seasons Mobil Home park in Fresno, California.

Do not reply to me at this email address. Yesterday
was my last day at this job.

Jim Serwer
PO Box 555
Cupertino, Cal 95015

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